[{"id":0,"eid":"1","st":"1","rt":"1","lat":"56.26460778739446","lon":"-3.8797616515900017","name":"Lys Hansen","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing, Sculpture","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"Lys1-1.jpg","imgs":"Lys2.jpg","add":"Atelier, Smiddy Brae, Braco, By Dunblane, FK15 9QQ","desc":"Join me in my studio for a visit and enjoy this special space. I would be delighted if you can bring some young members of your family as they maybe the creative people of the future. I am very happy to answer questions, show you my work and say why I am an artist and how exciting a career it can be. There is always tea and coffee available and a warm welcome. Look forward to seeing you!\r\n","desc2":"","desc3":"","dir":"Braco is on the A822 off the A9 just north of Dunblane. Smiddy Brae is in the centre of the village beside the hotel\/restaurant. Look for the life-sized blue horse on the gable. Lys is pleased to talk to you and show you work, with tea.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01786 880686","mb":"07761 277296","em":"lys.hansen@yahoo.co.uk","wb":"https:\/\/lyshansen.co.uk","fac":"nnynnnn","time":["12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","-","-","12-5","12-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":1,"eid":"2","st":"2","rt":"1","lat":"56.23469038315011","lon":"-3.951752185821533","name":"Eileen Wilson","srt":"","dis":"Sculpture, Ceramics, Painting","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"WILSON-SSS-Angst-Lady.jpg","imgs":"WILSON-SSS-Spkld-Violet-Vase.jpg,WILSON-SSS-Working.jpg","add":"Swallow Sculpture Shed, Wester Cambushinnie Cottage, Cromlix, Dunblane, FK15 9JU","desc":"Swallow Sculpture Shed is literally a shed in my garden, where swallows nest in the summer and where I make sculpture and pottery.\r\nI model terracotta figures which I kiln and patinate; and throw small pots which I kiln and glaze. Visitors can see works in progress or \u201chave a go\u201d at making a model if they wish.\r\nRefreshments provided and a donation to the Eilidh Brown Trust welcome.","desc2":"I keep a selection of sculpture and pottery for sale in my shed and I accept commissions. I also offer kiln hire, wheel hire and studio hire with or without tuition.","desc3":"","dir":"Take the B8033 off the A9 to Kinbuck. Go through Kinbuck, over Cromlix Bridge and past Cromlix Hotel entrance. Next left is the Wester Cambushinnie Farm track. Swallow Sculpture Shed is 1\/3 mile up the track, behind the first cottage.","fb":"https:\/\/facebook.com\/SwallowSculptureShed","tw":"","ph":"01786 821408","mb":"07866 060945","em":"eileen@swallowsculptureshed.scot","wb":"https:\/\/www.swallowsculptureshed.scot","fac":"ynynnnn","time":["12-7","10-5","10-5","-","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":2,"eid":"3","st":"3","rt":"1","lat":"56.23025703585863","lon":"-3.902145555782454","name":"Sarah Spofforth-McOuat","srt":"","dis":"Mixed Media, Painting, Drawing","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"Spofforth1.jpg","imgs":"Spofforth2.jpg,Spofforth3.jpg","add":"McSpoff-ART, Mains of Balhaldie, Off A9, Dunblane, FK15 0NB ","desc":"My work I have been told is extremely unique! My mixed media paintings are highly textured, lively, colourful study\u2019s of animals such as Highland Cows, Hares and portraits of family pets etc. My paintings can now be found nationwide in many galleries from Aberdeen to London. The studio and gallery is situated on the family working farm with stunning views....when the sun shines anyway!!!","desc2":"","desc3":"","dir":"From Stirling come off the M9, join start of the A9 at Dunblane, the farm is approximately 4 miles from there. Go past the Balhaldie Shell Garage\/ Little Chef on your right and Subway on your left, the farm is the 3rd farm drive on right approx 600yd","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/mcspoffart","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07767 871270","em":"spoffart@btinternet.com","wb":"http:\/\/www.mcspoffart.com","fac":"ynynnnn","time":["12-5","12-5","-","-","12-5","-","12-5","12-5","-"],"addArtists":""},{"id":3,"eid":"4","st":"4","rt":"1","lat":"56.1980138","lon":"-3.9595257999999376","name":"Rachel Davies","srt":"","dis":"Mosaic, Glass, Jewellery","othr":"y","disID":"","img":"RDavies_Mosaics.jpg","imgs":"","add":"1 Alpin Drive, Dunblane, FK15 0FQ","desc":"I create contemporary mosaics using slate, stone and glass. Each small piece is cut by hand and positioned to create texture and dimension in my work.\r\n","desc2":"I have been making mosaics for several years, learning from mosaic artists around the world. I have experimented with various materials but ultimately am drawn to those which can add texture and dimension to my work. I love using natural materials such as slate and stone. I use the traditional hammer and hardie, along with hand nippers to break the materials into small pieces (tesserae), which I then use to build lines and create my work. \r\nI have recently returned to Scotland after living in the USA for a few years and this is my first open studios event. \r\n\r\nWe look forward to welcoming you to the studio!","desc3":"Throughout open studios we will be running some 'have a go' sessions. Come along and try your hand at mosaics, felting or both! You can make a mosaic pendant for a necklace, a felted soap or a piece of coloured felt. There will be a small charge to cover materials.\r\n\r\nSpace for these activities is limited so please book your place by calling Rachel on 07475880664 or Gwen on 07758230384\r\n\r\nThis is a working studio so there will be demonstrations of both mosaic making and felt making every day. Refreshments and home-baking will also be available.","dir":"Take the B8033 to the Barbush roundabout. Turn into the housing estate. Follow the road through the estate & turn left at the T junction. 1 Alpin Drive is on the left next to the tree on the hill. Park on the drive or one of the lay-bys on the road.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/racheldaviesmosaics","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07475 880664","em":"rachel@racheldaviesmosaics.co.uk","wb":"http:\/\/www.racheldaviesmosaics.co.uk","fac":"ynynnny","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-7","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":4,"eid":"5","st":"5","rt":"1","lat":"56.19801081564314","lon":"-3.959389007340178","name":"Gwen Dean","srt":"","dis":"Textiles, Painting, Felt crafts","othr":"y","disID":"","img":"","imgs":"GDean-Harris-Seascape-1.jpg,RDavies_artistinstudio.jpg","add":"1 Alpin Drive, Dunblane, FK15 0FQ","desc":"I produce textile art inspired by Scotland\u2019s breathtaking scenery and incredible wildlife. The paintings are created using wet-felting and needle-felting techniques.\r\n","desc2":"I'm an ecologist and a mother to a wonderful, loving, serious, occasionally grumpy and surprisingly loud four year old boy.\r\nAs an ecologist, I have a keen interest in the natural world. Accordingly, the art I produce is inspired by Scotland's breathtaking scenery and incredible wildlife. My felt paintings are created by building up layers of coloured merino wool, before using barbed needles, hot soapy water and a lot of elbow grease(!) to compact or tangle the wool fibres together. I add further detail using machine and free-hand embroidery.\r\n\r\nWe look forward to welcoming you to the studio!","desc3":"Throughout open studios we will be running some 'have a go' sessions. Come along and try your hand at mosaics, felting or both! You can make a mosaic pendant for a necklace, a felted soap or a piece of coloured felt. There will be a small charge to cover materials.\r\n\r\nSpace for these activities is limited so please book your place by calling Rachel on 07475880664 or Gwen on 07758230384\r\n\r\nThis is a working studio so there will be demonstrations of both mosaic making and felt making every day. Refreshments and home-baking will also be available.","dir":"Take the B8033 to the Barbush roundabout. Turn into the housing estate. Follow the road through the estate & turn left at the T junction. 1 Alpin Drive is on the left next to the tree on the hill. Park on the drive or one of the lay-bys on the road.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/pg\/gwendeanart\/","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07758 230384","em":"gwennandean@yahoo.co.uk","wb":"","fac":"ynynnny","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-7","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":5,"eid":"6","st":"6","rt":"1","lat":"56.19248409999999","lon":"-3.9615360000000237","name":"Irene Aylott","srt":"","dis":"Textiles, Jewellery, Knitting","othr":"y","disID":"","img":"Tillyrie-Crafts-brochure-Final.jpg","imgs":"Tillyrie-Crafts-2.jpg,Tillyrie-Crafts-studio.jpg","add":"Tillyrie Crafts, Tillyrie, Ramoyle, Dunblane, FK15 0BB","desc":"Tillyrie Crafts specialises in sterling silver jewellery with freshwater pearls and semi precious stones. I also love sewing with Harris Tweed and Liberty of London fabrics and knitting with unusual yarns. My love of nature is evident in my work. A warm welcome awaits with tea, coffee and home-baking (hopefully in the garden!). Plants are sold in aid of Strathcarron Hospice.","desc2":"","desc3":"","dir":"The studio is in Ramoyle which is a narrow street connecting the Cathedral and Perth Road in Dunblane. Tillyrie Crafts is on the left hand side if approaching from the Cathedral and is the only house with double gates.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/tillyriecrafts","tw":"","ph":"01786 824090","mb":"07851 018338","em":"tillyrie@hotmail.co.uk","wb":"http:\/\/www.tillyriecrafts.co.uk","fac":"nyynnnn","time":["10-5","12-5","12-5","-","12-5","12-7","12-5","10-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":6,"eid":"7","st":"7","rt":"1","lat":"56.190424507612036","lon":"-3.9644599632293875","name":"Maureen Mitchell","srt":"","dis":"Mixed Media, Painting, Drawing","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"Mitchellcollage.jpg","imgs":"MitchellLayers.jpg,Mitchellstudio.jpg","add":"Red Cross Hall, 7 Braeport, Dunblane, FK15 0AT","desc":"Enjoy a visit to Maureen\u2019s garden studio situated in the shadow of Dunblane Cathedral! Come and see her latest work, including bright bold collages as well as delicate, intricate designs and watercolours. There will also be a pop-up show of a wider range of her work in the conservatory, which may include jewellery, cards and printmaking, all at affordable prices.\r\n","desc2":"After graduating in Design from Edinburgh College of Art, Maureen spent many years working as a jeweller. However her recent work has developed through learning new digital skills, including studying graphic design and print-making. Maureen's work is varied, intuitive and often abstract. She enjoys working in technically challenging ways with an element of process, such as building up an intricate design from layers of tissue paper with elements cut out with a scalpel. ","desc3":"","dir":"Red Cross Hall is located opposite Braeport Centre, close to Dunblane Cathedral. Enter by side gate to studio in garden. Limited on-street parking, best to use free car park in the Haining, on the left past Old Churches House restaurant.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/MaureenMitchellDesign\/","tw":"https:\/\/twitter.com\/MitchellDesigns","ph":"01786 823279","mb":"07751 584357","em":"m.mitchelldesigns@gmail.com","wb":"http:\/\/www.maureenmitchelldesign.com","fac":"ynyynnn","time":["10-5","12-5","12-5","-","12-5","12-7","12-5","10-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":7,"eid":"8","st":"8","rt":"1","lat":"56.18874659999999","lon":"-3.9631825000000163","name":"Camphill @Dunblane Library","srt":"","dis":"","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"20171027_155202.jpg","imgs":"20171201_152805.jpg","add":"Dunblane Library, 122 High St, Dunblane, FK15 0ER","desc":"Displaying the work of our residents, students and staff, this year Dunblane Library hosts a selection of arts and crafts representing our varied workshops, complimenting our open studios at Blair Drummond itself.\r\nTextiles, painting and craft, glass-work, basketry, pottery, all are made and displayed in the Camphill Blair Drummond Community. \r\nPlease check library website for actual opening times.","desc2":"At the Camphill Blair Drummond community, we have a number of creative, therapeutic workshops.\r\nBasketry, In-Touch, Craft, Textiles, Woodwork and Pottery. We also have extensive Garden, Estate and Animaltastic workshops, and our own Bakery.\r\nOur 90 residents and day students each spend time in various of our Workshops, supported by staff and volunteers, many of whom come here from across the world to spend a year living amongst the community. \r\nAs many Workshops as possible will show a selection of pieces in the popular View Gallery at Dunblane Library, complimenting our other Open Studio display, at Blair Drummond itself.\r\nPaintings, drawings, textile and fabric work, detailed glasswork, built and turned pottery, candles, woven objects and needle-felting will all be represented.\r\nLibrary opening hours are: \r\nMonday & Friday 9am-1pm 2pm-5pm\r\nTuesday & Thursday 9am-1pm 2pm-7pm\r\nWednesday 9am-12pm\r\nSaturday 9.30am-12.30pm\r\n\r\n ","desc3":"There will be a launch event, date to be confirmed, at which you can meet some of our residents, students and staff.","dir":"Driving into Dunblane from the south, continue past M&S, then the traffic lights, go on past the police station to the roundabout. The India Gate restaurant is on the left, take the first left onto High Street. Library is 250 metres on the right.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01786 841573","mb":"07850 433450","em":"jeremywyatt@hotmail.co.uk","wb":"","fac":"nynnyny","time":["10-7","10-7","10-5","10-5","10-7","10-7","10-7","10-7","10-7"],"addArtists":""},{"id":8,"eid":"9","st":"9","rt":"1","lat":"56.188879760577116","lon":"-3.9625098556280136","name":"Dunblane Art Club","srt":"","dis":"","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"STORM-1.jpg","imgs":"2017-11-09-043128.jpg,mary3.jpg","add":"St Blanes Church Hall, High street , Dunblane","desc":"A selection of paintings by our group in various mediums","desc2":"","desc3":"","dir":"Take the M9 from Stirling at the Keir roundabout before Dunblane take the third exit the B8033 continue until second roundabout and take first exit left St Blanes Hall is about 100 metres on the right next to library","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"","em":"chrismtaylor47@hotmail.com","wb":"","fac":"nnnnnnn","time":["-","-","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","-"],"addArtists":""},{"id":9,"eid":"10","st":"10","rt":"1","lat":"56.1889196","lon":"-3.9647383999999875","name":"Libby Yule","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing, Printmaking","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"LYule_Wild-Flower-Meadow.jpg","imgs":"LYule_Untitled.jpg,IMG_4820-e1519671458754.jpg","add":"Dunblane Museum , The Cross, Dunblane, FK15 0AQ","desc":"New work by Libby Yule. This exhibition demonstrates Libby's versatility as an artist, ranging from acrylic paintings of flower meadows, abstract work and a collection of monoprints.