[{"id":0,"eid":"1","st":"1","rt":1,"lat":55.98405969999999,"lon":-4.308786799999999,"name":"Amanda Buchanan Hutchison ","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Mixed Media, Drawing","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"A28C6225-8917-4970-8886-F60E4B211CF4.jpeg","imgs":"A28C6225-8917-4970-8886-F60E4B211CF4.jpeg,6B9603A8-5CBC-4A69-9E1E-E323208C5260.jpeg,E66CE598-41A3-40D0-A65A-5CA246E674D1.jpeg","add":"Little Wren Studio, 26 Dumbrock Road, Strathblane, G63 9DQ","desc":"Original framed artwork, prints and greeting cards of animal portraits and landscapes in a range of mediums from watercolour to acrylic. This welcoming working studio is set in a small mature garden, in the foothills of the Campsie Fells. The countryside and creatures around Amanda are all the inspiration she needs.","desc2":"Amanda Buchanan Hutchison is a self taught artist hailing from an extended family of artists and sign writers. She lives in the beautiful countryside of Strathblane, in the foothills of the Campsie Fells. Based in her Little Wren Studio she produces many sought after pieces including abstract landscapes, dog and wildlife portraits. \r\n\r\nShe has an experts understanding of the anatomy and personality of dogs and animals due to her vast experience over many years working with them and showing her beloved Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Her landscapes portray her immersion in the countryside that she loves and roams everyday. \r\n\r\nAmanda\u2019s work can be found in many private collections all over the world and she has exhibited in various prestigious venues including ; solo exhibitions at the Mackintosh Club and the Edinburgh International Festival. Flexibility, innovation and artistic experience allows Amanda to produce sublime works that capture the immediate sense and feel of the subject.\r\n\r\nCommissions are welcome and are always considered.\r\n","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"From Glasgow-driving on the A81 to Strathblane turn left onto Dumbrock Road-venue is half way down the street on the right. \r\nFrom Stirling-driving through Blanefield\/Strathblane on A81 turn right onto Kirkburn Road and then right onto Dumbrock Road.","fb":"HTTPS:\/\/www.facebook.com\/Little-Wren-Studio","tw":"","ph":"07795154071","mb":"07795154071","em":"littlewrenstudio@hotmail.com","wb":"Https:\/\/www.littlewrenstudio.com","fac":"ynnnnnnn","time":["10-5","10-5","12-7","12-7","12-7","12-7","12-7","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":1,"eid":"2","st":"2","rt":1,"lat":56.01946778411305,"lon":-4.37349976058093,"name":"Lorna Mackay","srt":"","dis":"Painting","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"ADifferentLight.gif","imgs":"ADifferentLight.gif,AColdMorning.jpg,Mackayinstudio-scaled.jpeg","add":"Lorna Mackay Studio, Camallt, Dumgoyne, Glasgow, G63 9LA","desc":"","desc2":"Lorna is a landscape inspired painter based in Dumgoyne. It is this location, alongside her emotional connection with the environment that drives her work. \r\n\r\nBeing outdoors is essential to Lorna\u2019s process and she uses her sketchbook to record observations of the landscape, lochs, and coastlines that she experience. Lorna repeatedly draws and paints the same scene, looking to capture how the different elements: trees, water, and sky, alter depending on time, her mood, perspective, or the ever shifting weather. It is this repetition that gradually reveals a hidden structure to a landscape that we might not see on initial observation. There is a growing preoccupation with how the countryside has been shaped and the form this takes. The further Lorna explores this subject the more she appreciates how the experience of living in a rural setting during childhood, then in a city, and back to the countryside has exacted a strong influence on her practice. \r\n\r\nThe fluidity of the paint and ink used build a sense of chance and allow a freer interpretation of a landscape to evolve. This mirrors the aim of capturing an often fleeting visceral response to the natural world. As the painting progresses the sketchbook is no longer referenced and the memory of the place and feeling it evoked is of the most value. Lorna is drawn to the cool tones of the countryside but vibrant shots of colour add further energy and a sense of the impact and contrast of a human presence. ","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"My studio is located in Dumgoyne. If you are travelling away from Stirling on the A81, the lane to my garden studio is on the right hand side, turning before you get to the Beech Tree Inn. There is plenty of parking space. Go slow the lane is bumpy!","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/lornamackaystudio","tw":"","ph":"07787 954559","mb":"07787 954559","em":"lorna@lornamackaystudio.co.uk","wb":"https:\/\/www.lornamackaystudio.co.uk","fac":"ynnnnnnn","time":["10-5","10-5","12-7","12-5","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","12-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":2,"eid":"3","st":"3","rt":1,"lat":56.03339964299814,"lon":-4.387822152057197,"name":"art4you Scotland","srt":"","dis":"","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"art4you-Scotland-studio-scaled.jpg","imgs":"art4you-Scotland-studio-scaled.jpg,art4you-Scotland-abl-2023.jpg,art4you-Scotland-abl-2023P-scaled.jpg","add":"art4you Scotland, Oakwood Garden Centre, Killearn, G63 9PT","desc":"","desc2":"art4you Scotland - the friendly art school, studio and gallery. Located beside the Campsie Hills is this unique art place. Art4you Scotland began life in 2010 as an evening art class and has grown to a highly-regarded art school.\r\n\r\nThe art school now offers a wide range of art courses, from weekly painting, drawing, watercolour, ceramic, printmaking, portrait & life drawing classes to art holidays, kids classes, plus workshops, talks and more.\r\n\r\nAll materials are provided and the artists at art4you Scotland believe everyone can enjoy art. Students are given the freedom to express their creativity and encouraged to build up their confidence and self-believe.\r\n\r\nart4you Scotland has received a top award for best independent art school. The art school is run by artists Claudia Duncan and Ewen Duncan and a great team of teaching artists Amanda Buchanan-Hutchison, Frances Douglas, Jill Dow, Lorna Mackay and Sally Morrison specialising in various art techniques.\r\nart4you Scotland claimed the title of Best Independent Art School 2020 Scotland at UK Enterprise Awards.\r\n\r\nart4you Scotland has a permanent exhibition space showing work created by art4you Scotland students and artists. The key to art4you Scotland's success is making art accessible to all and allowing art and the creative process to be enjoyable. People come back because they enjoy what art4you Scotland provides and offers.\r\n\r\n\r\n","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"From Stirling:\r\nFollow A811 till it ends to a crossroad. Turn left onto A81 and follow till Oakwood Garden Centre roundabout. \r\nfrom Glasgow:\r\nAnniesland Cross > Bearsden > Milngavie -> Strathblane. Follow A81 from Strathblane for 4.5m till Oakwood RA.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/art4youScotland\/","tw":"https:\/\/twitter.com\/art4youscotland?lang=es","ph":"","mb":"07981 768 081","em":"info@art4youscotland.co.uk","wb":"https:\/\/art4youscotland.co.uk\/","fac":"yynnnnnn","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-7","10-7","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":3,"eid":"4","st":"4","rt":1,"lat":56.07108615668956,"lon":-4.415694041886009,"name":"Cairnlea Art & Jaggy Thistle Stained Glass","srt":"","dis":"Mixed Media, Glass","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"Jaggy-Thistle-Stained-Glass1-.jpg","imgs":"Jaggy-Thistle-Stained-Glass1-.jpg,20230131_140405.jpg,iLynn-Terry-newimg.jpeg","add":"Cairnlea Art, Gartacharn Road, Balfron Station, Glasgow, G63 0NG","desc":"On entering the studio you will find a selectition of paintings from landscapes, seascapes and abstracts, something for everyone. The stained glass work is all original, from the design to the manufacturing, it is top quality craftsmanship.\r\nAlso a warm welcome, a wee cuppa and a chat.\r\n","desc2":"Cairnlea Art:\r\nLynn has always been very artistic and has transferred her talents and passion to painting. She has been professionally painting for the last 10 years. Lynn is highly skilled in working with a variety of mixed mediums and different techniques. Her original designs and creations comprise of still life, Scottish sea and landscape paintings etc She also paints an array of colourful unique abstract work. Lynn's artwork is gaining presence in local galleries and art outlets. Her work is continuing to be respected and recognised as fine art. Lynn also works on privately commissioned pieces where she has a high number of clients.