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Charity McArdle

Painting, Drawing


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I trained at Chelsea School of Art and Middlesex Polytechnic many moons ago, where my discipline was abstract painting based around text. After a break from painting whilst raising a family and working as a teacher, I have begun to make expressive portraits and semi-abstract landscapes. I work predominately in oil on canvas.

In my work, there is a battle between image and surface, theme and representation. I attempt to see beyond the image on the surface to a theme or narrative that comes through the work. The subjects have come from, or are looking out towards something that cannot be known, except in the viewer's imagination. Working with oils allows me to make evident the story of the painting, as well as pointing to the narrative behind the image. Texture and gesture are visible, showing mood as well as process.
My studio (designed and built by Mark Worbey) is in my garden at the top of quite a few stairs. I am happy to bring work down to the house if that works better for you.
My main focus is on portraits and I have worked with commissions for the last three years.


The studio is in the back garden of the house, up some steep stairs (but I can bring work to you if you need me to). Ring bell or call 07881-025664 for entry.


The Meno-hut
26 Ledcameroch Gardens
FK15 0GZ

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Tel: 01786 824724
Mob: 07881 025664
Email: [email protected]