\r\nThe exhibition continues until the end of June.","desc2":"\r\n","desc3":"Libby will be tutoring a gelatine print making workshop during the week of Forth Valley Art Beat. This will take place at her studio in the Cowane Centre, Stirling. Please contact Libby direct for details and booking.\r\n\r\nEmail: libbyyule@aol.com\r\nMobile: 07810 166317","dir":"Dunblane Museum and Gallery, The Cross, Dunblane , FK150AQ (opposite the Cathedral). The Gallery is upstairs in the Museum. There is local street parking and a car park behind the Cathedral. Opening times 10.30 - 4.30 Monday to Saturday.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07810 166317","em":"libbyyule@aol.com","wb":"","fac":"ynnnyny","time":["10-5","-","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","-"],"addArtists":""},{"id":10,"eid":"11","st":"11","rt":"1","lat":"56.1860265","lon":"-3.9647032999999965","name":"Laura Gill","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"3EFB956C-92B3-406E-9840-F8F6DCC5A941-e1519671906670.jpeg","imgs":"F720FD1F-1AE6-4F52-B6C9-9B1B4732C01C-e1519671831588.jpeg,32B4FF30-94B0-43AF-B9DD-77FB7D01EA53.jpeg","add":"The Riverside , 7c Stirling Road , Dunblane FK15 9EP, FK15 9EP","desc":"My work is mainly landscapes, in oils and acrylics. I am inspired by the stunning scenery and ever changing moods and light of the beautiful countryside around us here in Dunblane, the West Coast and Scottish highlands, and abroad. I\u2019ve had work shown in RSA London, was a finalist in the BBC One show Artist of the Year and the Lightening Tree won a major award at The Royal Institute in Glasgow. ","desc2":"Noteable achievements: \r\n\u201cA Moment Bright \u201c was a finalist in the BBC One Show Artist of the Year and was hung in the RSA London Summer Show\r\n\u201cFirst Run of the Day \u201c Shortlisted RSA Edinburgh \r\n\u201cIsn't Nature Remarkable\u201c Shortlisted Royal Insitute for Fine Arts\r\n\u201cThe Lightning Tree\u201d Hung at Royal Institute for Fine Arts and winner of the Macfarlane Trust Award\r\nShortlisted for BBC big painting challenge\r\n","desc3":"","dir":"On entering Dunblane from the Keir roundabout (joint of a9 north or m9 south), follow road through the roundabout and take the first available left - Beech Road. The Riverside is at the bottom of the short hill on the left. Plenty parking nearby. ","fb":"https:\/www.facebook.com\/Laura\u2019s Paintings Page","tw":"","ph":"01786 825896","mb":"07977 923270","em":"lauragill@talk21.com","wb":"http:\/\/www.lauragillart.com","fac":"yyyynnn","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-7","10-7","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":11,"eid":"12","st":"12","rt":"1","lat":"56.18735552692887","lon":"-3.96706223487854","name":"Fiona McKenzie van Baardwijk","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing, Giftware ","othr":"y","disID":"","img":"IMG_8510.jpg","imgs":"IMG_8505.jpg,IMG_7707.jpg","add":"Blaeberry River Studio, Calderwood, Doune Road, Dunblane, FK15 9AR","desc":"I'm delighted to invite you to visit my Dunblane studio to view my latest works. I paint oil on canvas, usually based on observation of my immediate area, trees, birds and land. I also take commissions for unique wedding bouquet portraits. The studio is open all year by appointment and I'm available for demonstrations, workshops etc by arrangement. I look forward to meeting you...","desc2":"I've been working hard throughout the last year, developing my large scale canvasses in addition to a smaller originals range, and Blaeberry River Art cards and giftware, some of which remains stocked at Chester Zoo. I had work in a number of exhibitions including Forth Valley and Perthshire Open Studios. In the Garden with Friends at The Bield, and winter exhibition at the MacRobert theatre.\r\n2017 was also particularly interesting as I founded the group that led to the Made Here, Dunblane Collective, find us on Facebook, a group that I'm delighted to be part of.\r\nI'm also excited to still be working with the Engine Shed and Creative Stirling providing workshops in Stirling in 2018 and working with the Dunblane Centre and Dunblane Community Council and Dunblane High School on community projects. \r\nI am available for teaching groups of any age and stage and enjoy meeting people from all walks of life, I have PVG certification and am happy to discuss any potential projects.\r\nPainting commissions also welcomed, just get in touch to discuss your requirements. Fiona.\r\n","desc3":"","dir":"Calderwood ( name on gate), lies just past Tesco on the Doune Road on the same side of the road. Opposite are the Springfield Terrace flats. Satnav will work if you use Caledonian Place NOT the house name or postcode. 4 mins walk from train station.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/fionamckenzievanbaardwijk\/","tw":"","ph":"07896 362902","mb":"","em":"blaeberryriverart@outlook.com","wb":"http:\/\/www.blaeberryriverart.co.uk","fac":"ynynnnn","time":["12-7","12-7","-","-","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-7","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":12,"eid":"13","st":"13","rt":"1","lat":"56.188236333242735","lon":"-3.970879018306732","name":"Central Scotland School of Jewellery","srt":"","dis":"","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"20170321_1047531.jpg","imgs":"20170607_210759.jpg","add":"Central Scotland School of Jewellery, Unit 11, RFL House, Anderson Street, Dunblane, FK15 9AJ","desc":"Pop in and see some of the work produced by students on the Evening Classes at the Central Scotland School of Jewellery. Meet tutor Jo Pudelko, view the workshop and learn how to use a jewellers saw and pierce your own brass charm to take away. Ages 16+.\r\n\r\nOpen both weekends.","desc2":"","desc3":"Jo Pudelko | Workshop | Both weekends\r\nLearn how to use a jewellers saw and pierce your own brass charm to take away. Ages 16+.\r\n","dir":"From the motorway pass the M&S on the right and take the first exit at the roundabout. At the junction go left and then take 2nd left onto Well Pl. First right onto Anderson St. RFL House is beside the Fire Station. We are on the 1st floor.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/Central-Scotland-School-of-Jewellery","tw":"https:\/\/twitter.com\/CSSofJ","ph":"07775 843872","mb":"","em":"hello@cssj.co.uk","wb":"https:\/\/cssj.co.uk","fac":"ynynnny","time":["10-5","10-5","-","-","-","-","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":13,"eid":"14","st":"14","rt":"1","lat":"56.184649485471034","lon":"-3.9688485860824585","name":"Tom McKenzie","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Fly Tying","othr":"y","disID":"","img":"before-the-fishers-arrive.jpg","imgs":"summerlane1.jpg,studio-no-12-.jpg","add":"Studio No 12, 12 Charles Street, Dunblane, FK15 9BY","desc":"Working almost exclusively in oils I am primarily a traditional land and seascape artist specialising in scenes from around north and west coast of Scotland. With a keen interest in our rivers and lochs much of my work features these. My latest works feature woodland scenes and I hope to complete some more local subjects before summer.","desc2":"","desc3":"","dir":"From Keir roundabout(A9) head for Dunblane. Take 1st left at next roundabout for Doune Rd. Pass Tesco store and take 1st left on to Old Doune Rd, Then 1st left on to George St. Turn right at shop and go 25m. Turn left on to back lane for 50m.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01786 824279","mb":"07748 738867","em":"tomfish20@btinternet.com","wb":"https:\/\/www.mckenzielandscapeandseascape.com","fac":"nnynnnn","time":["12-5","12-5","5-7","12-5","12-5","-","12-5","12-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":14,"eid":"15","st":"15","rt":"1","lat":"56.185367299999996","lon":"-3.9744606000000005","name":"Lorna Brown","srt":"","dis":"Card Making, Painting, Mixed Media","othr":"y","disID":"","img":"","imgs":"LBROWN_coo.jpg,Studio_LornaStewart.jpg","add":"StewART Studio, 8 St Clement Avenue, Dunblane, FK15 9DG","desc":"Lorna trained as a graphic designer. A full range of her hand-crafted cards and some original artwork and crafts will be on sale. \r\n\r\nRefreshments provided in aid of Strathcarron Hospice.\r\n\r\n","desc2":"\"Mr and Mrs team\"\r\n\r\nLorna set up her own card making business over 26 years ago and now supplies 8 outlets in Scotland with her unique designs. She also specialises in commission work for caricature type bespoke cards. On sale will be a full range of cards and a variety of original paintings and prints. \r\n","desc3":"","dir":"Drive into Dunblane past M&S, turn left at first roundabout and drive past Tesco. Then turn left up the Old Doune road, take 3rd road on left (St Laurence Avenue), take a right turn up into St Clement Avenue, No 8 has studio at end of driveway.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/stewartbrownpastels","tw":"","ph":"01786 823135","mb":"","em":"lorna.design@btinternet.com","wb":"http:\/\/www.lornabrowncards.co.uk","fac":"ynynnnn","time":["12-5","12-5","12-5","-","12-7","12-7","12-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":15,"eid":"16","st":"16","rt":"1","lat":"56.18534192459658","lon":"-3.9745303374343166","name":"Stewart Brown","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Soft Pastels","othr":"y","disID":"","img":"SBROWN_Stu-the-cat.jpg","imgs":"Studio_LornaStewart.jpg","add":"StewART Studio, 8 St Clement Avenue, Dunblane, FK15 9DG","desc":"Stewart is a full time Dunblane artist. He works in soft pastel and paints a variety of subjects. Original paintings and giclee prints will be on sale. See website for more information.\r\n\r\n\r\n","desc2":"\"Mr and Mrs team\"\r\n\r\nThroughout his career in the printing industry and now as a full time artist, Stewart has had a life long fascination with the mixing and blending of colour. Inspiration for many of his paintings often comes from local Scottish landmarks. He enjoys doing animal portraits and has also been commissioned to paint many different scenes from around the world.","desc3":"","dir":"Drive into Dunblane past M&S, turn left at first roundabout and drive past Tesco. Then turn left up the Old Doune road, take 3rd road on left (St Laurence Avenue), take a right turn up into St Clement Avenue, No 8 has studio at end of driveway.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/stewartbrownpastels","tw":"","ph":"01786 823135","mb":"","em":"sb1006@btinternet.com","wb":"","fac":"ynynnnn","time":["12-5","12-5","12-5","-","12-7","12-7","12-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":16,"eid":"17","st":"17","rt":"1","lat":"56.18482649999999","lon":"-3.976276299999995","name":"Gio Martin","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing, Printmaking","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"IMG_20170930_151554_789.jpg","imgs":"IMG_20171010_163730_485.jpg,IMG_20171228_130053_359-2.jpg","add":"Yellow House Gallery, 8 Braemar avenue, Dunblane, FK15 9EA","desc":"I make figurative paintings, drawings and prints.","desc2":"","desc3":"","dir":"Go into Dunblane turn left at the roundabout. Go past Tescos and then left up Old Doune Road. Turn left at the mini roundabout into Braemar Avenue. Mine is the yellow house on the right.","fb":"GioMartinArtist","tw":"","ph":"07942493084","mb":"","em":"gio.martin@hotmail.co.uk","wb":"","fac":"ynynnnn","time":["12-5","12-5","-","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":17,"eid":"18","st":"18","rt":"1","lat":"56.1829249","lon":"-3.9494628999999577","name":"The Hut","srt":"","dis":"Woodwork, Mixed Media, Textiles, Painting","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"hootswood-photo1.jpg","imgs":"jacpark-photo2.jpg,ps-hut.jpg","add":"The Hut, Dunskeig, Glen Road, Dunblane, FK15 0GY","desc":"3 Artists.\r\nHoots Wood is inspired by New England and Scandinavian homes and interiors and uses wood and mixed media to create art and designs for the home.\r\nMarion Douglas paints Scottish landcapes in acrylic. She has a particular love of the west coast beaches. \r\nJacqui Park creates unique nautical beachcrafts\/interior accessories made from natural materials beachcombed from Scottish beaches.\r\n","desc2":"","desc3":"","dir":"Follow the Perth Road(B8033) to the Fourways roundabout. Take the exit signposted Glen Road\/Sherrifmuir. Continue up road for about 0.5 miles. Take the first(unnamed) road on the left after Leewood Road and continue along to Dunskeig on the right.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/hootswoodstudio\/","tw":"https:\/\/twitter.com\/hootswood","ph":"07711 304520","mb":"","em":"hootswood@gmail.com","wb":"https:\/\/hootswood.com","fac":"ynnynnn","time":["12-5","10-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-7","12-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":18,"eid":"19","st":"19","rt":"1","lat":"56.1809975","lon":"-3.945175899999981","name":"Karen Ellis Sowerby","srt":"","dis":"Textiles, Printmaking, Painting","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"8A017760-61EC-4806-BBDE-B9CD5409936D.jpeg","imgs":"28D8706E-7923-41FC-AA22-431A29616A35.jpeg,7C62C9C3-0B12-406E-89D5-8F04DA1BC2DC.jpeg","add":"2 Kippenross, Glen Road, Dunblane, FK15 0JZ","desc":"I sketch in thread, intuitively drawing with my sewing machine. Studying a favourite flower of the moment I interpret each petal by adding colour, texture and form to make 2D\/3D Blooms. Continuing with my spring flower range I have included jewellery suitable for weddings. A new series of work is based on Dutch Masters paintings, using dark felt and velvet backgrounds adorned with vivid flowers.","desc2":"","desc3":"","dir":"From the Fourways roundabout (India Gate) take the Glenn Rd\/Sheriffmuir exit. Continue to the end of Glen Road. Take the sharp left signposted to Sheriffmuir, park on the left. Walk through the large black gates, straight ahead. No. 2 is on the RHS.","fb":"http:\/\/www.facebook.com\/Karen-Ellis-Sowerby-Maker","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07508 810821","em":"kellissowerby@gmail.com","wb":"","fac":"nnynnnn","time":["10-5","10-5","-","12-5","12-5","12-7","12-7","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":19,"eid":"20","st":"20","rt":"1","lat":"56.1628267","lon":"-3.9463346","name":"Ann Shaw","srt":"","dis":"Mixed Media, Photography, Digital Art & Video","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"Shaw.zen_.jpg","imgs":"Shaw.action7.jpg,Shaw.machine2.jpg","add":"Plaka Studio, 5 Pendreich Rd, Bridge of Allan, Stirling, FK94LY","desc":"I am interested in the human-machine relationship and how this can help artists create new work. Visit my studio and to see some stuff in progress.\r\n\r\nEnjoy\u2013 our garden, sculpture and artefacts ( as featured in Scotland on Sunday magazine).\r\n\r\nCreate- your own mud painting.