\r\n\r\nJaggy Thistle Stained Glass:\r\nLeigh has been a Stained Glass designer for over 30 years. Her passion can be seen in her original and beautiful designs, all of which can be seen in her attention to detail and the very high standard of craftsmanship that she works to. The variety of interior decor items includes..hanging panels\/ suncatchers. Candle holders. Scottish themed landscapes & large door\/ window panels, custom bespoke lamps, and wildlife panels. Commission\u2019s are sent worldwide.","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"From Drymen on the A811 pass Fraser Robbs, 1 mile on, turn right into Gartacharn Road (its signposted) we are the first house on the left. From Stirling follow the A811 towards Drymen\/Erskine Bridge, 2 miles from Ballat crossroads. Turn left. \r\n","fb":"https:\/\/www.Facebook.com\/cairnleaart","tw":"","ph":"07779 135384","mb":"","em":"cairnleaart@gmail.com","wb":"","fac":"yynnnnnn","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-7","10-7","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":4,"eid":"5","st":"5","rt":1,"lat":56.073154050885826,"lon":-4.341694806884768,"name":"Frances Douglas","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Watercolour ","othr":"y","disID":"","img":"F-Douglas-1-Play-of-Light-Landscape-jpeg.jpeg","imgs":"F-Douglas-1-Play-of-Light-Landscape-jpeg.jpeg,F-Douglas-Dumgoyne-in-Snow-2-jpeg-scaled.jpeg,F-Douglas-Work-in-Progress-3-jpeg.jpeg","add":"The Gables, Station Road, Balfron, G63 0SX","desc":"Working from her bright and airy kitchen studio Frances is an artist and tutor who uses watercolour in a traditional way to respond to inspiration from the changing seasons and landscapes. She focuses mainly on colour and light in scenery and enjoys using the paint in a loose and expressive way. Frances is passionate about watercolour and loves to share her enthusiasm for this captivating medium.","desc2":"A graduate in Interior Design from Edinburgh College of Art, Frances\u2019 practice has evolved to encompass a broad spectrum of creative arts. Her interest in the use of visual art and the creative process as a tool to enhance people's lives has led her to work with various vulnerable groups.\r\n\r\nFrances also has extensive experience in teaching and leading creative workshops in the community and in recent years has enjoyed sharing her love of watercolour by teaching weekly classes and weekend workshops to inspire others.\r\n\r\nFrances is now finding time to develop her own work in watercolour. She works outside initially, gathering information and making quick sketches before bringing things together in the studio. Although she will have a vision of how the finished painting might look she will go with the sometimes unexpected flow of the watercolour, often with exciting results. Frances uses a limited colour palette to create harmony and loose brush strokes to keep the painting lively. Resisting the urge to fiddle with perceived 'mistakes', she likes to make the most of happy accidents and her mantra for painting in watercolour is \u2018less is more\u2019. This approach to her work helps her to capture the gorgeous transparency so characteristic of watercolour and keeps her paintings fresh and bright.\r\nFrances will be exhibiting a mixture of framed and mounted original watercolours and cards. She will also show a selection of artist books and display her sketchbooks and working materials.","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"Approaching from Balfron village turn on to Station Road and The Gables is the third last house on the left hand side. Approaching from Balfron Station, The Gables is the third house on the right hand side as you enter Balfron. Look out for bunting. ","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/francesdouglasartist","tw":"","ph":"01360 440810","mb":"07901 336305","em":"frances@francesdouglas.co.uk","wb":"https:\/\/www.francesdouglas.co.uk","fac":"nnnnnnnn","time":["10-7","10-7","10-7","10-7","10-7","10-7","10-7","10-5",""],"addArtists":""},{"id":5,"eid":"6","st":"6","rt":1,"lat":56.1154023,"lon":-4.2949578,"name":"Georgia Boyd","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"Georgia-Boyd-Lucy-Ava-scaled.jpg","imgs":"Georgia-Boyd-Lucy-Ava-scaled.jpg,Georgia-Boyd-.jpg,Georgia-Boyd.-Studio--scaled.jpg","add":"Lomond Studio, Lomond, Taylor Place, Station Rd, Buchlyvie, FK83NA","desc":"Following on from last year, there will be figurative work and scenes from nature in this year's open studio. Colour and light are a continuing theme along with the human figure, portraiture and a celebration of nature. Alongside this. expect to see some new and quite different abstract pieces that are in progress. ","desc2":"Georgia's art practice began with pencil portrait commissions a number of years ago and since 2020 has expanded into oil painting, figurative, landscape and natural subject matter. She was longlisted for the Scottish Portrait Awards 2022 and is currently continuing her practice with a focus on themes of motherhood and connection. As well as figurative work, she is fascinated with the natural world, trees, light and colour. Another area of work that is currently being explored is abstract imagery, which although quite a departure from the more representative paintings, nonetheless echo their focus on light. colour and organic forms. ","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"Lomond studio sits at the end of the garden of Lomond House. Turn off the high street onto Station Rd. The first houses on your left are Lomond and its neighbour. Walk up the lane beside Lomond to the second gate and the studio is just behind it.","fb":"www.facebook.com\/Georgia Boyd Artist","tw":"","ph":"01360 850027","mb":"0772 059 3078","em":"georgia.boyd@hotmail.co.uk","wb":"https:\/georgiaboydart.com","fac":"yynnnnnn","time":["10-5","10-5","","","12-5","12-5","12-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":6,"eid":"7","st":"7","rt":1,"lat":56.0733884,"lon":-4.254906500000001,"name":"Yani Homfray","srt":"","dis":"Mixed Media, Painting, Drawing","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"YHomfray-Pink-Roses-and-White-Tulips-scaled.jpeg","imgs":"YHomfray-Pink-Roses-and-White-Tulips-scaled.jpeg,Homfray-Fishing-Net-scaled.jpg,Homfray-1-scaled.jpeg","add":"Hill of Balgair Art Studio, Nr. Balfron, Balgair Road, Glasgow, G63 0QF","desc":"Yani works at home in her studio, from the photographs to sketch book as starting points for a way of painting. Her current artworks mainly use acrylic, ink, watercolour and mixed media. The colours, textures and shapes conjure up different moods and the play of light and shadows suggest a bold and bright style.\r\n","desc2":"Yani was born and raised in Indonesia. She moved to the UK in 2005, first to Swansea, South Wales, and then, in 2013, to Scotland.\r\n\r\nYani began learning to draw and paint at a very young age. Moving to the UK has given her more time to explore her art and develop her distinctive style.\r\n\r\nOver the past few years, her artwork has moved from realistic to impressionist. Yani's artworks mainly use acrylic, ink, watercolour, and mixed media. Her powerful, confident artworks use strong and vibrant colours, and dynamic composition. \r\n\r\nPhotographs and sketches are used as starting points for a way of painting which is exploratory and intuitive, the painting develops throughout the process.\r\n\r\nYani paints a variety of subjects, including street scenes, landscape, flowers and nature. The colours, textures and shapes conjure up different moods and the play of light and shadows suggest a bold and bright style for dramatic results. She is an active member of the Drymen Art Club and the Creative in Callander.\r\n\r\nLimited edition prints and cards are also available on a selected number of her original paintings.\r\n\r\nFind out more: Hill of Balgair Art Studio by Yani Homfray. \r\nwww.balgairartstudio.com\r\n","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"From Stirling take the (A81) left turn through Kippen road and toward Fintry, over the hill past Balafark Farm on the B822, turn to right to single track road, and follow the over the hill. The Studio is on the left side ( White House). ","fb":"http:\/\/www.facebook.com\/YaniHomfray","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07525647775","em":"balgairartstudio@gmail.com","wb":"https:\/\/www.balgairartstudio.com","fac":"yynnnnnn","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","12-5","12-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":7,"eid":"8","st":"8","rt":1,"lat":56.07592024682081,"lon":-4.255983434954309,"name":"Iona Buchanan","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Giclee Prints, Preserved Moss Panels","othr":"y","disID":"","img":"Tulip-Queen-of-the-Night.jpg","imgs":"Tulip-Queen-of-the-Night.jpg,hare-sitting-mini-cropped.jpg,Iona-Buchanan-painting-cyclamen-scaled.jpg","add":"Loaningside, Lernock Road, Balfron, G63 0QF","desc":"Iona's first love is Botanical Illustration, although she now paints a wide range of wildlife, including the hares & birds that live in her garden. She works with traditional watercolour techniques and places great importance on close attention to detail to capture the essence of her subjects. Her inspiration comes mostly from her rural location and the plants and wildliife that surround her. ","desc2":"Iona studied Botanical Illustration at the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh in the 90's. She works in watercolour and enjoys creating detailed studies, working from life wherever possible. \r\n\r\nHer originals tend to be small scale, but selected images are also available as Giclee prints in a range of sizes.