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The Wee Gallery brings original art to the public. The artists and crafters who exhibit in the gallery originate from, or live in, Clackmannanshire. Being “gallery ready” is the main criteria for submission so visitors can expect to see an eclectic mix of creativity. Over the year the gallery has exhibited pictures in a variety of media, and displayed crafted materials from textiles to jewellery.

The Wee Gallery is the front of house for derenz the resident artist. They moved the short distance from Marcelle House Alloa into the Candleriggs just 6 months before Covid19 brought everything to a halt. In that time the Wee Gallery has had the opportunity to display an eclectic mix of locally created art and artefacts. So, while the Wee Gallery is the exhibition space for the resident artist it also provides a window into the talent found within the bounds of Clackmannanshire.
On entering the Wee Gallery the visitor will be struck by its uncluttered spaciousness. The gallery hanging-system allows for the presentation of pictures from 2m X 1m, to miniatures framed and unframed. Depending on the time of year, and the interest of the artists and crafters, the explorer may find crochet, marquetry, embossed items, textile gems, jewellery, and pictures in a variety of media. The condition of exhibiting pictures in the gallery is that the pieces are original and are gallery ready. This means that most items exhibited are unique to the gallery giving visitors the opportunity to see and purchase original art.
derenz, the resident artist, is skilled in using alcohol ink on ceramic tile and, subject to availability and prior notice, will be happy to share their experience. Private viewings are available by appointment.


The Gallery is on the pedestrian walkway into town from the Candleriggs and Greenside (Free) car parks. A 5 minute walk along Mill Street from the bus stances on Shilling Hill.


Wee Gallery on Candleriggs
16 Candleriggs
FK10 1EA

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Mob: 07762 433682
Email: [email protected]