\r\nTell- a story in exchange for a unique Scottish \"note\".\r\n\r\nFree refreshments.\r\n\r\n","desc2":" ","desc3":"","dir":"On leaving Bridge of Allan take the first turning right after the Allanwater cafe into Blairforkie Drive. Follow signs to the golf club, about half a mile uphill. Plaka studio is about 200 yards before club on left hand side. Parking available.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/annshaw2017","tw":"https:\/\/twitter.com\/shawannshaw","ph":"01786 832287","mb":"07543 671260","em":"annshaw@mac.com","wb":"https:\/\/annshaw.co.uk","fac":"ynynnyn","time":["-","12-5","12-5","-","-","-","-","12-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":20,"eid":"21","st":"21","rt":"1","lat":"56.15100976368816","lon":"-3.947465385180635","name":"Pam McGibbon","srt":"","dis":"Jewellery, Glass","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"flowers.jpg","imgs":"heart.jpg","add":"Monte Verde Designs, 47 Fountain Road, Bridge of Allan, Stirling, FK9 4AU","desc":"Unique jewellery, hand crafted from wire, using glass beads that have been created by some of the UK's most talented bead designers. Casual or smart - our jewellery is suitable for all occasions. Our 'Rockpool' range is reminiscent of the sea shore. Hold the beads up to the light and you will be amazed at what you can see inside! Buy ready-made or choose your own beads for bespoke jewellery. ","desc2":"","desc3":"If you would like to try making your own earrings or necklace, let me know and you will be able to choose your beads from a huge selection and I will show you how to make them into a beautiful piece of jewellery. ","dir":"Park in Allanvale Road, as near to Fountain Road as you can. Cross over the road and walk up the side of No. 45 Fountain Road, following the arrows and bunting until you reach No. 47 which is round the corner, at the back. ","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07761 976102","em":"fountainservices@tiscali.co.uk","wb":"","fac":"nnynnny","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":21,"eid":"22","st":"22","rt":"1","lat":"56.1492131","lon":"-3.9267942000000176","name":"The Art Collection","srt":"","dis":"","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"pathfoot1.jpg","imgs":"Mary-Martin-Pathfoot-Location-detail.jpg,pathfoot3.jpg","add":"The Art Collection, Pathfoot Building, University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA","desc":"The University of Stirling Art Collection is a varied one. Exhibitions of the permanent collection are on display throughout the Pathfoot Building, with sculpture in some of the courtyards and also throughout the scenic campus. In addition, this year, the Art Collection is continuing to celebrate its 50th Anniversary with the temporary exhibition entitled '1967'. \r\n","desc2":"","desc3":"","dir":"The Pathfoot Building is on the hill on your left immediately after entering the University of Stirling campus by the main gate.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/artcollectionstirling","tw":"","ph":"01786 466050","mb":"","em":"art.collection@stir.ac.uk","wb":"www.artcol.stir.ac.uk","fac":"yyynynn","time":["-","-","9-5","9-5","9-5","9-5","9-5","-","-"],"addArtists":""},{"id":22,"eid":"23","st":"23","rt":"1","lat":"56.1395608","lon":"-3.9216596999999638","name":"Amy Britton","srt":"","dis":"Textiles","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"IMG_7282.jpg","imgs":"IMG_9795.jpg","add":"Craigbank Studio, 18 Hilfoots Road, Stirling, FK9 5LF","desc":"Inspired by a love of design and textiles, each product is individual, purses to carry, pouches to protect, a range of scarves and bags. Designed\r\nand handmade here in Stirling. There is plenty of inspiration for our designs, ranging from the woodland on our doorstep to the ever-changing vista.\r\n","desc2":"*NEW* Range of dog and puppy accessories, including leads, bandanas, harnesses, coats, blankets and beds.","desc3":"Sewing Demo\/Workshops\r\nMon to Fri, 12.30-2.30pm\r\nChildren\u2019s Sewing Demo\/Workshops\r\nSat + Sun 2-4pm\r\n\r\nAmy will demonstrate her simple sewing techniques, including applique, patchwork, machine embroidery and simple pattern cutting.\r\nThe Children\u2019s sewing demos will also include toy making.\r\nIf times do not suit, please call or arrange by appointment, or see website for full details.\r\nTel: 07732 825285\r\nwww.amybritton.co.uk","dir":"Head towards the Wallace Monument, Craigbank Studio (black door) is located at 18 Hillfoots Road, it is the last property before reaching the Monument. You can either walk up the lane, or park on the street.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01786 475927","mb":"07732 825285","em":"amy@amybritton.co.uk","wb":"http:\/\/www.amybritton.co.uk","fac":"nnynnny","time":["10-5","12-5","-","10-5","-","10-5","-","10-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":23,"eid":"24","st":"24","rt":"1","lat":"56.13799079999999","lon":"-3.927262599999949","name":"Kathleen Morison","srt":"","dis":"Ceramics","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"kmorison.ceramics1.jpg","imgs":"kmorison.ceramics2.jpg,kmorison.studio.jpg","add":"Wonky Pots, 13 Easter Cornton Road, Stirling, FK9 5ER","desc":"Ceramics, made with the pure joy of working with clay. I love the versatility of clay so I embrace different styles and techniques. I particularly love alternative firing, raku and pit fires. Mainly I throw on the wheel but I also enjoy handbuilding. I call my work Wonky Pots as I embrace imperfections, making them look as beautiful as possible.\r\n\r\nWalking disabled are welcome, no wheelchairs.","desc2":"I started my journey with clay only five years ago by attending a weekly class but as my passion grew, this was insufficient. I went on courses and weekend workshops, learning more and was inspired to immerse myself deeper. Last year I got my own wee studio when we converted our garage.\r\n\r\nI especially love alternative firing techniques such as pit firing and raku firing. It\u2019s like Christmas morning when you open up the pit, not knowing what to expect, whether the pot survived the firing or not and what it looks like. Glazing is also something of an unknown and there can often be surprises when the kiln is opened after a glaze firing.\r\n\r\nMy pots vary enormously \u2013 some are evenly thrown, some thrown then altered, some are glazed, some burnished and fired alternatively, others are hand built and glazed, others hand built and rakued. Many of my pots are purely decorative whilst some are functional meaning they are food safe. Because I embrace the imperfect and see beauty in the unexpected, I call my pots Wonky Pots, though not all look wonky!\r\n\r\nMy pots are all made with love, joy, enthusiasm, delight and pride. If you should take one away with you, you get all that good energy too.","desc3":"Raku firing event. Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June. \r\n10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm each day.\r\n\r\nAlong with a friend, Christine Flynn, we will offer two days of raku firing in my driveway. We will demonstrate alternative firing techniques such as raku glazing, naked raku and horsehair\/feathers. Participants may buy a pot for \u00a310, decorate it in their chosen method, then we will do the firing with they remain at a safe distance. \r\n\r\nChildren must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult.\r\n\r\n","dir":"From Stirling Centre, take A9 towards University and Wallace Monument, into Causewayhead Road. Last on left is Easter Cornton Road. From Alloa, enter Causewayhead via Alloa Road, turn left at roundabout, first on right is Easter Cornton Road.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/WonkyPotsCeramics\/","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07761 213 062","em":"kathleen.morison8@gmail.com","wb":"","fac":"nnnnnny","time":["10-5","10-5","-","12-5","12-5","12-7","5-7","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":24,"eid":"25","st":"25","rt":"2","lat":"55.97243236040563","lon":"-4.3307666618241","name":"Mugdock Makkers","srt":"","dis":"","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"gallery-view-3.jpg","imgs":"Gallery-view.jpg,neutral-2.jpg","add":"Mugdock Makkers Art & Craft Gallery, Mugdock Country Park, Craigallian Road, Milngavie, Glasgow, G62 8EL","desc":"Mugdock Makkers is a group of artists and craft workers who offer a range of original products in their dedicated Art and Craft Gallery situated in the corner of the Courtyard. Everything is locally made. The artists man the Gallery and demonstrate their work at the weekends. They can interact with visitors to create unique commissions and explain how their work is created. ","desc2":"The Makkers provide an impressively eclectic range of locally produced artwork from fabulous paintings, colourful textiles and knitwear, fragrant and calming soaps, impressive woodcraft, unique striking jewellery and stunning glassworks in addition to other items, all of which are displayed in our Gallery within the Courtyard at Mugdock Country Park. The Gallery receives many plaudits from visitors who are impressed by the uniqueness and originality of the products on display. At present we have over 20 artists and craftspeople involved ensuring a large and varied mix of hand produced items available to the discerning customer who likes things which are not available in the high street retail outlets. A measure of the standard of the Gallery is that it was a Finalist in the Scottish Independent Retailers Awards 2017.","desc3":"Every weekend the talents of Makkers are highlighted in demonstrations within the Gallery which also allow visitors to appreciate the effort and skills involved in creating the pieces and ask questions or make comments.\r\n\r\nThe Gallery holds a number of other events throughout the year such as Charity Days and a Christmas Shopping Day when customers benefit from discounted prices.\r\n\r\nA number of individual Makkers also run workshops within the Park for those interested in gaining experience and skills in particular crafts.","dir":"Leave A81, Glasgow to Strathblane road at junction signposted Mugdock Country Park. Continue to end of road. Turn right on to Craigallian Road and continue until the Mugdock Country Park Car Park is reached. Follow signs for the Gallery. Open 11-5.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/MugdockMakkersArtAndCraftGallery","tw":"","ph":"0141 956 6555","mb":"","em":"info@mugdockmakkers.co.uk","wb":"http:\/\/www.mugdockmakkers.co.uk","fac":"yyynyny","time":["12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":25,"eid":"26","st":"26","rt":"2","lat":"56.05063500784823","lon":"-4.410025207440185","name":"Adelaide Shalhope","srt":"","dis":"Mixed Media, Painting, Photography","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"GetAttachmentThumbnail-3-1.jpg","imgs":"podandplant.jpg,Adelaide-Shalhope-Studio.jpg","add":"Adelaide Shalhope Studio, Southwest House (lower garden), Gartness, Balfron Station, G63 0NJ","desc":"I work in a variety of media - paint, paper, pencil, found objects, photography - to create abstract, expressive, collage and assemblage. My process is really one of mapping the unknown - of transforming the mysteries unearthed from both the outer and inner landscape and exploring the subtle boundaries of their relationship. Each mark a clue to be followed, a visual poem emerges. ","desc2":"","desc3":"","dir":"Take the A81 south from Aberfoyle. About 2 miles south of the Ballat intersection turn right at the sign posted to Gartness. Drive1\/2 mile over the river to the end of the hamlet, Gartness. My studio is the wood cabin in the garden along the river. ","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/adelaideshalhopestudio\/","tw":"","ph":"01360 551074","mb":"07809 469572","em":"ashalhope@hotmail.com","wb":"https:\/\/www.adelaideshalhope.com","fac":"nyynnnn","time":["12-7","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-7","12-7","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":26,"eid":"27","st":"27","rt":"2","lat":"56.05131037898244","lon":"-4.189567565917969","name":"Blue Roof Gallery","srt":"","dis":"Painting","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"RowenaLaing_Jan2018.jpg","imgs":"RowenaLaing_HoldingCourt.jpg,RowenaLaing_MoonlightGuardians.jpg","add":"Blue Roof Gallery, Netherton Cottage, 40 Main Street, Fintry, Glasgow, G63 0XF","desc":"A graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Rowena Laing works from her studio in Fintry. Her work is mainly in oils and is inspired by her love of the countryside and of animals. Sheep and Border Collies are favourite subjects and she is also well known for her elegant equine studies. Also exhibiting we have Gillie Welstead, Eileen Owens, Sheila Fraser, Sarah Walker, and Jackie Chiknas.","desc2":"The Blue Roof Gallery Art Group are a diverse and creative mix of artists working together. Rowena Laing is well known for her landscapes in oil, often featuring sheep and sheep dogs, also many equine subjects. Gillie Welstead is a silversmith producing original pieces to treasure, Eileen Owens is a landscape and portrait painter and works in oils and pastels. Sheila Fraser produces quirky linocuts and also paintings in oils, Sarah Walker paints in oils and also produces beautiful landscape photography and greetings cards. Jackie Chiknas works in fine detail mainly in oils. A warm welcome awaits at the Blue Roof Gallery where you can browse our studio, perhaps even see an artist at work, enjoy a coffee and there is always cake !","desc3":"","dir":"We are at Netherton Cottage, 40 Main Street Fintry. G63 0XF Find us at the west end of the village at the house with the \"blue Roof\" on the right hand side as you leave the village heading for Killearn. The gallery space is behind the house. ","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01360 860332","mb":"","em":"rowena@rowenalaing.com","wb":"https:\/\/rowenalaing.com","fac":"ynynynn","time":["10-7","10-5","12-5","10-5","10-7","10-5","10-5","10-7","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":27,"eid":"28","st":"28","rt":"2","lat":"56.05672633382492","lon":"-4.225821018044371","name":"Katherine Cowtan","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing, Weaving","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"Katherine-Cowtan-Path-to-Playpark-cropped.jpg","imgs":"Katherine-Cowtan-Culcreuch-Castle.jpg,Katherine-Cowtan-in-studio.jpg","add":"Garden Gallery, The Mill House, Kippen Road, Fintry, Glasgow, G63 0YD","desc":"My paintings are mostly inspired by the local landscapes - hills, trees and paths which I see when out walking, and my garden. I try to capture the colours, textures, light and mood, and choose the style and medium best suited to explore and represent the subject. My studio will form the Garden Gallery and my colourful garden will be open during Open Studios in conjunction with Scotland\u2019s Gardens.","desc2":"I studied woven textile design at the Royal College of Art and worked for many years as a freelance designer. Since moving to Scotland I was inspired to paint the local landscape, including the nearby Trossachs and Loch Lomond National Park. My background in craft, design and weaving inform my painting process - I am primarily motivated by colour and textures, relationships and achieving a balance of contrasts within a composition, between painterly mark making and an illusion of credibility.