\r\n \r\nAs well as artwork, Iona also uses her original imges to produce an ecletic range of homewares including eco-plant pots, kitchen linens, cushions and cards.\r\n \r\nThis year she has launched a new venture producing preserved moss panels and decorative balls which will also be available to buy.","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"The best way to find us is with the What3Words app games.walled.guests\r\nWe are on the back road between Balfron and Fintry, on the right angle bend, next to Harvieston Farm.\r\nOur sign post is grey and reads: Loaningside, The Kist, The Annex.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/ionabuchananonline","tw":"","ph":"01360 860 121","mb":"0771 966 9421","em":"iona@ionabuchanan.com","wb":"https:\/\/ionabuchanan.com\/","fac":"yynnnnnn","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":8,"eid":"9","st":"9","rt":1,"lat":56.04931403603752,"lon":-4.205468791551607,"name":"Katherine Cowtan","srt":"","dis":"Weaving, Painting, Mixed Media","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"K_Cowtan_scarves-3-scaled.jpg","imgs":"K_Cowtan_scarves-3-scaled.jpg,K_Cowtan_weavedesigner-scaled.jpg","add":"Greenvale Cottage, Crow Road, Fintry, Glasgow, G63 0XG","desc":"Katherine originally trained as a woven textile designer and now works both as a weaver and artist. Her paintings and new colourful fine silk and cashmere scarves are inspired by the surrounding local landscapes, and are filled with colour, light and texture. \r\n","desc2":"Katherine studied woven textile design at The Royal College of Art in London and since then her varied creative career has included working freelance for fashion designers, and also as a fine artist. Whether painting or weaving her work is filled with colour, light and texture, and is inspired by the local landscapes around her home in rural Stirlingshire, including the outlook of hills from her own garden.\r\n\r\nCombining skills learnt in both practices, she has been developing a collection of fine silk and cashmere scarves with the help of a grant from Creative Scotland, for small scale production at a mill in The Scottish Borders. Some of these will be on display alongside her artwork and demonstrations of her computerised handloom.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n","desc3":"\r\n\r\n","desc3Image":"K_Cowtan_weavedesigner-scaled-1.jpg","dir":"Traveling from Stirling take the A811 west then the B822 through Kippen and over the hill to Fintry. Turn left at Fintry cross. Greenvale Cottage is nearly 1 mile along the B822 heading east out of Fintry, on the left just beyond the church.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/katherinecowtanartist","tw":"","ph":"01360-860009","mb":"","em":"cowtan@weefoot.com","wb":"http:\/\/katherinecowtan.co.uk\/","fac":"yynnnnyn","time":["10-7","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-7","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":9,"eid":"10","st":"10","rt":1,"lat":56.0497558,"lon":-4.207502799999999,"name":"Sheila Patrick","srt":"","dis":"Basketmaking, Weaving","othr":"y","disID":"","img":"SPatrickBaskets-1.jpg","imgs":"SPatrickBaskets-1.jpg","add":"Greenvale Cottage, Crow Road, Fintry, G63 0XG","desc":"Sheila uses traditional basket-making tech- niques to create functional baskets and decorative items using mainly unstripped willow rods.","desc2":"Sheila made her first basket in Ireland about twelve years ago with the idea of making an alternative style of coffin. The coffin has still not materialised but since moving back to Scotland she has been enjoying learning traditional basket-making techniques from established makers and developing her skills. \r\n\r\nDuring the last year she has attended several workshops which have inspired her to create different types of baskets, including Irish Weave and Zarzo designs, which she will be making during the event. Using a range of willow varieties which each have their own bark colour, often browns and greens, some orange, red or black and combining these colours with the textures created by different weaves gives each piece its individual character. \r\n","desc3":"","desc3Image":"Sheila_Patrick_Basketmaker-scaled-1.jpg","dir":"Traveling from Stirling take the A811 west then the B822 through Kippen and over the hill to Fintry. Turn left at Fintry cross. Greenvale Cottage is nearly 1 mile along the B822 head- ing east out of Fintry, on the left just beyond the church.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01360 860009","mb":"07952 660933","em":"","wb":"","fac":"yynnnnyn","time":["10-7","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-7","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":10,"eid":"11","st":"11","rt":1,"lat":56.155685,"lon":-4.298937,"name":"Kat Goldin, Jane Lindsey & Eilidh Weir","srt":"","dis":"Textiles, Photography, Writing\/Publishing, Printmaking, Mixed Media, illustration","othr":"y","disID":"","img":"jane-lindsey-natural-dyeing.jpeg","imgs":"jane-lindsey-natural-dyeing.jpeg,eilidh-weir-stitching.jpeg,kat-goldin-growing.jpg","add":"Gartur Stitch Farm Studio, Dykehead, Port of Menteith, Stirling, FK8 3JY","desc":"","desc2":"This pop up gallery space and programme brings together local rural artists for whom land and making is an integral part of their practice. Ranging from textile and fibre based work to photography and natural dyeing, Kat Goldin (A Life in the Making), Jane Lindsey (Snapdragon Life) and Eilidh Weir (All That is Braw) will share the processes of growing, foraging, making and re-using that they employ in their businesses and lives, taking a deep dive into nettles, heated printmaking from natural tannins, and quilting as land activism. \r\n\r\nAs well as showing the final works, the exhibition will offer an insight into all the steps from soil to frame. The free exhibition hosted in the studio byre of Gartur Stitch Farm will be accompanied by a paid programme including an online sharing, workshops, creative foraging walks and a farm to table dinner. The exhibition will also run to draw awareness to and in support of the Land Workers Alliance.","desc3":"Saturday 10th 2 - 5 pm - Restitched. \r\nLearn to hand stitch a pot holder from fabric scraps and learn quilting basics with Eilidh Weir from All That is Braw. In this workshop you will learn to construct and make hand sewn pot holders using old clothes. You will learn the basics of quilting on a small scale and find a use for some of those tricky to recycle textiles like socks and t-shirts and trousers. \r\n\r\nSaturday 10th 5 - 8 pm - Nettled. Open fire wild-inspired dinner with Lucy Pattinson of The Federation, with the opportunity to visit the exhibition and for a tour of a regenerative smallholding with goats, poultry and Loretta the kunekune pig.\r\n\r\nSaturday 17th 2 - 5 pm - Pressed. Introduction to Flatbed Botanical Printing with Jane Lindsey from Snapdragon Life. Make your own unique artwork with locally foraged leaves and flowers. \r\n\r\nSaturday 10th 5 - 8 pm - Nettled. Nettle inspired farm to table dinner with Kat Goldin from Gartur Stitch Farm Join Kat and Kevin for a foraged farm to experience inspired by nettles (with farm tour as above).\r\n\r\nAll events are \u00a335 per person. Places limited to 8 per workshop and 15 per dinner. \r\nBook via garturstitchfarm.com\/events\r\n\r\n","desc3Image":"20210612173241_IMG_9798.jpg","dir":"Once you reach the village of Dykehead on the B8034, take the single track road road, opposite the bus stop ,which is signposted Cardross Holiday Cottages (heading west) for 1.5 miles, passing Green Aspirations, to the farm at the end of the road.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/garturstitchfarm","tw":"https:\/\/twitter.com\/katgold","ph":"07807339413","mb":"07384367544","em":"kat@garturstitchfarm.com","wb":"https:\/\/garturstitchfarm.com\/","fac":"ynnnnnyn","time":["12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":11,"eid":"12","st":"12","rt":1,"lat":56.1127782926831,"lon":-4.149998029203023,"name":"Andrew Walters","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing, Photography","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"image2-scaled.jpeg","imgs":"image2-scaled.jpeg,image1-scaled.jpeg,image4-scaled.jpeg","add":"Ballochleam Farm, Glinns Road, Kippen, FK8 3JN","desc":"Inspired by the emotional responses of wild ancient landscapes of Scotland, the artist lives in a remote part of Stirlingshire, drawing on the often dramatic ranges of colours in a never ending skyline.