June Carey at The Tolbooth

“Dreams and Visions”


by June Carey RSW RGI

3rd June– 9th July  2016

The Tolbooth Gallery, Jail Wynd, Stirling, FK8 1DE

The exhibition brings together a selection of work which has been inspired by different cultures throughout the world. Countries such as Malta, Mexico, India, Spain, Indonesia, Bali, Quebec, Italy, Cyprus and Poland, have all influenced the work in this exhibition.

June’s work is inspired by seeing and experiencing the new and unusual. Foreign travel offers her the opportunity and always inspires new work. When visiting another country June seek’s out objects which she is drawn to and have a strong feeling about. Never quite sure why she is drawn to a particular object, but am compelled to have it and take it home.  Eventually it will begin to appear in June’s work, but usually in a symbolic way, representing something else which comes from deep inside her subconscious mind.

June has collected many such objects over the years and surround myself with them in the studio. It helps to be able to touch them, see them close up and use them as a source for inspiration. The camera acts as a necessary companion on her travels and is an “aide memoire” for everything that intrigues. Usually take hundreds of photographs and select particular ones for the studio walls. This practice has repeated itself time and again, so June has now accepted that this is her way of doing research. Using this practice to gather new ideas for a new series of Scottish inspired work, by visiting some of Scotlands magnificent Castles, Museums and Palaces.

Recognition that the beliefs and values of other cultures have provided a foundation for June’s work, she hope that this exhibition will stimulate visual familiarity to some and offer a glimpse of a different culture to others, including her own. She would also hope to give an understanding of how an artist can be influenced by their surroundings, and how it can be a never- ending search for self-expression and conclusion.


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