\r\nI aim to capture the quality of light, an impression of place and often a sense of journey along a path. For me painting is a direct way of sharing an experience. The experience (like that of walking along a dappled woodland path) is often universal. \r\nI enjoy the diversity that different media offer. I use both water mixable oil paints and watercolours, often incorporating other media to create a richer effect or variety. I enjoy experimenting with different styles, choosing what is best suited to explore and represent the character of the subject.\r\nMy work is now held in private collections locally, in the UK, in America and Australia. I enjoy undertaking commissions and teaching art groups.","desc3":"In the morning on Wednesday 13th June I will give a demonstration of some of my painting techniques. Weather permitting this may be in the garden.","dir":"From Stirling take the A811. Take left turn through Kippen, over the hill to Fintry. About half way along the rugby pitch, look for white stone gate pillars on left with a gravel drive and rhododendrons. Priority will be given to disabled drivers.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/katherinecowtanartist\/","tw":"","ph":"01360 860009","mb":"","em":"cowtan@weefoot.com","wb":"http:\/\/www.katherinecowtan.co.uk","fac":"yyyynny","time":["10-7","10-5","12-5","10-5","10-7","10-5","10-5","10-7","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":28,"eid":"29","st":"29","rt":"2","lat":"56.05675478954361","lon":"-4.2256781458854675","name":"May Cheadle, Yani Homfray, Sheila Patrick","srt":"","dis":"Willow Basketweaving, Painting, Mixed Media, Drawing, Canal Art","othr":"y","disID":"","img":"Sheila-Cowtan-basktmaker.jpg","imgs":"Yani-Homfray-h-dancers-detail.jpg,May-Cheadle-Canal-Art.jpg","add":"Garden Gallery, The Mill House, Kippen Road, Fintry, Glasgow, G63 0YD","desc":"The Garden Gallery will show work by a diverse group of artists and crafters including paintings, willow basket weaving, Canal Art and weaving, giving some demonstrations most days (see elsewhere or phone for details). This venue is set in an attractive and colourful country garden, which will be open in conjunction with Scotland\u2019s Gardens scheme for the duration of Open Studios. Tea + cakes too! ","desc2":"Sheila Patrick writes: I make baskets and structures from Scottish and English willow, most of it unstripped, so the natural colours of the bark are a feature of my work, as is its distinctive smell. I enjoy the process of using traditional techniques to transform the long, thin rods into unique three-dimensional forms. \r\n\r\nYani Homfray writes: This time I am going to exhibit a variety of subjects including my Street Scenes, Landscape and flowers using mixed media - applying tissue paper over a whole area, or different collage effects, for example \u2013 creates rich textures and deep colours in my work. The colours, textures and shapes conjure up different moods, and the play of sunlight and shadows lets me apply a bold and dynamic style for dramatic results. \r\n\r\nMay Cheadle writes: The techniques, materials and patterns I use to individually hand decorate objects come from a long tradition of \u2018Canal Art\u2019. I find objects, which I lovingly restore, treat, paint, decorate and varnish (durable enough to leave outside). Items range in size from a small cup to (theoretically!) as big as a barge. Commissions welcome to upcycle or personalise objects for the home, garden or boat. \r\n","desc3":"There will be willow basket weaving demonstrations at week-ends and most week days.\r\nPainting demonstrations on Wednesday morning and Thursday morning.\r\nCanal Art demonstrations most days. It may be possible for visitors 'have a go' for a small fee.","dir":"From Stirling take the A811. Take left turn through Kippen & over the hill. In Fintry, about half way along the rugby pitch, look for white stone gate pillars on left with a gravel drive and rhododendrons. Priority will be given to disabled drivers.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/YaniHomfray","tw":"","ph":"01360 860009","mb":"","em":"cowtan@weefoot.com","wb":"http:\/\/www.balgairartstudio.com","fac":"yyyynny","time":["10-7","10-5","12-5","10-5","10-7","10-5","10-5","10-7","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":29,"eid":"30","st":"30","rt":"2","lat":"56.1218807","lon":"-4.180759200000011","name":"Mary Mackay","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"mackay_mixed-media.jpg","imgs":"marymackay_poppiesseries-copy.jpg,mmackay_in-studio.jpg","add":"Burnbrae, , Redgatehill, Kippen, Stirling, FK8 3HS","desc":"Mary Mackay divides her time between studios in Kippen near Stirling and in Edinburgh. She became a full-time artist after graduation from Edinburgh College of Art with honours in Painting in 2014. Prior to that, she taught biology and science and this can be evidenced in some of her work.\r\nExploring new techniques and materials keeps it interesting.","desc2":"On recent works on paper, she revisits techniques and ideas from previous years in which she prints, collages and draws. The seed heads and flowers of plants from her Stirlingshire garden have been used to make marks, creating works, which she refers to as \u2018Plant Calligraphy\u2019\r\nMary is better known for her paintings, often abstract pieces, in which there can be a fine line between chaos, order and form.\r\n","desc3":"","dir":"On the A811 from Stirling, follow signs for Kippen. At Kippen Cross follow the B822 through the village towards Fintry; past the school and garage and follow the arrows from the Y junction. DO NOT DEPEND ON SATNAV.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01786 870071","mb":"07729 358111","em":"mary.mackay3@yahoo.co.uk","wb":"https:\/\/marymackaystudio.co.uk","fac":"ynynnnn","time":["-","12-5","-","12-5","-","12-7","12-5","12-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":30,"eid":"31","st":"31","rt":"2","lat":"56.12531694007601","lon":"-4.169247150421143","name":"Sarah Hill","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"P1020800.jpg","imgs":"P1000785.jpg","add":"Birch Grove Studio, Birch Grove Cottage, Burnside, Kippen, Stirling, FK8 3EF","desc":"Welcome to a world of colour, music and fun. There will be harp and piano music, tea and cake, lots of paintings of many varieties. Portraits, seascapes and still life but mainly people as i am endlessly fascinated by how people move, feel and generally communicate. I work mainly in oils but there will be many drawings and sketchbooks to browse through.","desc2":"","desc3":"","dir":"From Stirling take the A811 west until you come to a roundabout. Take the first exit signposted to Kippen, up the windy road until the bus stop and cross are seen on the right. Turn left into Burnside, white house with blue door on the right.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01786 870535","mb":"07711 355452","em":"","wb":"","fac":"ynynnnn","time":["10-7","10-5","-","10-5","10-7","10-5","10-5","10-7","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":31,"eid":"32","st":"32","rt":"2","lat":"56.12349815328677","lon":"-4.162239208817482","name":"JudyJamJar Mosaics & More","srt":"","dis":"Mosaic, Jewellery, Glass","othr":"y","disID":"","img":"780A1315-FF9A-4C04-B9A0-AE91667D632E.jpeg","imgs":"3B731413-2F5C-499D-B34B-C05D9136C1DF.jpeg,12249870-91D4-4E87-83F3-FB5002563CBE.jpeg","add":"JudyJamJar Mosaics & More, Davarr Cottage, Burnside, Kippen, Stirling, FK8 3HU","desc":"Judy Reed is the mosaic artist JudyJamJar. She uses vintage and retro china and other materials to create quirky and colourful mosaics for the home and garden.\r\n\r\nShonah Escombe works with glass using a range of techniques including lead and stained glass, copper foiling and fused glass. Her designs are contemporary and fun.\r\n\r\nDemonstrations, cottage garden and complimentary coffee and cake!\r\n","desc2":"JudyJamJar was a prolific craftsperson for over 40 years and studied stained glass before discovering a passion for all things mosaic!\r\n\r\nInspired by a love of colour and patterns and using a range of materials her work is unique and often humorous. Many of the materials used are recycled including broken crockery, stained glass offcuts, leftover tiles, old roofing slates, jewellery and sea-glass. The mosaic work includes jewellery, small decorative hearts and birds, wall art, mirrors, garden ornaments and larger wall installations and outdoor sculptural pieces.\r\n\r\nShonah has been working with wood and wool for many years but discovered the joy and versatility of glass 2 years ago. Glass allowed her to create fun colourful pieces to brighten up any window. A long term employee in the insurance business she has found an outlet to her artistic side. She started working with lead and glass then found she could create more intricate, fun and contemporary designs using the glass and copper foil technique. Having a small kiln has opened up a new avenue and she has started learning the art of fusing glass.","desc3":"During open studios the artists will be available to talk about their work and there will be ongoing demonstrations of mosaic making and\/or glass cutting daily. JudyJamJar runs regular one day \u2018Introduction to Mosaics\u2019 workshops, please see Facebook for details.","dir":"Take the A811 from Stirling, turn left at the roundabout to Kippen. Come up the hill and take the first left at Kippen crossroad into Burnside. Drive straight on past houses, past a field along a single track road to the first white cottage. ","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/JudyJamJar\/","tw":"","ph":"01786 870687","mb":"","em":"judyjamjar@btinternet.com","wb":"","fac":"yyynnyy","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","12-7","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":32,"eid":"33","st":"33","rt":"2","lat":"56.12448621131715","lon":"-4.083054435968052","name":"Michael Kay","srt":"","dis":"Jewellery, Glass","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"FVAB2018squares.jpg","imgs":"FVAB2018earrings.jpg,Mike-at-work-2018.jpg","add":"Bridgend, Main Street, Gargunnock, Stirling, FK8 3BW","desc":"60s trained at Edinburgh College of Art, local jeweller and silversmith Michael specialises in contemporary, wearable jewellery in silver, gold and semi-precious stones. He also makes on a larger scale - spoons, knives and boxes on a regular basis as well as occasional trophies. Michael employs the basic design elements of shape, line, tone, pattern, colour and texture to inform his designing. ","desc2":"Michael frequently exhibits with Angus friends, Tricia Griffin and Ros MacDonald, and they will be joining him this year at Bridgend. Ros creates bold pieces of abstract naturalism in acrylic ink as well as linoprints featuring animals and birds. Tricia specialises in printed, dyed and mixed-media textiles using silk, merino wool, linens and cottons and using Japanese felting techniques. \r\n\r\nThis year, for the first time, Michael will be showing items from his 'Gargunnock Gifts' range of affordable jewellery - designer pieces without designer prices! Some stained glass will also feature.","desc3":"","dir":"Off the A811 Stirling to Dumbarton road, Gargunnock is seven miles west of Stirling. With the flagpole and memorial to your right, pass over the bridge, heading towards the Village Store on Main Street. Bridgend is immediately to left of store.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01786 860386","mb":"07570 977277","em":"mike@michaelkayjewellery.co.uk","wb":"http:\/\/www.michaelkayjewellery.co.uk","fac":"nyynnnn","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","-","-","-","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":33,"eid":"34","st":"34","rt":"2","lat":"56.1249407","lon":"-4.084492100000034","name":"Ros MacDonald & Patricia Griffin","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Printmaking, Mixed Media, Textiles","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"2017-02-20-149.jpg","imgs":"Patricia-Griffin.jpg,2017-02-20-004.jpg","add":"Bridgend, Main Street, Gargunnock, FK8 3BW","desc":"Artists and designers Tricia Griffin and Ros Macdonald's Inky Works frequently exhibit with Mike Kay. Ros creates bold pieces of abstract naturalism in acrylic ink as well as linoprints and woodcuts featuring the seaside, animals and birds. Tricia specialises in hand printed, individually dyed textiles using various silk, merino wool, linens, cottons and using Japanese felting techniques.","desc2":"","desc3":"","dir":"Head for square in centre of Gargunnock, 7 miles west of Stirling. With the flag pole and memorial to your right, pass over the bridge heading towards the village store on main street. Bridgend is immediately to left of store.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/emmockfarm","tw":"","ph":"01786 860386","mb":"07767 267449","em":"ros_macdonald@hotmail.co.uk","wb":"","fac":"nyyynnn","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","-","-","-","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":34,"eid":"35","st":"35","rt":"2","lat":"56.1252383","lon":"-4.086150500000031","name":"April Black ","srt":"","dis":"Mixed Media, Woodwork","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"two.jpg","imgs":"three.jpg,17634602_1937730073127948_430820056207206535_n.jpg","add":"Bridgend, Main Street, Gargunnock, FK8 3BW","desc":"April Black frequently exhibits with artists and designers Ros Macdonald, Patricia Griffin and Michael Kay.