\r\n","desc2":"Ballochleam Farm sits at the end of a track, nestling in the lea of the Gargunnock Hills and the base of the Ballochleam Spout. Truly remote, wild and exposed, the views toward Ben Lomond and the surrounding hills are spectacular.","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"Follow the A811 toward Kippen, tuning left onto the Glinns Road. Ballochleam Farm is right at the top of the road past Garrique on the left hand side. A long farm track will reveal\r\nthe farmhouse and its stabling nestling at the bottom of the Glen.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"07929 464161","mb":"07929 464161","em":"andrew@creativescotpointe.com","wb":"https:\/\/www.creativescotpointe.com","fac":"ynnnnnnn","time":["10-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","10-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":12,"eid":"13","st":"13","rt":1,"lat":56.12141712276842,"lon":-4.180293823568841,"name":"Mary Mackay","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"MMackay_Objects-in-Space.jpg","imgs":"MMackay_Objects-in-Space.jpg,MMackay_Good-Morning-e1681211039891.jpg","add":"Burnbrae, Redgatehill, Fintry Road, Kippen, Stirling, FK8 3HS","desc":"","desc2":"Mary Mackay is a Scottish artist who Graduated from Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh University in 2014 with an Honours BA degree in Painting. She is a member of the Society of Scottish artists and the Royal Glasgow Institute of Art being successful in selection for the RGI (Small Works). She has exhibited as a solo artist as well as in group exhibitions and her works are in many private collections in Britain and Internationally.\r\n\r\nIn recent times my work has evolved to give more prominence to the expression of landscape and plant forms and I have moved away from abstract expressionism in its purest evocation. Nevertheless, my work is strongly influenced by the American Abstract Expressionists Joan Mitchell and Helen Frankenthaler.\r\n\r\nWorks vary in size, cards, work in browser, sketch books, framed pieces and stretched canvases.","desc3":"An evolving abstract work will be developed and emerge across the duration of FVAB. Join Mary to come and see the work unfold.","desc3Image":"MMackay_Good-Morning-e1681211039891.jpg","dir":"From the A811 take either the B822 or B8037 to Kippen head westward past the school, keep left at the Y junction, look for sign of 'Redgatehill leading to Davidson Lea' , go down this lane following Forth Valley Signage to Burnbrae. Studio in Garage","fb":"https:\/\/www.mary.mackay@facebook.com","tw":"","ph":"07729358111","mb":"07729358111","em":"mary.mackay3@yahoo.co.uk","wb":"https:\/\/wwwmarymackaystudio.co.uk","fac":"yynnnnyn","time":["","","12-5","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":13,"eid":"14","st":"14","rt":1,"lat":56.12402299999999,"lon":-4.1794857,"name":"Margaret Oswald","srt":"","dis":"Painting","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"7BD8ECCE-A91C-4F09-8973-EE56DC2665FF-scaled.jpeg","imgs":"7BD8ECCE-A91C-4F09-8973-EE56DC2665FF-scaled.jpeg,B669E76E-9A36-4468-97E9-18A9B1B3D6C4-scaled.jpeg,AC94205C-2C9F-4ED4-A52F-5BD399C84A4E-scaled.jpeg","add":"Vine Cottage, Fintry Road, Kippen, Stirlingshire, FK8 3HL","desc":"Margaret is inspired by the natural world, capturing the mood and colours of a landscape in oils. From moorland to wintry mountains and bluebell woods to crashing waves, painting is the most satisfying form of expression.","desc2":"Margaret was born in the village of Kippen and has always loved the beautiful countryside in this part of the world.\r\n\r\n Largely self-taught, she is inspired by the natural world, capturing the mood and colours of a landscape in oils. Her inspiration is the hills moorland and woodlands of Scotland, with their constantly changing light.\r\n\r\nHaving taught for many years, it's wonderful to have time now to pursue her passion for art, working in her studio at home.","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"Take the A811 to Kippen. Drive up the Main Street, signed for Fintry. Continue for about half a mile up through Kippen.On the Right there's a row of old white cottages.\r\nVine Cottage is directly opposite Denovan Crescent and has blue window sills.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01786870568","mb":"","em":"ozmeg1@aol.com","wb":"","fac":"nnnnnnnn","time":["12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":14,"eid":"15","st":"15","rt":1,"lat":56.1254404,"lon":-4.1692156,"name":"Sarah Hill","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"IMG_4274-scaled.jpeg","imgs":"IMG_4274-scaled.jpeg,IMG_4276-scaled.jpeg","add":"Sarah Hill, Birch Grove, Burnside, Kippen, FK8 3EF","desc":"Recent work is mainly flowers and everyday objects. Using oils and sometimes acrylic, the aim is to create beauty out of the ordinary. Colour is a preoccupation and drawing a lifetime interest. There maybe some piano playing during your visit to add interest to a day out!","desc2":"","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"Take the A811 from Stirling, turn left at the roundabout, signposted Kippen, turn left at Kippen Cross into Burnside. Birch Grove is a white house with a blue door on the right.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01786 870535","mb":"07711355452","em":"sarahhillartist@live.com","wb":"","fac":"ynnnnnnn","time":["10-5","10-5","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":15,"eid":"16","st":"16","rt":1,"lat":56.12454118675188,"lon":-4.083384275272692,"name":"Michael Kay","srt":"","dis":"Jewellery","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"Michael-Kay_brooch-composite_2023.jpg","imgs":"Michael-Kay_brooch-composite_2023.jpg,Michael-Kay_necklet-composite_2023.jpg,Michael-Kay-in-his-workshop-scaled.jpg","add":"Bridgend, Main Street, Gargunnock, Stirling, FK8 3BW","desc":"Michael is indirectly influenced by both natural and mechanical forms, but more simply is inspired by the basic design elements of shape, line, colour, tone, texture, pattern and form. Both silver and gold are extremely malleable and ductile metals, capable of being formed, textured, patterned and highly polished. He aims to exploit these intrinsic qualities in the materials he uses.\r\n","desc2":"Michael trained in Silversmithing and Jewellery Design at Edinburgh College of Art in the late 60s, gaining his diploma and a travelling scholarship in 1970.\r\nA 37-year career in art education followed, while designing and making on the side. For many years he taught jewellery at classes in Stirling, Monifieth and Dollar and still regularly gives lecture\/demonstrations to e.g. the SWRI. On retirement in 2008 he was able to expand his workshop activites, supplying work to commission as well as attending Perthshire Open Studios, the Stirling Castle Christmas Fair, Rotary in Callander's Coffee, Lunch & Crafts and other one-day events.\r\nHe is a member of the Assoc. for Contemporary Jewellery.\r\n\r\nMichael works mostly in silver but also in 9 and 18 ct. gold, producing all types of jewellery. Semi- and precious stones are often used. On a larger scale, he has designed and made boxes, knives, spoons and trophies. Find more of his work at www.michaelkayjewellery.co.uk\r\n\r\nMichael is taking his work in a new direction, so this will be his last year in FVAB. However he will still be working to commision.\r\n\r\nIn design he is indirectly influenced by both natural and mechanical forms, but more simply is inspired by the basic design elements of shape, line, colour, tone, texture, pattern and form. Both silver and gold are extremely malleable and ductile metals, capable of being formed, textured, patterned and highly polished. He aims to exploit these intrinsic qualities in the materials he uses.\r\n\r\n","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"Off the A811 Stirling to Dumbarton road, Gargunnock is seven miles west of Stirling. With the flagpole and memorial to your right, pass over the bridge towards Main Street. Bridgend is the first house over the bridge, on the left hand side.