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MacKintosh Artist in Residence


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About the Artist

Something intriguing here; an artist in a church. MacKintosh’s drawing, painting and ceramics respond to her own exploration of identity in today's global world. Her passions are the relationships between art, community and spirituality. There will be MacKintosh’s work alongside work of her students and colleagues from the church. Please visit the studio to talk about life in relation to the art.

MacKintosh has a degree in Painting and Sculpture from Lamar University, and a Masters from The University of Glasgow in Art, Politics, and Transgression in 20th Century Avant-Garde Art. MacKintosh seeks to engage the community of the church and the wider community with issues the world is facing today that are often not confronted. She also finds ways to involve the community in arts to help everyone reach their own creative potential.

Additional Events

June 10th, Saturday 7-9pm, Opening. This is an evening event to kick off the exciting week of Art Beat. Come and see the work, talk to all the artists, and have a chance to hear about the other events during the week.

June 15th, Thursday 7-9pm, Artist Talk. Come hear MacKintosh talk about the inspiration behind her current series, the issues it is addressing and what is coming next.

Date TBD, Day seminar about Artist in Residence in a Church. Come here from different artist working in churches about the what role they play within a church, and what their future goals are for creativity with in churches.


Straight up from the Railway Station. Enter through the blue doors in-between the Arcade and Cash Converters.


MacKintosh Artist in Residence
Stirling Baptist Church
61-63 Murray Place

Contact Details

Tel: 01786 450581
Email: [email protected], [email protected]