\r\nApril is a 2016 Graduate from Duncan of Jordanstone. She produces a a range of hand cut paper art inspired by nature and landscapes and a range of woodturned vessels with metal inlay, she also accepts personalised commissions. ","desc2":"","desc3":"","dir":"Head for square in centre of Gargunnock, seven miles west of Stirling. With the flagpole and memorial to your right, pass over the bridge, heading towards the village store on Main Street. Bridgend is immediately to left of store. ","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/aprilspapercrafts\/","tw":"https:\/\/twitter.com\/aprilbdesign","ph":"01786 860386","mb":"07794 907849","em":"aprilblackdesign@outlook.com","wb":"http:\/\/aprilblackdesign.wixsite.com\/aprilb","fac":"nyyynny","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","-","-","-","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":35,"eid":"36","st":"36","rt":"2","lat":"56.153972620297495","lon":"-4.178141774609685","name":"Flanders Moss Nature Reserve","srt":"","dis":"","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"P10100081.jpg","imgs":"P10100082.jpg,P10100083.jpg","add":"Flanders Moss National Nature Reserve, FK8 3QT","desc":"Flanders Moss is a very special site, it is one of the biggest and best bogs in Scotland and an easily accessible path allows visitors to experience the beauty of its wildlife and sample the peace of its unspoilt wilderness. The nature reserve is managed by Scottish Natural Heritage.","desc2":"Flanders Moss will be hosting the \"Flanders Moss through the Microscope\" project linking local high school students, botanical illustrator Jessica Langford and West Moss-side in taking a close look at the bog plants and capturing their beauty in art. Work from this project will be on show at Flanders Moss and West Moss-side. Flanders Moss staff will be on-site at the weekends to provide information to visitors. \r\n\r\n","desc3":"For the afternoon of each day of the two weekends nature reserve staff will be on hand to answer questions and explain this special site and its wildlife to visitors. ","dir":"From Thornhill head south on the B822 Kippen Road for 2 miles then turn right onto a track and follow this for 0.6 miles to the car park. From the A811 Kippen roundabout head north on the B822 Thornhill road for 2 miles then turn left onto the track.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/ScotlandsNNRs\/ ","tw":"https:\/\/twitter.com\/SNH_tweets","ph":"01786 450362","mb":"07826 537641","em":"david.pickett@snh.gov.uk","wb":"https:\/\/2bogsaswampandsomeislands.wordpress.com","fac":"yyynnyy","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":36,"eid":"37","st":"37","rt":"2","lat":"56.16844606054695","lon":"-4.177682875888422","name":"West Moss-side","srt":"","dis":"Mixed Media, Weaving, Drawing, Printmaking, Painting, found objects, 3D installations, Ceramics, Jewellery, Photography","othr":"y","disID":"","img":"WMS_Exterior.jpg","imgs":"WMS-interior-large.jpg,WMS-drive2018.jpg","add":"West Moss-side , Thornhill, Stirling, FK83QJ","desc":"The West Moss-side Collective : Kate Sankey (weaving\/twisting), Jill Dow (printing\/drawing), Gillie Welstead (silversmith), Darren Rees (wildlife painter), Charmian Pollok (3D with found objects, hand made paper), Barbara Greenman (ceramics\/paper) and new for this year Michael Prince (landscape photographer). The Centre, the kitchen and the farmhouse will be full of pieces to intrigue and enjoy.","desc2":"West Moss-side is in an inspiring location on the Carse of Stirling, flanked by Flanders Moss and farms, with a panorama of mountains in all directions. This is the backdrop for the West Moss-side Collective \u2013 a group of seven diverse artists. The founder, Kate Sankey, is a weaver and twister of natural, local materials. Jill Dow\u2019s drawings, prints and paintings are inspired by plants and wildlife observed through the changing seasons. Gillie Welstead, a silversmith lets nature inform the textures and shape of her work. Barbara Greenman works with clays and printed papers to create structures informed by the tones, colours, and sounds of Flanders Moss. Charmian Pollok uses photographs, printmaking, found natural objects and handmade papers so that the actual environment is contained in the pieces themselves. Darren Rees, an established, international wildlife artist captures the very essence of the natural world in his paintings. New for this year is Michael Prince, landscape photographer, whose traditional skills capture the atmosphere of wild places, including an intimate study of the Clydesdales of Flanders Moss. ","desc3":"Each day, two or three of the artists will be available to talk about their work and there will be a demonstration of weaving with natural materials on the go. West Moss-side runs workshops in a variety of traditional and contemporary arts and crafts so take a look at the website for the current programme. West Moss-side will be partnering with SNH for a project focussing on Flanders Moss through the microscope. Jessica Langford , botanical illustrator, will be working with school students to take a close look at plants on the moss. The work will be displayed on the Board Walk gallery and at West Moss-side. \r\n\r\nWest Moss-side is the home of Trossachs Yurts which are located on a walkway and woodland for you to explore. The organic farm has rare breed Shetland cattle and there will be calves to admire. Bring suitable footwear to fully enjoy your visit. A warm welcome awaits with light refreshments and home baking. Why not stay in one of the Yurts and spend the week touring Forth Valley Art Beat studios. ","dir":"The West Moss-side farm road is located on the left 1\/4 mile west of Thornhill on the road to Aberfoyle (A873), directly after the de-restriction speed sign. Turn left, then follow the farm road to the right and for a full mile until the road end. ","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/Westmossside\/","tw":"https:\/\/twitter.com\/WestMossside","ph":"01786 850428","mb":"07870 156502","em":"kate@westmossside.com","wb":"http:\/\/www.westmossside.com","fac":"yyynyyy","time":["10-7","10-7","10-5","10-5","10-7","10-7","10-7","10-7","10-7"],"addArtists":""},{"id":37,"eid":"38","st":"38","rt":"2","lat":"56.167824457580366","lon":"-4.177717566490173","name":"Graham Tristram","srt":"","dis":"Painting","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"Tristram-1.jpg","imgs":"Tristram-2.jpg,Tristram-3.jpg","add":"West Moss-side Organic Farm + Centre, Thornhill, Stirling, FK8 3QJ","desc":"Landscape is the starting place for all my painting. I look for the fall of light, atmosphere, the space and mood of the sky, the colour of distance, and traces of habitation and time. The work is made in the studio using sketches from outdoors, notes and memories. \r\n\r\nPaintings in acrylic, oil pastel and mixed media.\r\n","desc2":"Graham Tristram began painting after a short course at Leith School of Art in 2006. The experience encouraged interests developed years earlier while training as an architect at Edinburgh College of Art. Recording impressions and ideas by hand drawing is essential for an architect. But painting involves a different kind of observation and a direct engagement with materials and making: handling paint, oil pastel, paper or canvas, selecting colours, textures and properties. It is an individual exploration. \r\n\r\nWork exhibited at Forth Valley Open Studios 2011-2017 alongside the West Moss-side Collective and at the SSA Annual Exhibition 2014.\r\nStudio Tristram was formed in 2010. Architectural commissions include historic buildings, houses, interiors and specialist design work in Europe and the USA.\r\n","desc3":"","dir":"The West Moss-side Farm road is located 1\/4 mile west of Thornhill village on the road to Aberfoyle (A873), directly after the de-restriction speed sign on the left. Turn left, then follow the road to the right for a full mile until the road end.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01786 850428","mb":"07743 912363","em":"graham@studiotristram.com","wb":"http:\/\/www.studiotristram.com","fac":"yyynyyn","time":["10-7","10-7","10-5","10-5","10-7","10-7","10-7","10-7","10-7"],"addArtists":""},{"id":38,"eid":"39","st":"39","rt":"2","lat":"56.1846526","lon":"-4.065507499999967","name":"Judy Shaw Stewart","srt":"","dis":"Painting","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"jstewart_wateringcan.jpg","imgs":"jstewart_iced_cream_cone.jpg,jstewart_fruitbowl.jpg","add":"Northland House Studio, B826, Thornhill Road, Doune, FK16 6AD","desc":"Judy's work is mostly mixed media including pastel, acrylic, oil & collage. Her pictures may reflect travels, but more often than not display the varying light on Scottish scenes & domestic still life with a colourful twist.","desc2":"","desc3":"","dir":"FK16 6AD.....From Stirling at Junction 10 of M9 take A84 to Crianlarich. After 5.7 miles turn left on B826 then right as signposted opposite graveyard. From Doune turn left onto A84 towards Stirling & then 1st right onto B826 after garage.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01786 842390","mb":"07884 337503","em":"judy@pancontrols.com","wb":"","fac":"ynnynnn","time":["10-7","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-7","10-7","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":39,"eid":"40","st":"40","rt":"2","lat":"56.184288379936945","lon":"-4.064810125656095","name":"Jo Pudelko","srt":"","dis":"Jewellery, Sculpture","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"1.01-low-res.jpeg","imgs":"JoPudelko_RadialEarrings.jpeg,JoPudelko_HiveMindNecklace.jpeg","add":"Northland House Studio, Thornhill Road, Doune, FK16 6AD","desc":"I am a contemporary jeweller and my work consists of mixed-media jewellery and small scale vessels. My work is research-led and underpinned by a repeating theme of how we interact with the environment around us - particularly examining the space where the natural world and the man-made world collide.","desc2":"I employ a diverse range of processes that include casting, carving, etching, laser cutting, powder-coating and sewing in addition to traditional metal work techniques. Achieving a high quality finish is particularly important in my work as I am predominately working in non-precious materials. I specialise in the use of bio-friendly resins and frequently incorporate found objects in my work. My aim is to incorporate them so fully into the design that the viewer will be surprised when they discover the re-appropriated, reclaimed or recycled aspects of a piece. Working in this manner I hope to examine the cultural context in which design operates, investigating where connections exist between the environment, adornment, and consumer society.","desc3":"TBC","dir":"FK16 6AD.....From Stirling at Junction 10 of M9 take A84 to Crianlarich. \r\nAfter 5.7 miles turn left on B826 then right as signposted opposite graveyard. \r\nFrom Doune turn left onto A84 towards Stirling & then 1st right onto B826 after garage.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/jopudelkojewellery\/","tw":"https:\/\/twitter.com\/JoPudelko","ph":"01786 842390","mb":"07775 843872","em":"jopudelko@hotmail.co.uk","wb":"https:\/\/www.jopudelko.co.uk","fac":"ynnynny","time":["10-7","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-7","10-7","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":40,"eid":"41","st":"41","rt":"2","lat":"56.1846346876187","lon":"-4.06641945106503","name":"Mark Drury","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Jewellery","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"MarkDrury.jpg","imgs":"IMG_0055-e1522240628970.jpg","add":"Northland house, Doune, Stirling, FK166AD","desc":"Mark has studied at Glasgow Art School for some 8 years he now mainly paints in oils. He has recently developed an interest in recycling silver and brass items into one-off pieces of jewellery.","desc2":"","desc3":"","dir":" A84 Doune to Thornhill rd. Pass Cemetery on left and Lochhill Ind Estate on right and entrance is 30m on right.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01786 842390","mb":"07734 715677","em":"mhhdrury@gmail.com","wb":"","fac":"ynnnnnn","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":41,"eid":"42","st":"42","rt":"2","lat":"56.18424658397092","lon":"-4.065357296295133","name":"Jane Campbell","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Mixed Media","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"Jane_Campbell_Leaving_Home-1.jpg","imgs":"Jane_Campbell_Summer_Picnic1-2.jpg,Jane_Campbell_Sunflowers_1-2.jpg","add":"Northland House Studio, Thornhill Road, Doune, FK16 6AD","desc":"Jane graduated from Grays School of Art in 1995 and has exhibited widely throughout Scotland. Her work has appeared in a leading art magazine and a Scottish newspaper. Using a vibrant palette she paints a variety of subject matters including seascapes, landscapes, still lifes, flowers, children's toys and butterflies.","desc2":"","desc3":"","dir":"FK16 6AD.....From Stirling at Junction 10 of M9 take A84 to Crianlarich. \r\nAfter 5.7 miles turn left on B826 then right as signposted opposite graveyard. \r\nFrom Doune turn left onto A84 towards Stirling & then 1st right onto B826 after garage.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/paintingsbyjanecampbell","tw":"","ph":"01786 842390","mb":"07769 902821","em":"jane.campbell123@hotmail.co.uk","wb":"http:\/\/www.paintingsbyjanecampbell.co.uk","fac":"ynnynnn","time":["10-7","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-7","10-7","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":42,"eid":"43","st":"43","rt":"2","lat":"56.18422867140013","lon":"-4.066215603179899","name":"Robin Chapman Campbell","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"IMG-0670.jpg","imgs":"IMG-0673-e1522241094510.jpg,IMG-0675-e1522241146153.jpg","add":"Northland House, Thornhill Road, Doune, FK16 6AD","desc":"I have been focussing on pastel work over the last year, with emphasis on using landscapes and a variety of colour palettes to explore mystery, emotion and imagination.","desc2":"","desc3":"","dir":"FK16 6AD.....From Stirling at Junction 10 of M9 take A84 to Crianlarich. After 5.7 miles turn left on B826 then right as signposted opposite graveyard. From Doune turn left onto A84 towards Stirling & then 1st right onto B826 after garage.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01786 842600","mb":"","em":"hasluck1@yahoo.co.uk","wb":"","fac":"ynnynnn","time":["10-7","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-7","10-7","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":43,"eid":"44","st":"44","rt":"2","lat":"56.18420078745853","lon":"-4.066720889532007","name":"Hermione Spencer","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"HSpencer.jpg","imgs":"","add":"Northland House, Thornhill Road, Doune, FK16 6AD","desc":"Hermione paints mainly in oils, and having sailed around the world, a lot of her work reflects the dramatic Atlantic coast and seascapes.","desc2":"","desc3":"","dir":"FK16 6AD.....From Stirling at Junction 10 of M9 take A84 to Crianlarich.\r\nAfter 5.7 miles turn left on B826 then right as signposted opposite graveyard.\r\nFrom Doune turn left onto A84 towards Stirling & then 1st right onto B826 after garage.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01786 842390","mb":"","em":"hughandhermione@hotmail.com","wb":"","fac":"ynnynnn","time":["10-7","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-7","10-7","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":44,"eid":"45","st":"45","rt":"2","lat":"56.187182758904456","lon":"-4.044248163700104","name":"Justine Bainbridge","srt":"","dis":"Glass, Textiles, Painting","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"JBainbridge_Glass1.jpg","imgs":"JBainbridge_Sollas-Uist-2.jpg,JBainbridge_inStudio.jpg","add":"Sunroom at Inverardoch Lodge, by Old Newton of Doune, Newton Inverardoch, Doune, FK166EA ","desc":"Blending my background in science, photography, and the antiques & collectables trade with my Orkney & Shetland roots, I use a diverse range of found objects, traditional yarns, antique fabrics, and raw materials to create pieces evocative of the light, land, and sea of Scotland in kiln glass panels, knitted and woven wares, paintings, costumes, and jewellery.","desc2":"BA Hons Glass & Ceramics at the National Glass Centre, Sunderland.","desc3":"Sunday 10th June : Various times tbc.