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01786 860386","mb":"07570977277","em":"mike_kirkton@outlook.com","wb":"www.michaelkayjewellery.com","fac":"nnnnnnnn","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":16,"eid":"17","st":"17","rt":1,"lat":56.1506974,"lon":-4.163876800000001,"name":"Diana Hand","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing, Textiles","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"DIANA-HAND-MELANIE.jpg","imgs":"DIANA-HAND-MELANIE.jpg,DIANA-HAND-MEGHAN-1.jpg,EC1-COURSE-IMAGE.jpg","add":"Easter Poldar Farm, Thornhill, Stirling, FK8 3QT","desc":"Diana loves to work freely to express her own energy and that of her favourite subject, the horse. Her paintings are also the outcome of much careful preparation, study and experiment as she moves between realism and abstraction to find the essential feeling of her subject. Her current work develops images and thoughts inspired by the horses she encounters in daily life. Demonstrations daily.","desc2":"Diana is a very natural and spontaneous artist but she finds that behind this freedom there is a huge amount of knowledge and preparation, both conscious and unconscious, When creating realistic works of a moving horse, for example, she now takes the time to explore the underlying anatomy in numerous drawings to make sure she has a thorough understanding of the form before translating that into paint. \r\n\r\nShe is also interested to go beyond the realistic depiction to find an essence of the subject, particularly shapes and colours, and to arrive at a more abstract version. \r\nShe has studied and practised different ways of making art, including figurative and conceptual, but is now exploring abstraction. Her current work is based on images and experiences inspired by the horses she encounters in daily life\r\n\r\nDiana\u2019s work is available on- line, either through her own website or through outlets such as Saatchi Art. \r\n\r\nFor Forth Valley Art Beat 2023, she will be demonstrating daily and would be delighted to meet and discuss her art with visitors. \r\n\r\nDiana runs courses in Drawing Horses, details of which can be found on her website, www.dianahand.com.\r\n\r\nDiana is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art (Painting) and University of Sussex (Philosophy). She has a Masters Degree in Contempory Art Theory from Edinburgh College of Art. ","desc3":"I will be working on an on-going drawing or painting project in the exhibition space, and would delighted to discuss my approach and progress with visitors. There will also be the chance to make your own drawings using paper and charcoal provided. This event is drop-in and informal and there is no cost.","desc3Image":"DIANA-HAND-DEMONSTRATION-2.jpg","dir":"Take A811 west from Stirling for 6 miles. Turn right at Kippen roundabout to B822. Follow road north across valley for about 2 miles. Turn left at farmhouse (FVAB signposted) Continue west down tarmac track to Easter Poldar. No dogs, please ","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/dianahandartist","tw":"","ph":"07403414312","mb":"","em":"info@dianahand.com","wb":"https:\/\/dianahand.com","fac":"yynnnnyn","time":["5-7","","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":17,"eid":"18","st":"18","rt":1,"lat":56.17214459712306,"lon":-4.154919864062496,"name":"Libby Yule","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Printmaking, Textiles","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"Libby-Yule-Breathe-1-scaled.jpg","imgs":"Libby-Yule-Breathe-1-scaled.jpg,Libby-Yule-Breathe-2-scaled.jpg,Studio-portrait1-scaled.jpg","add":"Low Town Studio, 25 Low Town, Thornhill, Stirling, FK83PX","desc":"Libby is a painter and printmaker. She trained in textile design at Scottish College of Textiles. Her work ranges from abstracts and seascapes to views of Stirling Castle. Favourite mediums are acrylic, watercolours, pen and wash. ","desc2":"Libby has exhibited and sold her work in Central Scotland over a number of years.\r\nExhibitions include the Compass Gallery, Glasgow, mixed exhibition; Tolbooth, Stirling; Lillie Gallery, Milngavie; Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour, Methven Gallery; \r\nPaisley Art Gallery and Museum; The Smith and The MacRobert in Stirling.\r\n\r\nLibby is a member of Gossip Collective. Her work is presently on display at Gossip's Gallery in the Thistle Centre, Stirling. \r\n\r\nLibby tutors individual and group classes on painting and gelatine mono printing, helping others to be involved in creative art and gain new skills. Please contact her for details.","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"From Stirling take A84 then A873 to Thornhill. At the end of Thornhill Main Street turn left down Kippen Road. After 100yards take first right into Low Tow. The studio is about 200yards on the left. ","fb":"www.facebook.com\/libbyyuleartist","tw":"","ph":"01786 850269","mb":"07810166317","em":"libbyyule88@gmail.com","wb":"","fac":"nnnnnnnn","time":["12-5","12-5","","Open By Appointment only","12-5","12-5","12-5","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only"],"addArtists":""},{"id":18,"eid":"19","st":"19","rt":1,"lat":56.18312618584562,"lon":-4.070492833362125,"name":"Robin Chapman Campbell & Hermione Spencer","srt":"","dis":"Painting","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"FVAB-Robin.jpg","imgs":"FVAB-Robin.jpg,FVAB-Hermione.jpg","add":"Northland House, Thornhill Road, Doune, FK16 6AD","desc":"Part of the Northland House Collective.","desc2":"Robin has been producing art since his years at Chelsea School of Art. He has a range of styles and for this year\u2019s Artbeat he will be showing his unique allegorical figures and characters.\u200b\r\n\r\nHermione studied art with John Crawford RSA and The Glasgow School of Art. She draws inspiration from the wild west coast of Scotland and the magnificent countryside where she is fortunate enough to live.","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"B826 Doune to Thornhill and follow signs on right after the cemetery","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07734 715677","em":"mhhdrury@gmail.com","wb":"","fac":"yynnnnnn","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","Open By Appointment only","10-5","Open By Appointment only","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":19,"eid":"20","st":"20","rt":1,"lat":56.18304333771706,"lon":-4.071601478881832,"name":"Mark Drury & Jane Buchanan","srt":"","dis":"Jewellery, Painting","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"FVAB-Mark.jpg","imgs":"FVAB-Mark.jpg,IMG_5785.jpg","add":"Northland House, Thornhill Road, Doune, FK16 6AD","desc":"Part of the Northland House Collective.","desc2":"Mark, sometime painter and jewellery up-cycler. Trained at Glasgow School of Art and Joe Pudelco\u2019s jewellery school in Dunblane. Mark gives all the proceeds from his work to Starthcarron Hospice in Denny.\r\n\r\nJane graduated from Gray\u2019s School of Art with a BA(Hons) and has exhibited throughout Scotland. Using a vibrant palette, she paints seascapes, landscapes, still lifes and childrens toys.","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"B826 Doune to Thornhill and follow signs on right after the cemetery","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07734 715677","em":"mhhdrury@gmail.com","wb":"","fac":"yynnnnnn","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","Open By Appointment only","10-5","Open By Appointment only","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":20,"eid":"21","st":"21","rt":1,"lat":56.2018948,"lon":-4.120877399999999,"name":"Maurie Jessett, Alistair Dickson & Judy Shaw Stewart","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Ceramics, Mixed Media","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"Dickson-Pot.jpg","imgs":"Dickson-Pot.jpg,jessett.jpg,ShawStewart.jpg","add":"The Broich Studios, Lanrick Estate, Doune, FK16 6HH","desc":"A varied and colourful selection paintings and ceramics are on display. There is a wide range of Alistairs' pottery in his spacious studio, including plates, bowls, mugs and jugs. Maurie paints mostly landscapes,capturing the woods and countryside around her,in a slightly abstract way. Judy likes to capture everyday scenes and objects, experimenting with colourful mixed media and printing.","desc2":"Alistair has been potting for four years , and playing with colourful glazes, very original pieces.\r\n\r\nMaurie, paints mainly in acrylics , but also uses collage and watercolour, the landscapes are of local scenery, showing the moody weather conditions, grey skies and snow, and the \r\nautumnal trees.\r\n\r\nJudy has a wide variation of subjects ,exciting, colourful paintings.and prints, showing off her vibrant style.","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"From Junction10 M9 at Stirling, take the A84 and go 6 miles. After Doune garage turn left onto the B8032 immediately taking the left fork to Callander. After 2 miles the Broich Studios is on the left.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01786842280","mb":"07796805680","em":"maurie.jessett@hotmail.co.uk","wb":"","fac":"ynnnnnnn","time":["10-5","10-5","","","","","12-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":21,"eid":"22","st":"22","rt":1,"lat":56.1664682,"lon":-4.0436083,"name":"Camphill Blair Drummond","srt":"","dis":"","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"APeters-Camphill-Glass.-jpg-scaled.jpg","imgs":"APeters-Camphill-Glass.-jpg-scaled.jpg,APeters-Camphill-Textiles-2-scaled.jpg,APeters-Camphill-woodwork-jpg.jpg","add":"Camphill Blair Drummond, Blair Drummond House, Cuthil Brae, Stirling, FK9 4UT","desc":"We will be exhibiting a wide variety of work created in our specialist craft activity areas including glasswork, textiles, pottery, woodwork and paper crafts.