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Ceramics, made with the pure joy of working with clay. I love the versatility of clay so I embrace different styles and techniques. I particularly love alternative firing, raku and pit fires. Mainly I throw on the wheel but I also enjoy handbuilding. I call my work Wonky Pots as I embrace imperfections, making them look as beautiful as possible.

Walking disabled are welcome, no wheelchairs.

I started my journey with clay only five years ago by attending a weekly class but as my passion grew, this was insufficient. I went on courses and weekend workshops, learning more and was inspired to immerse myself deeper. Last year I got my own wee studio when we converted our garage.

I especially love alternative firing techniques such as pit firing and raku firing. It’s like Christmas morning when you open up the pit, not knowing what to expect, whether the pot survived the firing or not and what it looks like. Glazing is also something of an unknown and there can often be surprises when the kiln is opened after a glaze firing.

My pots vary enormously – some are evenly thrown, some thrown then altered, some are glazed, some burnished and fired alternatively, others are hand built and glazed, others hand built and rakued. Many of my pots are purely decorative whilst some are functional meaning they are food safe. Because I embrace the imperfect and see beauty in the unexpected, I call my pots Wonky Pots, though not all look wonky!

My pots are all made with love, joy, enthusiasm, delight and pride. If you should take one away with you, you get all that good energy too.

Additional Events

Raku firing event. Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June.
10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm each day.

Along with a friend, Christine Flynn, we will offer two days of raku firing in my driveway. We will demonstrate alternative firing techniques such as raku glazing, naked raku and horsehair/feathers. Participants may buy a pot for £10, decorate it in their chosen method, then we will do the firing with they remain at a safe distance.

Children must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult.


From Stirling Centre, take A9 towards University and Wallace Monument, into Causewayhead Road. Last on left is Easter Cornton Road. From Alloa, enter Causewayhead via Alloa Road, turn left at roundabout, first on right is Easter Cornton Road.


Wonky Pots
13 Easter Cornton Road

Contact Details

Mob: 07761 213 062
Email: [email protected]