\r\nNew for 2018. Intoduction to Glass Fusing. \r\nDemonstration workshop. \r\nPlease contact me for further detail. \r\nBooking essential.\r\n\r\nSaturday 16th and Sunday 17th June : Various times tbc. \r\nThe miniature hand loom workshops proved to be very popular in 2017 so I'll be running them again this year. These dinky wee weavings can be made into little wall hangings, dolls house rugs or even a piece of textile body adornment. It's a fun and easy craft for all skill levels. No experience necessary!\r\nAll materials - including straws, wools, yarn, beads, light refreshments, and friendly banter! - will be provided. \r\nBooking essential.\r\nMore pics of my little weavings can be found on my Facebook page here : http:\/\/tinyurl.com\/dinky-weave\r\n\r\nFor more info or to book a place, drop me a line via my Facebook page www.facebook.com\/justinebainbridgeart, by email to justinebainbridge@gmail.com, or give me a call on 07484664078 \/ 07399563427 \r\n\r\nLooking forward to seeing you in the Sunroom this Summer!","dir":"On A820 Dunblane to Doune, take sharp left at 30mph sign on approach to village. Enter the beautiful estate of Newton Inverardoch via the large black gates. The lodge is situated to your left. Follow the signs through the garden to the sunroom.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/justinebainbridgeart","tw":"","ph":"01786 841338","mb":"07484 664078","em":"justinebainbridge@gmail.com","wb":"http:\/\/www.justinebainbridge.co.uk","fac":"ynynnny","time":["12-7","12-7","12-7","12-7","12-7","12-7","12-7","12-7","12-7"],"addArtists":""},{"id":45,"eid":"46","st":"46","rt":"2","lat":"56.1663108","lon":"-4.043889900000067","name":"Camphill Blair Drummond","srt":"","dis":"","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"Andrea-Peters-Camphill-Felt-Picture.jpg","imgs":"Andrea-Peters-Camphill-Felt-stones-and-glass.jpg,Andrea-Peters-Camphill-group-making-glass-decorations.jpg","add":" Courtyard Building, Blair Drummond House, Cuthil Brae, Stirling, FK9 4UT","desc":"Camphill Blair Drummond provides a creative and therapeutic environment for both residential and day students with complex learning difficulties.\r\nWe will be exhibiting a wide variety of pieces created together in our specialist workshops including glass, pottery, textiles, mosaics and baskets.","desc2":"","desc3":"We will be demonstrating some of our crafts over the weekend of the 9th and 10th such as needle felting and rag rugs - people are welcome to have a go!","dir":"From Stirling take A84 towards Callander. About 3\/4 mile past Safari Park (on right) turn right (signposted Camphill, Cuthil Brae,Campsite) Straight on over hill and cattle grid. Follow road round to second cattle grid, park in front of castle.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01786 841573","mb":"07977 551292","em":"andrea@camphillblairdrummond.org.uk","wb":"https:\/\/www.camphillblairdrummond.org.uk","fac":"yynnnny","time":["10-5","10-5","-","-","-","-","-","-","-"],"addArtists":""},{"id":46,"eid":"47","st":"47","rt":"2","lat":"56.12421","lon":"-3.9401841000000104","name":"GOSSIP","srt":"","dis":"","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"23130892_902768499888159_5077103613567627906_n-1.jpg","imgs":"23244283_902768373221505_2795575126292478440_n-1.jpg,27606096_1484338391695692_506938322_o-1.jpg","add":"Cowane Centre, 69 Cowane Street, Stirling, FK8 1JP","desc":"Artist studios based within the Cowane Centre in Stirling with Stirling council. With a variation of artists involved in and around the studios the Cowane Centre has a variation of conceptual work to be seen. The studio space allows the upcoming G.O.S.S.I.P group to form and work alongside Stirling Council to build a creative community and offer opportunities to artists.","desc2":"G.O.S.S.I.P are a non-profit, artist led group of contemporary\/ conceptual artists who aim to mutually support the development of their practice through skills share and discussion of contextual, cultural matters in the creation of experimental artworks. Working with other creative practitioners, we seek out opportunities to question, engage with the public and build our creative community. G.O.S.S.I.P are based within the Cowane Centre where creatives come together to meet, discuss and work on their ideas and thoughts.","desc3":"\u201cshow and tell\u201d workshops with a variety of artists skill sharing their artistic approaches with others. Held on various days, depending on artist availability. If anyone is interested please email so we can regulate numbers. Free of charge to take part.\r\n\r\n9th of June 7pm-9pm will be our exhibition at the Cowane, includingg artworks from lots of different individuals, so this should be an extraordinary show, as a follow on from the previous show: this show is spotlight 2.\r\n\r\nOn the 16th of June, along with the \u201cshow and tell\u201d workshops, we also have a comMUNITY Fayre which is inviting artist to sell their art, and other local groups to come along for promotion and to build a community together, get to know everyone.\r\n","dir":"Cowane Centre is a 10 minute walk along Goosecroft Rd onto Cowane St from Stirling Train Station. By car turn left off Cowane St or turn right off Lower Bridge both onto Upper Bridge St. Car park 1st left. Studio down left corridor from main door.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/GossipStirling\/","tw":"","ph":"01786 462367","mb":"","em":"gossipstirling@gmail.com","wb":"https:\/\/gossipstirling.wixsite.com\/gossipstirling","fac":"yyyynny","time":["10-5","12-5","10-5","10-5","10-7","10-5","10-5","-","-"],"addArtists":""},{"id":47,"eid":"48","st":"48","rt":"2","lat":"56.12421","lon":"-3.9401841000000104","name":"Lauren Bremner","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"LBremner_Linlithgow-Boats.jpg","imgs":"LBremner_Coffe-Bothy.jpg,LBremner_Room-1.jpg","add":"Studio 1, Cowane Centre, 69 Cowane Street, Stirling, FK8 1JP","desc":"I have a love for life and a love for art. After being run over I've had to adopt different techniques to make my mark. I love working with acrylics, watercolour & charcoal, producing artworks inspired by my love of nature.\r\nExhibitions include Artlink Central school leavers 2011, 2012. I do private & public commissions having previously undertaken a commission for the chairman of Forth Valley NHS.","desc2":"","desc3":"","dir":"Cowane Centre is a 10 minute walk along Goosecroft Rd onto Cowane St from Stirling Train Station. By car turn left off Cowane St or turn right off Lower Bridge both onto Upper Bridge St. Car park 1st left. Studio down left corridor from main door.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/LaurenBremnerArtist","tw":"","ph":"01786 462367","mb":"","em":"laurenbremnerartist@gmail.com","wb":"","fac":"yyynnnn","time":["-","-","-","-","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","-"],"addArtists":""},{"id":48,"eid":"49","st":"49","rt":"2","lat":"56.11909120000001","lon":"-3.937275999999997","name":"Hannah MacKintosh","srt":"","dis":"Ceramics, Painting, Photography","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"IMG_2084.jpg","imgs":"IMG_0999.jpg,IMG_0946.jpg","add":"Stirling Baptist Church- MacKintosh, 67 Murray Place, Stirling, FK8 1AU","desc":"The last 2 years have seen MacKintosh grow her own work as Artist in Residence seeking to engage people through art, as well as help other budding artists grow their work. This is a celebration of that work ranging from Ceramics to painting and photography. There is art for every taste and price range here. If nothing else, you'll get a good chat in a beautiful building.","desc2":"MacKintosh has a degree in Painting and Sculpture from Lamar University, and a Masters from The University of Glasgow in Art, Politics, and Transgression in 20th Century Avant-Garde Art. MacKintosh seeks to engage the community of the church and the wider community with issues the world is facing today that are often not confronted. She also finds ways to involve the community in arts to help everyone reach their own creative potential.","desc3":"On June 16th we will have a closing reception from 7-9pm. This is a chance to meet the artists who's work has been up during the week, and ask them any questions you may have. Tea, coffee, and cake will be available.","dir":"When coming out of the Stirling Train Station we are directly up the road. Next to the Old Stirling Arcade.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/hannahjmackintosh","tw":"https:\/\/twitter.com\/hanahmackintosh","ph":"01786 450581","mb":"07517 507764","em":"mackintoshmade@gmail.com","wb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/hannahjmackintosh","fac":"nyyyyny","time":["5-7","-","12-5","12-5","10-5","12-7","12-5","5-7","-"],"addArtists":""},{"id":49,"eid":"50","st":"50","rt":"2","lat":"56.08926729723238","lon":"-3.931506550325139","name":"Alison Anderson","srt":"","dis":"Mixed Media, Textiles, Photography","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"A.Anderson-painting1.jpg","imgs":"A.Anderson-painting2.jpg,A.Anderson-studio.jpg","add":"Gillies Cottage, Glasgow Road, Stirling, FK7 0LN","desc":"For Alison's first year taking part in this event, she has chosen to set herself a theme and organise a pop up mini exhibition of her work. The title is \"Why the Long Face?\" and comprises painting, digital art, collage, photography and some textile work.\r\n\r\nAside from the themed exhibition itself, you will have the opportunity to see more of Alison's paintings and her wool based work.","desc2":"Originally Alison enjoyed creating with fabrics (patchwork\/quilting). She then moved on to wool (felting, knitting etc.), and more recently switched to using art supplies. However, no matter the medium, the defining feature of Alison\u2019s work is her passion for colour. \r\n","desc3":"","dir":"From Glasgow via M80 or Edinburgh via M9 exit at Junction 9. Take A872 (Whins of Milton) and Gillies Cottage is on left after ~1mile. \r\n\r\nFrom Stirling centre follow signs for Battle Bannockburn (A872) and Gillies Cottage is 0.4mile further on right.\r\n","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/YoweArt","tw":"https:\/\/twitter.com\/YoweArts","ph":"","mb":"07510 677200","em":"yowecrafts@yahoo.co.uk","wb":"","fac":"ynnynnn","time":["10-5","10-5","10-7","10-7","10-7","10-5","10-7","10-7","10-7"],"addArtists":""},{"id":50,"eid":"51","st":"51","rt":"2","lat":"56.07425968733781","lon":"-3.9320003986358643","name":"Rosellen Dick","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Mixed Media, Photography","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"FB3A23B3-CF9F-4DAA-AF14-F9032DC6142E-e1522242675918.jpeg","imgs":"57A12066-590A-487B-B0AC-21FBEF9EF8F0-e1522242733683.jpeg,37057394-F324-4D19-BE1F-689339156E78-e1522242763199.jpeg","add":"The Wee Byre, Cauldbarns Farm, Stirling, FK7 8HH","desc":"The Wee Byre will show paintings and photographs which reference Rosellen\u2019s continuing dialogue between the land and the sea.She tries to express how the land,sky and sea shape our thoughts and feelings when seen through a lens or when captured through the manipulation of oil and acrylic paints and mediums on canvas. Join me for a coffee, cake and a chat. My garden will be open too.\r\n\r\n","desc2":"I am a mature artist having taking up painting after working for many years with young children who were encouraged to learn by using the natural world and the arts as a springboard to learning. I have taken classes and courses with professional artists who have inspired me to develop my painting. Living in the beautiful countryside outside Stirling I find the natural worlds around me a constant source of inspiration. I enjoy using photography to capture the landscape. I am interested in how art can be used as therapeutic medium through which people can express their thoughts and feelings. I have opened my studio for the first time this year as I am currently building up a body of work that will become the start up point for an exhibition in the future.\r\n\r\n","desc3":"","dir":"From Stirling take Glasgow Road. After Battle of Bannockburn Centre turn first right and then first left into New Line Road. Follow road and continue up the hill (just over a mile). Turn left at mini crossroads and the studio is on your first left.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01786 480493","mb":"07776 384789","em":"rosellendick@yahoo.co.uk","wb":"","fac":"yyynnnn","time":["12-7","12-5","-","-","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-7","12-7"],"addArtists":""},{"id":51,"eid":"52","st":"52","rt":"3","lat":"56.01355132036592","lon":"-3.900017738342285","name":"Darren Hall","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing, Textiles","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"IMG_4055.jpg","imgs":"P1040137_Fotor.jpg,IMG_4052.jpg","add":"darrenhallart, 16 Hendry Avenue, Denny, FK6 5ET","desc":"Art helps me to lose myself.\r\nMy art background started in 2009 with very detailed drawings using ink and also pencils. In 2016 I was bought some acrylic paints and I have developed from very dark and deep paintings to much more uplifting, energetic, loose paintings. They are full of colour and vibrancy creating my own unique style.\r\nI am a very prolific artist and I have an ever evolving gallery.","desc2":"\r\nMy art background started in 2009 with very detailed drawings using ink and pencil to create street drawings.\r\nIn 2016 I was bought some acrylic paints and I have developed from very dark and deep paintings to much more uplifting, energetic, loose paintings. They are full of colour and vibrancy, which in turn is creating my own unique loose style.\r\nI have found over the last year that beach and countryside scenes enrich the positive and energetic vibe I needed and wanted from painting. Every morning I wake full of gratitude to be able paint and I can\u2019t ever imagine my life without painting.\r\nThe inspiration for my artwork comes from being ill for so long and the need for hours away in nice thoughts. I still have mental and physical challenges every day but my home studio has me rushing to get started and to forget all of the negativity. \r\n\r\nMy paintings and drawings are rendered from memory, or a mixed collage of photos put together from somewhere in my complex thoughts, to finalise my vision.