\r\n\r\nOur workshops provide a creative and therapeutic environment for both residential and day students with complex learning difficulties.","desc2":"The Camphill exhibition will be a variety of craft work made by adults with complex learning difficulties. Some are able to design their own projects and carry them out to completion. Others may need a little guidance and prompting while some participate in one or two aspects of a process. The residents and day students identify with and enjoy their chosen activities and are proud of what they produce.\r\n\r\nThis year we also intend to have a table of our Community Artists where some craft activity leaders and volunteers who organise and support the activities will display their own work for sale.","desc3":"We are hoping to have tours around parts of the castle and gardens. We have an animal area and will have some animal petting opportunities","desc3Image":"","dir":"From Stirling take A84 towards Callander. About 3\/4 mile past Safari Park (on right) turn right signposted Private road, Camphill, Cuthil Bray. Straight on over hill, cattle grid and round to second cattle grid - beware speed bumps.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01786 841573","mb":"07977 551292","em":"andrea@camphillblairdrummond.org.uk","wb":"Http:\/\/www.camphillblairdrummond.org.uk","fac":"ynnnnnyn","time":["10-5","10-5","","","","","","",""],"addArtists":""},{"id":22,"eid":"23","st":"23","rt":1,"lat":56.2647329,"lon":-3.8794089,"name":"Lys Hansen","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"20221201_104840.jpeg","imgs":"20221201_104840.jpeg,Portrait-Bust-With-Pedestal.jpeg,DSC04942.jpeg","add":"Atelier, Smiddy Brae, Braco, By Dunblane, FK15 9QQ","desc":"","desc2":"I am delighted to open my studio this year and to give a warm welcome to all visitors. I shall have on display some small works, sketches and some larger works. I am happy to discuss my work, my sources and techniques. Please visit and enjoy my space.\r\n\r\nAvailable also are catalogues, postcards and the book on my work \u2018PASSIONATE PAINT\u2019 edited by Dr Giles Sutherland Art, Critic for The Times.\r\n\r\nPLEASE NOTE Opening times are 1-5pm (Closed Tuesday & Thursday)","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"Braco is on the A822 off the A9 just north of Dun- blane. Smiddy Brae is in the centre of the village beside the hotel\/restaurant. Look for the life sized blue horse-head on the gable.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07761 277296","em":"lys.hansen@yahoo.co.uk","wb":"http:\/\/lyshansen.co.uk","fac":"yynnnnnn","time":["2-5","2-5","2-5","","2-5","","2-5","2-5","2-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":23,"eid":"24","st":"24","rt":1,"lat":56.1966084,"lon":-3.9547509,"name":"Laura Gill","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"7C8EEFF3-0758-42A5-BF89-F2DDDFEB876C.jpeg","imgs":"7C8EEFF3-0758-42A5-BF89-F2DDDFEB876C.jpeg,81148D5D-A603-4A0C-BAF5-2C8AAF667BF7-scaled.jpeg,C927931F-D021-483A-AF99-A245808FEE39.jpeg","add":"Daisy Cottage Studio, Perth Road, Daisy Cottage , Dunblane, FK15 0DD","desc":"A warm welcome awaits at Daisy Cottage Studio, where Laura works landscapes and commissions in oils and acrylics. See around the working studio, finished pieces, prints and visit The Loo-vre Gallery (Scotland\u2019s smallest?). This year Laura appeared on Landscape Artist of the Year and was listed for The Scottish Portrait Awards, adding to her growing list of achievements. ","desc2":"Laura is a Dunblane local, living and working in her studio at Daisy Cottage. Born in Glasgow of Hebridean heritage, she is influenced and drawn to the wild Landscapes of the Western Isles and West Coast, but also feels fortunate to live in such a stunning location and often paints local scenery working in oils and acrylics. A warm welcome awaits at Daisy Cottage Studio where you can look around the studio, see some work in progress as well as finished pieces and ask any questions about her work, history, processes etc. A must is paying a visit to Laura\u2019s little gallery, \u201cThe Loovre\u201d and the see the famous \u201cMoaning Lisa\u201d. As Laura said \u201cit\u2019s a bit of fun really. I don\u2019t have a lovely white walled gallery in little cottage, so I had to think out of the box and The Loo-vre was born. It always brings a smile and I can fit a surprising amount of finished pieces in there. As the original Louvre is famous for the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, I gave my Loo-vre my Moaning Lisa, by Lauranardo da Vino\u201d. But getting back to the real work, Laura\u2019s following continues to grow with pieces sold worldwide. Her c.v includes being hung in RSA London, short listed twice for RSA, finalist in BBC Artist of the Year, winner of the McFarlane prize, Royal Institute for Fine Arts, listed for The Scottish Portrait Awards and this year appeared on Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year. She adds \u201cI don\u2019t work to shock or make statements, but to share what I find beauty or joy in\u201d. ","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"From south, take Dunblane at the Keir Roundabout (B8033), past M&S on right, to The Fourways Roundabout - keep straight on Daisy Cottage is approx 1\/3 mile on right. From North (A9) take Dunblane off-ramp & follow road to first Cottage on left. ","fb":"https:\/www.facebook.com\/Laura\u2019s Paintings Page ","tw":"","ph":"01786 825896","mb":"07977 923270","em":"lauragill@talk21.com","wb":"","fac":"nynnnnnn","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","12-5","12-5","12-7","12-7","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":24,"eid":"25","st":"25","rt":1,"lat":56.19651398536609,"lon":-3.9559574042297463,"name":"Jane Dunbar","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Mixed Media, Weaving","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"Jane-dunbar-the-blacksmiths-visit-scaled.jpg","imgs":"Jane-dunbar-the-blacksmiths-visit-scaled.jpg,J-Dunbar-Machrins-beach-invites-scaled.jpg,J-Dunbar-artist-painting-in-studio-scaled.jpg","add":"Colonsay, Perth Road, DUNBLANE, FK15 0BU","desc":"","desc2":"ONLY OPEN 16th to 18th June\r\nJane is a mainly self-taught amateur artist inspired by the sea and light.\r\nThroughout her medical profession Jane was always a doodler dabbling in painting when work allowed. She was initially inspired by attending several Dollar Summer school weeks. Recently retired she has had more time to paint and to visit the beautiful island of Colonsay where she started painting seascapes and is now working on recording old crofting life. She also loves world travel and since 2015 has spent 2-3 months a year helping in a monastery school and orphanage in Myanmar. With the military Coup in Feb 2021 the country is closed to visitors and the school is now also supporting several thousand refugees. \r\n\r\nJane is holding this, her first exhibition, to try and raise money for her friends in Myanmar. The exhibition is a mixture of medias and styles in her garden studio\/ girl cave. Starting with watercolour now going wilder with acrylic. \r\n\r\nPlease watch your footing- there is one step into the studio. Come direct to the studio as there will be no-one in the house. No parking except on main Perth Road.\r\n","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"Walk down the gravel drive about12 feet before the north bound bus layby. The second house down is Colonsay and the Art Studio is on the left through the garden gate nearest the main road. Parking only on the main Perth Rd . Not at house.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07803538441","em":"janedunbarart@gmail.com","wb":"","fac":"nnnnnnnn","time":["","","","","","","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":25,"eid":"26","st":"26","rt":1,"lat":56.19285476408921,"lon":-3.9638289000000015,"name":"Elin Isaksson","srt":"","dis":"Glass, Sculpture","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"XL-Rock-by-Elin-Isaksson.-2022-1-scaled.jpg","imgs":"XL-Rock-by-Elin-Isaksson.-2022-1-scaled.jpg,Elin-Isaksson.