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Christine McIver

Painting, Printmaking


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This is a working studio, with a small temporary exhibition space. It has double doors which provide a lovely flow of air in the summer. The artist will be continuing to work towards her next exhibition which will be primarily portraiture. There will also be work from 'Looking at Lillies'; floral still life and printmaking from an April 2022 exhibition. Techniques demonstrated on request.

Christine McIver graduated from Gray's in 1984 with a BA (Hons) in painting and printmaking She has been working and living in Stirling since then. Having moved on from teaching in 2019, she has had more time to further develop skills and explore projects of interest.
Pinning down a theme is not easy. Christine's drive comes from the enjoyment of the process; being lost in the flow. Life drawing and observational drawing was a big part of art training in the 80's and she still enjoys the challenges posed by shape and colour and line in all sorts of subject matter. The process of making art is a balancing act between the media, the subject matter and the artist. A love of book illustration and stories was also present from a very early age, and it was probably this interest which led into printmaking at Art college.
Her studio is separate from the house and has a small hanging space adjacent. Work from previous exhibitions; rockpools, lillies, immigration and a forth coming exhibition of portraiture and interiors from Bannockburn house, will all be available to see, the earlier work can be looked at on request. Techniques include painting in oil, acrylic, watercolour and printmaking using various media. Sketchbooks will be available and you are encouraged to rifle through them. She will demonstrate and explain any processes and techniques, that interest you.
For cyclists there will be a bicycle maintenace kit, oil and pump available and tea, coffee and cake for everyone.


Head east out of Stirling on A907, turn right towards Cambuskenneth then first left past Ricoh. By bicycle take route 76 out of the city centre through Riverside over footbridge to Cambuskenneth, continue out through village for 600m and turn right.


East Neuk
Ladysneuk Rd

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Mob: 07906518086
Email: [email protected]