Holger Mohaupt | the grass is getting long

the grass is getting long (artist-led cycle rides from Stirling Train Station) is an artist devised cycle route that draws upon the unique knowledge of local nature, the way we interact with landscape and the ephemeral experience of cycling. The title comes from a conversation the artist recently had with a local keen cyclist ‘by the way, the grass is getting long on the way to the peninsula.’

The route will follow the River Forth taking in some of the local architecture and social history, with aspects of food also featuring in the ride. Holger will introduce you to local fishermen, you will learn about foraging and have a picnic with homemade and locally sourced and produced food. Participants will have the opportunity to share stories about what role landscape, food and exercises like walking and cycling play and particularly so through recent times.

The journey will go along existing paths and at times will also go off the beaten track, with each of the two events taking the route in an opposite direction. (unsuitable for e-bikes)

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Sun 11th July 2pm & Sat 21st Aug 2pm – Join artist Holger Mohaupt for his led-cycle events from Stirling Railway Station

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