Open Studios 10-11 July, 10am-5pm

Jessica Langford, Michael Prince & Jill Sives

Botanical Illustration, Drawing, Printmaking, Photography, Mixed Media


About the Artist

West Moss-side Collective. Jessica Langford, Michael Prince, Darren Rees, Kate Sankey, Jill Sives.

The work by the Collective naturally unites in celebration of the world of plants and their anatomy. Jessica Langford observes the movement inherent in their growth and transformation, from seed to fruit. A microscope reveals a world of minute architecture, a seed head as a complex sculptural chamber with intricate mechanisms.
Michael Prince is a landscape photographer who works with a variety of film cameras and alternative techniques. During the lockdown Michael began photographing extreme close-ups of seed heads. The camera was loaded with sheets of photographic paper instead of film, allowing darkroom prints to be made from the paper negatives.
Jill Sives collects flora and geology to create paint, pigment and papers to use within her practice. Fascinated by colour, pattern and texture found in the natural world she places these elements alongside drawing and printmaking, juxtaposing ethereal objects with graphical line and colour to muse on our relationship to our surrounds.


The West Moss-side Farm road is a LEFT turn with a sign, ΒΌ mile west of Thornhill on the A873 to Aberfoyle, just AFTER the end of the 40mph speed restriction. Turn left then follow the farm road to the RIGHT for a full mile to the road end.


West Moss-side Farm
West Moss-side

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