\r\nViewings to my studio and gallery are by appointment only please.","desc3":"","dir":"Coming from Denny Loanhead: At the new roundabout on Glasgow Road with Avant Homes placards, enter the site\/estate. \r\nAt the next roundabout left, first right, then follow the road down. On the right hand side after about 100m with fields in front.","fb":"http:\/\/www.facebook.com\/darren.hall.50115","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07546 067323","em":"dh.dennyart@gmail.com","wb":"http:\/\/www.dhdennyart.co.uk","fac":"nyynyyn","time":["12-5","-","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","12-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":52,"eid":"53","st":"53","rt":"3","lat":"56.02139326554499","lon":"-3.917627878573626","name":"Frances Chambers","srt":"","dis":"Printmaking, Drawing, Mixed Media","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"Chambers-Three-Golden-Hairs-2.jpg","imgs":"Chambers-The-blue-blanket.jpg,Chambers-Waiting-on-the-colour-to-take.jpg","add":"Little Pink Dog Artist Studio, 43 Wilson Avenue, Denny, Stirlingshire, FK6 6AJ","desc":"Showing a number of prints, drawings and mixed media works from my home studio where I am currently exploring themes of family, memory, relationships and identity. There will be a number of new works on display; coming from a very personal starting point I am sure the work will have a wider appeal.\r\n","desc2":"Getting back into making art after around 10 years away, I am thoroughly enjoying exploring different media in my work and although my work references very personal themes, these are by no means unique to my life and I hope would have some appeal to a wider audience.","desc3":"","dir":"From Denny Cross traffic lights turn into Duke Street, pass the post office on your left, take second left into Dryburgh Avenue Take first right into Wilson Avenue Venue is at the top of the hill.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/littlepinkdog\/","tw":"","ph":"01324 826518","mb":"07824 666544","em":"franchambers.fc@gmail.com","wb":"","fac":"nnynnnn","time":["12-5","12-5","12-5","-","-","12-7","12-7","12-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":53,"eid":"54","st":"54","rt":"3","lat":"55.9942995","lon":"-3.7939102000000275","name":"Elaine Petrie","srt":"","dis":"Jewellery","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"EPetrie-trees-1.jpg","imgs":"EPetrie_Antonine-Silver-4.jpg,EPetrie-studio.jpg","add":"Antonine Silver Jewellery, 60 Major's Loan, Falkirk, FK1 5QG","desc":"Elaine welcomes visitors to her home studio. Many of her pieces are one-of-a-kind and perfect for casual or dressy occasions. You can also sign up for one-to-one and small group workshops, making your own very personal piece of jewellery.\r\nElaine studied in Italy and Scotland, drawing ideas from Scottish landscape history and folklore. She works mainly in silver and pewter. Commissions welcome.\r\n","desc2":"Elaine enjoys working with different metals and semi-precious stones as well as natural materials such as slate. She gets much of her inspiration from walking along the canal towpath near her home and from sites along the Antonine Wall. Her successful Stepping Stone range was inspired by the stone foundations of the Wall, visible near her studio in Falkirk. As part of her own design journey, she 'followed' this path to Italy and studied jewellery design there in Milan in 2013. \r\n\r\nSince 2016 she has been a member of Falkirk Creative Collective, a group of local artists in different media who exhibit individually and collectively.\r\n","desc3":"Make A Ring Workshops\r\nwith Antonine Silver Jewellery\r\n\u00a340 for a 3 hour workshop- materials provided\r\nMonday 11 June 2.00-5.00 pm\r\nWednesday 13 June 2.00-5.00 pm\r\nTea\/coffee provided.\r\nOther dates\/times and workshop projects available on request from antoninesilver@gmail.com\r\n","dir":"From town centre: Follow signs for Community Hospital (Major's Loan entrance) then continue up hill to last house on left at junction with Gartcows Road. From Falkirk High Station: cross car park, turn right down Drossie Road to Major's Loan.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/antonine.silver","tw":"","ph":"01324 637629","mb":"07974 423023","em":"antoninesilver@gmail.com","wb":"http:\/\/www.antoninesilver.com","fac":"nnynnny","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":54,"eid":"55","st":"55","rt":"3","lat":"55.99831119815982","lon":"-3.783869010381295","name":"Susan Wade-French","srt":"","dis":"Ceramics, Painting, Drawing","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"S-Wade-French.jpg","imgs":"S-Wade-French-1.jpg,S-Wade-French-3.jpg","add":"Bean Row Pottery, 3 Bean Row, Falkirk, FK1 1PH","desc":"Falkirk's woodlands, canals and nearby coastline provide me with a constant source of inspiration reflecting seasonal change and nature's relationship with the historic town, agriculture and historical heritage. Hand building and wheel thrown techniques are used to create a variety of art works such as low relief wall hangings, sculptures, jewellery and domestic ware.","desc2":"From her workshop in one of Falkirk's oldest market streets, Susan creates unique hand built ceramic art inspired by nature, Scotland's landscapes, plant and wildlife expressed using creative clay work techniques.\r\n\r\nFollowing studies in Art and Design at Falkirk. Susan specialized in Ceramics at Glasgow School of Art, going onto Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen to study ceramics for a further year. She has taught a variety of art skills to a wide range of age groups and abilities. Her pottery skills are now being enjoyed by enthusiasts both young and old through a range of courses, activities and events.\r\n\r\nHer immediate enviroment continues to inspire as she explores and develops new art work often combining clay with found materials, or incorporating clay with acrylics on canvas.\r\n\r\nRecent projects include her Shores of the Forth exhibition in 2017, commissions for the RSPB and Inner Forth Landscape Initiative, work with community groups, organizations, festivals and events. \r\n","desc3":"","dir":"Bean Row Pottery is located just off Falkirk High Street in between Kings Court and the Cow Wynd.","fb":"https:\/\/m.facebook.com\/Bean-Row-Pottery-Falkirk","tw":"","ph":"01324 227676","mb":"","em":"","wb":"","fac":"nyynnyn","time":["10-5","-","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","-"],"addArtists":""},{"id":55,"eid":"56","st":"56","rt":"3","lat":"56.002760517635274","lon":"-3.778996467590332","name":"Nikki Monaghan","srt":"","dis":"Painting","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"NMonaghan.jpg","imgs":"DSCN7472.jpg,DSCN7442.jpg","add":"Nikki Monaghan Artist, 3 Park Street, Falkirk, FK1 !RE","desc":"Nikki Monaghan is a graduate of the Scottish College of Textiles. Her diverse range of work includes landscapes, seascapes, figures and animals, painted on both large and small scale canvas.\r\n\r\nShe exhibits throughout the UK and undertakes commissions both at home and abroad. Her work has appeared in magazines and through publishers.\r\n","desc2":"Nikki works from her home studio and also has a range of printed products.","desc3":"","dir":"From A803 e\/b take 2nd exit at r\/b next to Post office onto Park St. Veer right to park at Weir St car park. From A803 w\/b take 3rd exit at r\/b onto Park St. Veer right to Weir St car park. Free parking at Central Retail Park a few mins walk away.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/Nikki-Monaghan-Artist-195527433863564\/","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07971 085204","em":"hello@nikkimonaghan.co.uk","wb":"http:\/\/www.nikkimonaghan.co.uk","fac":"nnynnnn","time":["12-7","12-7","5-7","5-7","12-7","5-7","5-7","12-7","12-7"],"addArtists":""},{"id":56,"eid":"57","st":"57","rt":"3","lat":"55.99443909999999","lon":"-3.76725620000002","name":"The Park Gallery","srt":"","dis":"Photography","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"ParkGallery.jpg","imgs":"","add":"Callendar House, Callendar Park, Falkirk, FK1 1YR","desc":"\u2018Growing Old Competitively\u2019 showcases Alex Rotas\u2019 photographs of inspiring older athletes. The exhibition will appeal to those interested in photography and anyone interested in athletics, physical activity and in looking optimistically and joyfully at so called \u2018old age\u2019. The exhibition challenges stereotypes about ageing. ","desc2":"As photographs, the images are fantastic - beautifully composed, timed and lit. As subjects they are truly inspiring.\r\n\r\n\u201cI started turning my attention to older competitive sportsmen and women, partly because I was becoming one myself. From looking at visual images, critiquing them and bemoaning the absence of positive pictures of older people focused and actively absorbed in their lives, I found myself thinking that these were the kinds of pictures I\u2019d like to try to take and make myself.\u201d ~~Dr Alex Rotas","desc3":"","dir":"Falkirk is served by 2 railway stations, Falkirk High and Falkirk Grahamston, and regular bus connections. By Car: From Edinburgh: Follow M9 westbound. From Glasgow Follow M80\/A80 east bound then follow brown and white signs for Callendar House.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01324 503772","mb":"","em":"gillian.smith@falkirkcommunitytrust.org","wb":"http:\/\/www.falkirkcommunitytrust.org","fac":"nnynynn","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","-","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":57,"eid":"58","st":"58","rt":"3","lat":"55.9766848","lon":"-3.6165192999999363","name":"Embroidery & Textile Tutors Scotland","srt":"","dis":"Textiles, Mixed Media, Glass","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"Charlton_blue.jpg","imgs":"Charlton_violet.jpg,Charlton_studio.jpg","add":"ETTS (Embroidery & Textile Tutors Scotland), 26 Highfield Crescent, Linlithgow, EH49 7BG","desc":"We are a group of textile artists who also teach throughout Scotland under ETTS (Embroidery and Textile Tutors Scotland). Each of us can teach anything from basic techniques to developing finished artwork. We will be taking bookings for forthcoming classes in the area and also showcasing our own individual work.","desc2":"","desc3":"We will be providing demonstrations throughout the week of free machine embroidery, hand stitch and printing. ","dir":"Westbound from Linlithgow High St\/station - along High St, past West Port Hotel on your right. Straight through mini roundabout. Over brow of hill turn right at post box into Highfield Ave. Straight to top of hill, turn right. No26. Studio round back","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01506 845902","mb":"07990 686910","em":"jane_charlton@yahoo.co.uk","wb":"https:\/\/etts.org.uk","fac":"nynynny","time":["10-7","10-5","-","12-5","-","12-5","10-7","10-7","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":58,"eid":"59","st":"59","rt":"3","lat":"56.0149684","lon":"-3.595879200000013","name":"Anne Rooney","srt":"","dis":"Textiles, Mixed Media","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"","imgs":"Rooney_Time.jpg.jpg,IMG_0497.jpg","add":"Douglaslea, 38 Grange Terrace, Bo\u2019ness, EH51 9DS","desc":"Anne Rooney is a textile artist whose interest started with patchwork and quilting, led to colour and design and then dyeing and printing fabric. This contributes now to her mixed media pieces. ","desc2":"","desc3":"","dir":"EH51 9DS Take the A993 along Grahamsdyke Road and drive straight. From Grangemouth take left into Grahamsdyke Avenue. From Linlithgow turn right into Grahamsdyke Avenue. At the T junction turn left. No 38 is 4th house after the church. ","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07976 325605","em":"","wb":"","fac":"yynnnnn","time":["12-5","12-5","-","-","12-5","-","12-5","12-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":59,"eid":"60","st":"60","rt":"3","lat":"56.01495340708438","lon":"-3.595632436770643","name":"Dianne Lamont","srt":"","dis":"Textiles, Printmaking","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"image-e1522244765542.jpg","imgs":"IMG_0497.jpg","add":"Douglaslea, 38 Grange Terrace, Bo\u2019ness, EH51 9DS","desc":"Dianne Lamont's textile work arises out of keeping sketchbooks of travel and other experiences. A need to understand design has resulted in pieces of work in which fabric, paper and felt are over printed.\r\n","desc2":"","desc3":"","dir":"EH51 9DS Take the A993 along Grahamsdyke Road and drive straight. From Grangemouth take left into Grahamsdyke Avenue. From Linlithgow turn right into Grahamsdyke Avenue. At the T junction turn left. No 38 is 4th house after the church. ","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07976 325605","em":"","wb":"","fac":"yynnnnn","time":["12-5","12-5","-","-","12-5","-","12-5","12-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":60,"eid":"61","st":"61","rt":"4","lat":"56.05565884344665","lon":"-3.63035146542893","name":"Lindsey Marchant & Camilla Garrett-Jones","srt":"","dis":"Jewellery, Ceramics","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"IMG_4657.jpg","imgs":"IMG_2759.jpg,D5D956B8-7642-4320-B5C2-A7A19333BA8E.jpeg","add":"Greengate Gallery + Culross Pottery, Sandhaven, Culross, KY12 8JG","desc":"Greengate Gallery and Culross Pottery are together under one roof with Biscuit Cafe showcasing their own jewellery and pottery alongside other contemporary Scottish art and crafts. \r\n","desc2":"Lindsey makes colourful silver enamelled jewellery drawing inspiration from Chinese art and culture. Her current work incorporates simplified and abstracted shapes to be found in particular on painted chinese ceramics and she continues to develop her love of colour through the enamelling process.\r\n\r\nCamilla throws and handbuilds functional and decorative stoneware pottery using found objects and fauna to print onto the clay. Her work is mostly fired in a gas reduction kiln, and recently inspired by the concept of wabi sabi and her trip to the potteries of Japan.","desc3":"","dir":"Come to the main square and village green and you'll find us tucked between the Palace and the Townhouse. Closest parking is in the West carpark 50 yds away with disabled parking directly outside the gallery.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/greengategallery","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07590 927603","em":"greengategallery@gmail.com","wb":"http:\/\/www.culrosspottery.com","fac":"yyynynn","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":61,"eid":"62","st":"62","rt":"4","lat":"56.125049333231054","lon":"-3.5194873809814453","name":"Marylla Ferguson","srt":"","dis":"Drawing, Painting, Printmaking","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"IMG_0913.jpg","imgs":"IMG_0887.jpg","add":"Drumfrosk, 25 Bridge Street, Saline, Fife, KY12 9TS","desc":"Pen and ink pictures, framed and unframed, watercolours, pastels and oils will all be on display, as I am currently working on a series depicting transition between thought and action, light and dark, etc.\r\n","desc2":"You are sure of a warm welcome at this studio where you can see my wok and discuss ideas and methods. Marylla was invited to exhibit in several galleries last year and has a few projects on the go for this one.","desc3":"","dir":"Saline is on the B913 Dollar to Dunfermline road. Turn down North Road and immediately turn right into Bridge Street. Drumfrosk Studio is the last house on your left.