-Dew-Drop-blue-and-gold-1-scaled.jpg,Elin-Isaksson-074.jpeg","add":"Elin Isaksson Glass, 2, Tannahill Terrace, Dunblane, FK15 0AX","desc":"Isaksson makes handblown interior accessories like oil lamps, candle holders, blown forms and unique sand cast sculptures. Her designs are simple but tactile in vibrant colours. Isaksson also creates larger bespoke glass installations and lighting for private indi- viduals and businesses. Previous commissions include Abrdn (Standard Life) and National Museum of Scotland.","desc2":"Elin Isaksson is originally from Sweden, and she began her glass training at the Orrefors Glass School, next door to the crystal factory. She moved to the UK in 2001, and after graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2006 with an MA in Design&Applied Arts, she stayed on as Artist in Residence building up her portfolio. Further training includes master classes with Rudi Gritch in Venice, then latter with Dante Marioni and Simon Moore at Northland Glass Centre in Lybster. Isaksson set up her own glass blowing studio in 2010 and she is now based in Dunblane. \r\n\r\nIsaksson's inspiration is nature, and her forms are often unfussy but very tactile, drawing from her deep-rooted Scandinavian glass making background. Her latest work are her sand cast 'Rocks' and the motivation comes from the play of light using and recreating textures in the glass and realizing interesting depth within a piece by layering different glass materiel to create a large unique sculptural piece. Rock cast's are inspired by found rocks and Isaksson is trying to create many textures and layers and catching the light by using muted colours within the piece. To create delicate colour blends she blow her own coloured shards to create a personal colour palate to use. To create a subtle and delicate watercolour effect she layers the glass thinly by creating a collage with glass stringers, glass crystals and gold leaf. Molten glass +1200c is lastly poured into the mould which fuses the colours onto the piece.","desc3":"Solid & Hollow Class - Sun 11th June 10.30am-1pm - \u00a3150pp\r\nFor those who want to learn a little bit more about the glass maker\u2019s techniques, we offer the chance to make both a paperweight and a bauble.\r\n\r\nAlso available are glass blowing demonstrations, on Fri 16th June: 1pm, 1.40pm, 2.15pm\r\nA rare opportunity to watch us at work when we are making glass! \r\n\r\nPlease book ahead since we can\u2019t fit many people into our studio.\r\nBook: elin@elinisakssonglass.com","desc3Image":"Elin-Isaksson-Glass.jpg","dir":"Follow brown sign for the cathedral. Pass the cathedral and follow road up the steep hill, to the top of the hill (road above Ramoyle) \r\nStudio is situated behind our house with its own glass door entrance facing the road.\r\nPark on straight street.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/elinI.glass\/","tw":"https:\/\/twitter.com\/ElinIsaksson","ph":"","mb":"07968871439","em":"elin@elinisakssonglass.com","wb":"https:\/\/elinisakssonglass.com\/","fac":"ynnnnnyn","time":["Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","10-5","Open By Appointment only","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":26,"eid":"27","st":"27","rt":1,"lat":56.18905382765672,"lon":-3.964395077246088,"name":"Dunblane Museum","srt":"","dis":"","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"Photo-1.jpg","imgs":"Photo-1.jpg","add":"Dunblane Museum, The Cross, Dunblane, Stirlingshire, FK15 0AQ","desc":"PLEASE NOTE: Normal opening times are Mon-Sat 10.30am to 4.30pm.","desc2":"The Gerry Goddard Gallery at Dunblane Museum is delighted to participate in the 2023 Forth Vallery Art Beat Programme. We are pleased to welcome back The British Tapestry Group - Scotland for the month of June 2023.\r\n\r\nThe Gallery is a purpose built modern display space which has enjoyed welcoming local artists over many years. The Gallery has been dedicated to the memory of Gerry Goddard, a volunteer, friend and benefactor to the Museum.\r\n\r\nThe Gallery measures 4ms by 6ms and benefits from natural light from rooflights and large windows. In addition to a hanging rail, there are three display cabinets which can be moved within the Gallery space.\r\n\r\nThe Gallery is fully booked throughout 2023 and we have availability throughout the 2024 and 2025 seasons which run from April to mid October. ","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"Dunblane Museum is situated at The Cross in Dunblane, across the road from Dunblane Cathedral and Leighton Library.\r\n\r\nNormal Opening times are Monday to Saturday 10.30am to 4.30pm. ","fb":"www.facebook.com\/dunblanemuseum","tw":"https:\/\/twitter.com\/dunblanemuseum","ph":"01786825691","mb":"","em":"curator@dunblanemuseum.org.uk","wb":"www.dunblanemuseum.org.uk","fac":"yynnnnnn","time":["10-4.30","","10-4.30","10-4.30","","10-4.30","10-4.30","10-4.30",""],"addArtists":""},{"id":27,"eid":"28","st":"28","rt":1,"lat":56.1886539,"lon":-3.963355,"name":"Dunblane Art Club","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Mixed Media, Textiles","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"1500xphoto.jpeg","imgs":"1500xphoto.jpeg","add":"St Blane's Church, 112 High Street, Dunblane, FK15 0ER","desc":"Dunblane Art Club are a group of Artists offering a wide range of artworks in a variety of mediums. The works on offer this year will feature a large collection of works ranging from hand painted greeting cards to larger works in landscapes, wildlife, abstracts and portraits.","desc2":"","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"From M9 Stirling direction take 3rd exit at Kerr Roundabout about onto B8033. Continue to second roundabout and take first left exit. Continue approx. 100 mtrs. Church is on right past Library.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"","em":"artclubdunblane@hotmail.com","wb":"","fac":"nnnnnnnn","time":["","","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","",""],"addArtists":""},{"id":28,"eid":"29","st":"29","rt":1,"lat":56.18947830855509,"lon":-3.963768482208252,"name":"Weigh Ahead Makers","srt":"Weigh Ahead Makers","dis":"","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"DD3B30DD-C9D9-4CB7-97FC-5FF43BE98F8F-scaled.jpeg","imgs":"DD3B30DD-C9D9-4CB7-97FC-5FF43BE98F8F-scaled.jpeg,C2BBEC19-11C7-4EFC-8F21-31B0D6D82BAE-1.jpeg,14052C41-E438-4937-9976-8ACE038F46EA-1-scaled.jpeg","add":" Weigh Ahead Makers, No 95 and No 30 High Street , 91-95 High Street & Number 30 High Street, Dunblane, FK15 0ER","desc":"The Weigh Ahead Gallery will be running an exhibition of curated work from local artists whilst the makers space will be showing a variety of arts and crafts including wood crafts, jewellery, painting, homeware, textiles and glassware from local makers.","desc2":"Weigh Ahead Makers is a social enterprise shop run for the community. It\u2019s presence in the High Street gives a lovely place for shoppers to browse and purchase arts and crafts whilst providing an opportunity for local artisans to show their work. The Gallery upstairs at Weigh Ahead runs monthly exhibitions of work from individuals and groups of artists. The exhibition for the Open Studios event will feature art from a selected group of local artists.","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"No 95 is our gallery space on the High Street above Weigh Ahead. No 30 is our accessible makers space and is also on the High Street opposite Choices Deli. Both spaces are close to the train station.","fb":"https:\/\/www.Facebook.com\/weighaheaddunblane","tw":"","ph":"01786825007","mb":"07939036360","em":"arts@weighahead.scot","wb":"Weighahead.scot","fac":"nynnnnnn","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-7","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":29,"eid":"30","st":"30","rt":1,"lat":56.18725569999999,"lon":-3.964154199999999,"name":"Craft Central","srt":"","dis":"Jewellery, Craft","othr":"y","disID":"","img":"2.jpg","imgs":"2.jpg,Web-Cover-scaled.jpg,craft-central.jpg","add":"Craft Central, Riverview Building, High Street, Dunblane, FK15 0EE","desc":"\r\n","desc2":"Craft Central on Dunblane High Street is a community for creative learning, housing studio facilities for the Central Scotland School of Jewellery and the Central Scotland School of Craft. Split over two levels, this multidisciplinary craft space delivers an unparalleled selection of artisan workshops where you can learn silver jewellery making, weaving, printmaking, mosaics, and more.\r\n\r\nDuring Forth Valley Open Studios, Craft Central will be open for visitors to drop in and see a variety of workshops in action. Our contemporary craft gallery and shop offers a unique selection of handmade Scottish crafts made by our network of talented artisans. All of the work in our gallery is made by hand, in Scotland by the talented tutors and creatives who deliver the workshops in the the craft and jewellery schools.