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willow weaving, Mixed Media, Printmaking, Photography, Painting, Drawing, animation, Ceramics


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The Collective 2022: Kate Sankey (weaving/twisting), Jessica Langford (botanical illustration), Michael Prince (art photography), Darren Rees (wildlife painting), Jill Sives (multi media/collage/prints) and Barbara Greenman (ceramics/printmaking). The West Moss-side Gallery and studio will once again be a space filled with our creative wildness and outside there is plenty to intrigue.

West Moss-side Collective 2022 is a group of six creative artists. Kate Sankey, founder and farmer, weaves with willow and other natural local materials - wall hangings of star moss, willow sculptures, woven field rush - all unexpected transformations. Jessica Langford, botanical illustrator finds that by isolating and enlarging details of a plant’s pattern and structure, a simple seed or leaf is transformed into something extraordinary. Michael Prince, photographer and film maker's work spans a wide variety of subjects that capture the essence of wild places and his pin-hole camera techniques combine traditional skills with an inspired eye. Jill Sives works with collected locally-grown plants to create dyes, pigments and papers to use within collage and assemblage. International Wildlife Artist of the Year 2021, Darren Rees's paintings capture the essence of wildness far and wide. Barbara Greenman, ceramicist and printmaker will be showing work exploring the colour palette of low fired clays. Work will include singleforms mixed media, assemblages and sketchbooks. Outside, there are willow fedges, sculptures and a labyrinth to be explored so bring strong footwear to fully enjoy your visit. To take home, there is organic Shetland beef. West Moss-side is also the home of Trossachs Yurts so why not make one of the yurts your base for the FVAB week. The hayloft is large and airy and a warm welcome awaits, with light refreshments and home baking.


Additional Events

Weaving & Rope Making Demonstrations:
Thursday 16th, Friday 17th and Saturday 18th 10.30am - 12.30pm

Kate Sankey will demonstrate weaving using materials collected from the farm (willow and field rush)and from Flanders Moss (star moss, purple moor grass,cotton grass and birch). She will tell the stories of their use in the past - rope making from cordage, bee skep making, baskets, fedging, fencing and garden structures. Try your hand at twisting star moss into cordage, braiding using field rush or a simple tension basket with willow. The demonstrations will take place


The West Moss-side Farm road is a LEFT turn with a sign, ¼ mile west of Thornhill on the A873 to Aberfoyle, just AFTER the end of the 40mph speed restriction. Turn left then follow the farm road to the RIGHT for a full mile to the road end.


West Moss-side
West Moss-side Organic Farm

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