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/maryllaferguson","tw":"","ph":"01383 851868","mb":"","em":"maryllaferguson@gmail.com","wb":"","fac":"yyynnnn","time":["12-7","12-7","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-7","12-7"],"addArtists":""},{"id":62,"eid":"63","st":"63","rt":"4","lat":"56.12512109390846","lon":"-3.5164833068847656","name":"Bernie Harling","srt":"","dis":"Glass","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"","imgs":"IMG_0977.jpg","add":"Drumfrosk, 25 Bridge Street, Saline, Fife, KY12 9TS","desc":"Bernie works in fused glass showing a range of work. She will be demonstrating how she works and will encourage visitors to have a go.\r\n\r\nCards, jewellery and larger works will be on show.","desc2":"Bernie also works from her home studio where she has a kiln. She is happy to discuss her work and is offering visitors the chance to create something unique.","desc3":"Bernie Harling is offering two 2hr demonstrations on creating fused glass items. These will take place on Ssunday 10th from 3 - 5pm and Saturday 16th from 3 - 5 \r\nThese will be suitable for children. Children under 10 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.","dir":"Saline is on the B913 Dollar to Dunfermline road. Turn down North Road and immediately turn right into Bridge Street. Drumfrosk Studio is the last house on your left.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01383 851868","mb":"","em":"maryllaferguson@gmail.com","wb":"","fac":"yyynnny","time":["12-7","12-7","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-7","12-7"],"addArtists":""},{"id":63,"eid":"64","st":"64","rt":"4","lat":"56.16236367678175","lon":"-3.7080881041991915","name":"Lucy Campbell","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"FullSizeRender-20.jpg","imgs":"where-the-north-wind-sings-2.jpg,FullSizeRender-78.jpg","add":"Whitelawhead Cottages, 1 Whitelawhead Cottage, Harviestoun Estate, Dollar, FK14 7PX","desc":"Painter\/illustrator - My work is part allegorical, part figurative, part magical realism, part surrealist\/symbolic. \r\nI will be offering the public a rare opportunity to buy original works on paper from my sketchbooks, as well as larger original pieces, limited edition prints, cards. If I'm feeling brave enough and there is interest, I may do the odd talk\/workshop...","desc2":"Born in Perth 1977, currently living in the Ochils with my two boys and various animals. A rural lass at heart, I returned to Scotland after 11 years living in Brighton and Barcelona, to reconnect with my roots and be closer to the hills (and family) once more. \r\n\r\nMy love of the wild, both inner and outer, is expressed through the interplay between man (or more often woman) and beast. There is great healing to be found by connecting with wild nature, animals, our 'shadows' and symbolism; all my work flows from this belief.","desc3":"Sat 9th 5 - 7pm Join me for a refreshment and some nibbles. My space is small and parking limited, so it would be great to have an idea of how many people are likely to come; a phone call, email or text to let me know you're coming would be most appreciated. \r\n\r\nThurs 14th and Fri 15th \r\n11am - 2pm I'll be offering some very relaxed workshops teaching drawing\/painting\/mark-making and observational techniques; the aim will be to free up your hands, eyes and minds to open pathways to creativity and fun, and weather-permitting there may be some outdoor sketching; please bring a sketchbook and appropriate clothing. Space is limited so booking essential - some basic materials will be provided, but bring anything you particularly like to use, or want to experiment with! Tea\/coffee & cake on me ;-)\r\n\u00a320 ","dir":"Harviestoun Farm can be entered from the A91 from both Tillicoultry and Dollar sides. 250 characters is not enough to give detailed directions, so please contact me by email (lucy.campbell@lupiart.com) or mobile (07809 691757) prior to visit.\r\n","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/LupiArt\/","tw":"https:\/\/twitter.com\/lupiloon","ph":"01259 750562","mb":"07809 691757","em":"lucy.campbell@lupiart.com","wb":"http:\/\/www.lupiart.com\/","fac":"ynynnny","time":["10-7","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","10-7","10-7","10-7","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":64,"eid":"65","st":"65","rt":"4","lat":"56.1164509744125","lon":"-3.7968902296386204","name":"Monika Alff","srt":"","dis":"Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"","imgs":"received_724120841123983.jpeg","add":"Studio 12 Marcelle House, 6 Marshill, Makers Village Annexe , Alloa, FK10 1AB","desc":"ScotGerm Collective mix their approaches to capture the energy of rolling stones across fixed terrain. Influenced by Scottish and German origins, derenz and Monika Alff enjoy the art of turning the improbable into the possible using a wide variety of materials. Both artists look forward to welcoming you to Studio 12 in Marcelle House and they hope to hold ad-hoc demonstrations as time allows.","desc2":"","desc3":"derenz and Monika Alff may run ad-hoc workshops before 12 noon if interest is expressed, eg working with alcohol inks. Check Facebook pages nearer the time.","dir":"Access roads from A907 or B9096 into large car park approx 100 yards from Alloa Town Hall. Bus stops at Town Hall and by Peppes. Entry to Marcelle House from Marshill (stepped)! Train station 5 minutes walk. Stuck at front door - text 07896 992248.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/monika.alff.1","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07864 312483","em":"almonika@hotmail.com","wb":"","fac":"ynynnny","time":["12-5","12-5","-","-","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":65,"eid":"66","st":"66","rt":"4","lat":"56.1164330302121","lon":"-3.7966917461715184","name":" derenz","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Mixed Media, Alcohol inks on tile","othr":"y","disID":"","img":"Mountain-art-2-2.jpg","imgs":"","add":"Studio 12 Marcelle House, 6 Marshill, Makers Village Annexe , ALLOA, FK10 1AB","desc":"ScotGerm Collective mix their approaches to capture the energy of rolling stones across fixed terrain. Influenced by Scottish and German origins, Monika Alff and derenz enjoy the art of turning the improbable into the possible using a wide variety of materials. Both artists look forward to welcoming you to Studio 12 in Marcelle House and they hope to hold ad-hoc demonstrations as time allows.","desc2":"","desc3":"derenz and Monika Alff may run ad-hoc workshops before 12 noon if interest is expressed, eg working with alcohol inks. Check Facebook pages nearer the time.","dir":"Access roads from A907 or B9096 into large car park approx 100 yards from Alloa Town Hall. Bus stops at Town Hall and by Peppes. Entry to Marcelle House from Marshill (stepped)! Train station 5 minutes walk. Stuck at front door - text 07896 992248.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07896 992248","em":"derenzalloa@gmail.com","wb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/derenzdraw","fac":"ynynnny","time":["12-5","12-5","-","-","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},[["Alff","Monika Alff","65","Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media","4",""],["Anderson","Alison Anderson","50","Ceramics, Painting, Photography","2","A.Anderson-painting1.jpg"],["Aylott","Irene Aylott","6","Textiles, Painting, Felt crafts","1","Tillyrie-Crafts-brochure-Final.jpg"],["Bainbridge","Justine Bainbridge","45","Painting, Drawing","2","JBainbridge_Glass1.jpg"],["Black ","April Black ","35","Painting, Printmaking, Mixed Media, Textiles","2","two.jpg"],["Blue Roof Gallery","Blue Roof Gallery","27","Mixed Media, Painting, Photography","2","RowenaLaing_Jan2018.jpg"],["Bremner","Lauren Bremner","48","","2","LBremner_Linlithgow-Boats.jpg"],["Britton","Amy Britton","23","","1","IMG_7282.jpg"],["Brown","Stewart Brown","16","Card Making, Painting, Mixed Media","1","SBROWN_Stu-the-cat.jpg"],["Brown","Lorna Brown","15","Painting, Fly Tying","1",""],["Campbell","Jane Campbell","42","Painting, Jewellery","2","Jane_Campbell_Leaving_Home-1.jpg"],["Campbell","Lucy Campbell","64","Glass","4","FullSizeRender-20.jpg"],["Camphill @Dunblane Library","Camphill @Dunblane Library","8","Mixed Media, Painting, Drawing","1","20171027_155202.jpg"],["Camphill Blair Drummond","Camphill Blair Drummond","46","Glass, Textiles, Painting","2","Andrea-Peters-Camphill-Felt-Picture.jpg"],["Central Scotland School of Jewellery","Central Scotland School of Jewellery","13","Painting, Drawing, Giftware ","1","20170321_1047531.jpg"],["Chambers","Frances Chambers","53","Painting, Drawing, Textiles","3","Chambers-Three-Golden-Hairs-2.jpg"],["Chapman Campbell","Robin Chapman Campbell","43","Painting, Mixed Media","2","IMG-0670.jpg"],["Cheadle","May Cheadle","29","Painting, Drawing, Weaving","2","Sheila-Cowtan-basktmaker.jpg"],["Cowtan","Katherine Cowtan","28","Painting","2","Katherine-Cowtan-Path-to-Playpark-cropped.jpg"],["Davies","Rachel Davies","4","Mixed Media, Painting, Drawing","1","RDavies_Mosaics.jpg"],["Dean","Gwen Dean","5","Mosaic, Glass, Jewellery","1",""],["derenz"," derenz","66","Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture","4","Mountain-art-2-2.jpg"],["Dick","Rosellen Dick","51","Mixed Media, Textiles, Photography","2","FB3A23B3-CF9F-4DAA-AF14-F9032DC6142E-e1522242675918.jpeg"],["Douglas","Marion Douglas","18","Painting, Drawing, Printmaking","1","hootswood-photo1.jpg"],["Dow","Jill Dow","37","","2","WMS_Exterior.jpg"],["Drury","Mark Drury","41","Jewellery, Sculpture","2","MarkDrury.jpg"],["Dunblane Art Club","Dunblane Art Club","9","","1","STORM-1.jpg"],["Embroidery & Textile Tutors Scotland","Embroidery & Textile Tutors Scotland","58","Photography","3","Charlton_blue.jpg"],["Escombe","Shonah Escombe","32","Painting, Drawing","2","780A1315-FF9A-4C04-B9A0-AE91667D632E.jpeg"],["Ferguson","Marylla Ferguson","62","Jewellery, Ceramics","4","IMG_0913.jpg"],["Flanders Moss Nature Reserve","Flanders Moss Nature Reserve","36","Mixed Media, Woodwork","2","P10100081.jpg"],["Garrett-Jones","Camilla Garrett-Jones","61","Textiles, Printmaking","4","IMG_4657.jpg"],["Gill","Laura Gill","11","Painting, Drawing, Printmaking","1","3EFB956C-92B3-406E-9840-F8F6DCC5A941-e1519671906670.jpeg"],["GOSSIP","GOSSIP","47","","2","23130892_902768499888159_5077103613567627906_n-1.jpg"],["Greenman","Barbara Greenman","37","","2","WMS_Exterior.jpg"],["Griffin","Patricia Griffin","34","Jewellery, Glass","2","2017-02-20-149.jpg"],["Hall","Darren Hall","52","Painting, Mixed Media, Photography","3","IMG_4055.jpg"],["Hansen","Lys Hansen","1",null,"1","Lys1-1.jpg"],["Harling","Bernie Harling","63","Drawing, Painting, Printmaking","4",""],["Hill","Sarah Hill","31","Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media","2","P1020800.jpg"],["Homfray","Yani Homfray","29","Painting, Drawing, Weaving","2","Sheila-Cowtan-basktmaker.jpg"],["hootswood","hootswood ","18","Painting, Drawing, Printmaking","1","hootswood-photo1.jpg"],["JudyJamJar","JudyJamJar ","32","Painting, Drawing","2","780A1315-FF9A-4C04-B9A0-AE91667D632E.jpeg"],["JudyJamJar Mosaics & More","JudyJamJar Mosaics & More","32","Painting, Drawing","2","780A1315-FF9A-4C04-B9A0-AE91667D632E.jpeg"],["Kay","Michael Kay","33","Mosaic, Jewellery, Glass","2","FVAB2018squares.jpg"],["Laing","Rowena Laing","27","Mixed Media, Painting, Photography","2","RowenaLaing_Jan2018.jpg"],["Lamont","Dianne Lamont","60","Textiles, Mixed Media","3","image-e1522244765542.jpg"],["Lindsey Marchant & Camilla Garrett-Jones","Lindsey Marchant & Camilla Garrett-Jones","61","Textiles, Printmaking","4","IMG_4657.jpg"],["Macdonald","Ros Macdonald","34","Jewellery, Glass","2","2017-02-20-149.jpg"],["Mackay","Mary Mackay","30","Willow Basketweaving, Painting, Mixed Media, Drawing, Canal Art","2","mackay_mixed-media.jpg"],["MacKintosh","Hannah MacKintosh","49","Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media","2","IMG_2084.jpg"],["Marchant","Lindsey Marchant","61","Textiles, Printmaking","4","IMG_4657.jpg"],["Martin","Gio Martin","17","Painting, Soft Pastels","1","IMG_20170930_151554_789.jpg"],["May Cheadle, Yani Homfray, Sheila Patrick","May Cheadle, Yani Homfray, Sheila Patrick","29","Painting, Drawing, Weaving","2","Sheila-Cowtan-basktmaker.jpg"],["McGibbon","Pam McGibbon","21","Mixed Media, Photography, Digital Art & Video","1","flowers.jpg"],["McKenzie","Tom McKenzie","14","","1","before-the-fishers-arrive.jpg"],["McKenzie van Baardwijk","Fiona McKenzie van Baardwijk","12","Painting, Drawing","1","IMG_8510.jpg"],["Mitchell","Maureen Mitchell","7","Textiles, Jewellery, Knitting","1","Mitchellcollage.jpg"],["Monaghan","Nikki Monaghan","56","Ceramics, Painting, Drawing","3","NMonaghan.jpg"],["Morison","Kathleen Morison","24","Textiles","1","kmorison.ceramics1.jpg"],["Mugdock Makkers","Mugdock Makkers","25","Ceramics","2","gallery-view-3.jpg"],["Park","Jacqui Park","18","Painting, Drawing, Printmaking","1","hootswood-photo1.jpg"],["Patrick","Sheila Patrick","29","Painting, Drawing, Weaving","2","Sheila-Cowtan-basktmaker.jpg"],["Petrie","Elaine Petrie","54","Printmaking, Drawing, Mixed Media","3","EPetrie-trees-1.jpg"],["Pollok","Charmian Pollok","37","","2","WMS_Exterior.jpg"],["Prince","Michael Prince","37","","2","WMS_Exterior.jpg"],["Pudelko","Jo Pudelko","40","Painting","2","1.01-low-res.jpeg"],["Rees","Darren Rees","37","","2","WMS_Exterior.jpg"],["Rooney","Anne Rooney","59","Textiles, Mixed Media, Glass","3",""],["Ros MacDonald & Patricia Griffin","Ros MacDonald & Patricia Griffin","34","Jewellery, Glass","2","2017-02-20-149.jpg"],["Rotas","Alex Rotas","57","Painting","3","ParkGallery.jpg"],["Sankey","Kate Sankey","37","","2","WMS_Exterior.jpg"],["Shalhope","Adelaide Shalhope","26","","2","GetAttachmentThumbnail-3-1.jpg"],["Shaw","Ann Shaw","20","Textiles, Printmaking, Painting","1","Shaw.zen_.jpg"],["Shaw Stewart","Judy Shaw Stewart","39","Painting","2","jstewart_wateringcan.jpg"],["Sowerby","Karen Ellis Sowerby","19","Woodwork, Mixed Media, Textiles, Painting","1","8A017760-61EC-4806-BBDE-B9CD5409936D.jpeg"],["Spencer","Hermione Spencer","44","Painting, Drawing","2","HSpencer.jpg"],["Spofforth-McOuat","Sarah Spofforth-McOuat","3","Sculpture, Ceramics, Painting","1","Spofforth1.jpg"],["The Art Collection","The Art Collection","22","Jewellery, Glass","1","pathfoot1.jpg"],["The Hut","The Hut","18","Painting, Drawing, Printmaking","1","hootswood-photo1.jpg"],["The Park Gallery","The Park Gallery","57","Painting","3","ParkGallery.jpg"],["Tristram","Graham Tristram","38","Mixed Media, Weaving, Drawing, Printmaking, Painting, found objects, 3D installations, Ceramics, Jewellery, Photography","2","Tristram-1.jpg"],["Wade-French","Susan Wade-French","55","Jewellery","3","S-Wade-French.jpg"],["Welstead","Gillie Welstead","37","","2","WMS_Exterior.jpg"],["West Moss-side","West Moss-side","37","","2","WMS_Exterior.jpg"],["Wilson","Eileen Wilson","2","Painting, Drawing, Sculpture","1","WILSON-SSS-Angst-Lady.jpg"],["Yule","Libby Yule","10","","1","LYule_Wild-Flower-Meadow.jpg"]]]