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Lorna is a landscape inspired painter who paints regularly in her garden studio. She works with acrylic paints and inks to create loose representations of the stunning scenery she is surrounded by and experiences. Repeatedly drawing and painting the same scene leads to hidden structures being revealed and there is a growing preoccupation with how we make our mark on our landscape.

Lorna is a landscape inspired painter and much of her work is inspired by the stunning scenery she is surrounded by. She works predominantly with acrylic paint and ink.
Being outdoors is essential to Lorna’s process and she uses her sketchbook to record observations of the landscape, lochs, and coastlines that she experience. Lorna repeatedly draws and paints the same scene, looking to capture how the different elements: trees, water, and sky, alter depending on time, her mood, perspective, or the ever shifting weather. It is this repetition that gradually reveals a hidden structure to a landscape that we might not see on initial observation. There is a growing preoccupation with how the countryside has been shaped the form this takes. The further Lorna explores this subject the more she appreciates how the experience of living in a rural setting during childhood, then in a city, and back to the countryside has exacted a strong influence on her practice.

Lorna works regularly in her garden studio which has a great view of Dumgoyne and offers an easy connection with the outside.


My studio is located in Dumgoyne and if you are travelling away from Stirling on the A81, the lane to my garden studio is on the right hand side, turning before the Beech Tree Inn. House name 'Camallt' and postcode G63 9LA.


Lorna Mackay
G63 9LA

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