\r\n\r\nOn Saturday 10th June, the public are welcome to drop in and try their hand at printmaking or jewellery making in exchange for a small donation. Upstairs in the craft studio gel plates will be used to explore layering of colour and mono-printed texture alongside image transfer and collage using photographs from magazines. Downstairs in the jewellery studio the public are invited to explore the vast selection of tools to create a piece of personalised jewellery. \r\n\r\nDuring the weekend of the 17th and 18th of June you can join one of Craft Central's full day or weekend workshops. Check our websites and social media for the current lineup.","desc3":"Saturday 10th June:\r\nDrop-in Printmaking Workshop\r\nBetween noon and 4pm, the public are welcome to drop in and try their hand at printmaking in exchange for a small donation. Suitable for all ages. \r\n\r\nBetween 1-4pm we also host a Silver Stud Earrings Workshop (cost \u00a335). \r\nIn a special taster workshop, highlighting the skills you can learn at CSSJ, participants will create a beautiful pair of silver stud earrings. Spaces are limited so please book in advance by emailing hello@cssj.co.uk. ","desc3Image":"IMG_1082.jpg","dir":"Craft Central can be accessed directly from Dunblane's High Street and is a short walk from the train station. ","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/cssofj and https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/scottishcraftschool","tw":"","ph":"01786 643329","mb":"","em":"hello@cssj.co.uk","wb":"http:\/\/www.craftcentraldunblane.co.uk","fac":"yynnnnyn","time":["10-5","10-5","Open By Appointment only","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":30,"eid":"31","st":"31","rt":1,"lat":56.18845469999999,"lon":-3.968534,"name":"Blaeberry River Art","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing, Printmaking","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"EEC501F5-5DA2-41AA-AA9C-A3EA06C9E128-scaled.jpeg","imgs":"EEC501F5-5DA2-41AA-AA9C-A3EA06C9E128-scaled.jpeg,CE7199CE-B6C4-4EE7-A459-4C90C7DF3F34-scaled.jpeg","add":"Blaeberry River Studio, Calderwood , Doune Road, Dunblane, FK15 9AR","desc":"Blaeberry River Art and Botanic Bothy (Studios 31 & 32) will be showcasing recent artworks including paintings and printmaking at this venue, a delightful log cabin built by Fiona in her back garden. ","desc2":"Fiona and Dawn have been best friends since they met at art college some 30 years ago and over the recent years have developed separate businesses showcasing their own artworks and offering students the opportunity to create their own. Fiona has an art events company and has been working towards creating a new exhibition for Dunblane museum in July.\r\n\r\nA native of Dunblane, Fiona\u2018s speciality is painting, particularly large oil paintings of the natural world. \r\n\r\nA variety of floristry and paint workshops will be running throughout the week, book at blaeberryriverart.com\r\n","desc3":"A range of workshops are offered creating paintings, drawings, floral crowns and displays.\r\n\r\nFiona and Dawn are both experienced tutors and will be offering various workshops from free up to \u00a330. Check out the website to see if there are any that would suit you!\r\nwww.blaeberryriverart.com","desc3Image":"FionavanBaardwijk.jpeg","dir":"What three words directions are former.topmost.circus Satnav Caledonian Place, or call if you can\u2019t find us ????","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07896 362902","em":"hello@blaeberryriverart.com","wb":"htttps:\/\/www.blaeberryriverart.com","fac":"ynnnnnyn","time":["10-5","10-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-7","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":31,"eid":"32","st":"32","rt":1,"lat":56.18845469999999,"lon":-3.968534,"name":"Botanic Bothy","srt":"","dis":"Printmaking, Floristry","othr":"y","disID":"","img":"DawnMcTaggart.jpeg","imgs":"DawnMcTaggart.jpeg,Fiona-vanBaardwijk2.jpeg","add":"Blaeberry River Studio, Calderwood, Doune Road, Dunblane, FK15 9AR","desc":"","desc2":"Dawn hails from the Northwest and is an accomplished printmaker as well as creating artificial plant and flower arrangements.\r\n\r\nIn addition there will be a great range of our retail products enabling you to create your own masterpieces and beautiful floral works.\r\n\r\nWhether you just want to view the artwork or whether you want to get involved in the making, please do come and join us and see what we are getting up to.","desc3":"A range of workshops are offered creating paintings, drawings, floral crowns and displays.\r\n\r\nFiona and Dawn are both experienced tutors and will be offering various workshops from free up to \u00a330. Check out the website to see if there are any that would suit you!\r\nwww.blaeberryriverart.com","desc3Image":"10E4EFCF-E453-409F-9488-7E2C82CDC23A.jpeg","dir":"What three words directions are former.topmost.circus Satnav Caledonian Place, or call if you can\u2019t find us ????","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07896 363902","em":"botanicbothy1@outlook.com","wb":"http:\/\/www.botanicbothy.co.uk","fac":"ynnnnnyn","time":["10-5","10-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-7","12-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":32,"eid":"33","st":"33","rt":1,"lat":56.1885929,"lon":-3.9770079,"name":"Paula Burns","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing, Printmaking","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"summer-meadow-scaled.jpg","imgs":"summer-meadow-scaled.jpg,winter-wonderland-scaled.jpg","add":"Home studio, 40 Murdoch Terrace, Dunblane, FK15 9JF","desc":"This is Paula's first time displaying her art work. Painting and printing in her spare time, she is inspired by the changing seasons in her local landscape; capturing views of local wetlands, the Ochils and the Southern Highlands. On high days and holidays she even ventures to the coast for inspiration! She works with screen-print, watercolour, acrylics and mixed media. ","desc2":"Paula works from her home studio in her spare time, around working full time as change manager for the NHS. Having gained a degree in illustrative art many years ago she has recently rekindled her creative spirit and is enjoying exploring different media. Many of her works are inspired by walking or cycling to local landmarks though she also enjoys exploring vistas further afield.","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"Easily accessible from Dunblane train station or from the motorway. Situated in the corner of a cul-de-sac, there's plenty of on-street parking at the entrance to our street","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07450286721","em":"polly.marie@yahoo.co.uk","wb":"","fac":"nnnnnnnn","time":["10-5","10-5","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":33,"eid":"34","st":"34","rt":1,"lat":56.18083647341084,"lon":-3.969981547885133,"name":"Roberta Pederzoli","srt":"","dis":"Jewellery","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"QuintaEssenza_LichenEarrings_PhotoS.Bentley.jpg","imgs":"QuintaEssenza_LichenEarrings_PhotoS.Bentley.jpg,QuintaEssenza-Lichen-Cascade_SCastillo8477.jpg,MeteorCufflinks_QuintaEssenza_PhotobyStaceyBentleyLR.jpeg","add":"Quinta Essenza Jewellery, 19 Argyle Way, Dunblane, FK15 9DX","desc":"Award-winning jeweller Roberta Pederzoli from Quinta Essenza designs textured and tactile jewellery, recreating a sensation of fairy-tale elegance by delicately brushing colours over her work. Roberta designs pieces where Scottish landscape inspiration and Italian style merge together.","desc2":"Her jewellery is inspired by natural and organic shapes, in particular by lichens, wood and interesting forms she observes during her walks. The Scottish environment is an incredible and wonderful source of creativity; being born and raised in Italy, Roberta creates pieces where Scottish landscape inspiration and Italian style merge together.\r\n\r\nRoberta has been selected as one of 13 UK emerging jewellery makers for Shine 2021 by The Goldsmiths\u2019 Centre in London.\r\n\r\nFollowing a commission of medals by Perth Cathedral, Roberta recently entered a medal called \u201cLook after the Land\u201d to a competition organised by The Goldsmiths\u2019 Craft and Design Council, also known as the Oscars of Jewellery, winning a Bronze Award.\r\n\r\nHer work has been selected, together with those of other makers, to support Perth\u2019s successful bid to become the UK\u2019s first UNESCO City of Crafts and Folk Art.","desc3":"Ever thought of realising your full artistic potential? Why not join a jewellery class to develop your creative skills and spend a relaxing and enjoyable time? \r\n\r\nYou will be introduced to basic jewellery skills such as sawing, filing and hammering and you can bring home a piece of jewellery in brass or copper made by yourself! \r\n\r\nMaterials and refreshments provided. Cost: \u00a330. Spaces will be limited, it is recommended to book in advance by contacting Roberta on info@quintaessenza.co.uk or 07393476958. \r\n","desc3Image":"QuintaEssenza_Workshop.jpg","dir":"From the Keir roundabout go into Dunblane and pass Marks & Spencer. At the roundabout take the first exit on the left. Turn left again into Hillside Avenue. At the T junction turn left and go up the hill. My house is a white bungalow on the left-hand","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/quintaessenzajewellery","tw":"https:\/\/twitter.com\/qejewellery","ph":"","mb":"07393 476958","em":"info@quintaessenza.co.uk","wb":"https:\/\/www.quintaessenza.co.uk\/","fac":"ynnnnnyn","time":["10-5","10-5","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","10-5","","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":34,"eid":"35","st":"35","rt":2,"lat":56.1621874,"lon":-3.947540399999999,"name":"Ann Shaw","srt":"","dis":"Mixed Media, Digital Art & Video, Writing","othr":"y","disID":"","img":"Shaw.-realand-unreal.jpg","imgs":"Shaw.-realand-unreal.jpg,Shaw.globalwarming2.jpg,shaw.global.jpg","add":"Plaka Studio, 5 Pendreich Rd, Bridge of Allan, Stirling, FK9 4LY","desc":"Ann invites you to visit her eclectic studio and garden with its quirky sculptures.\r\n\r\nTry painting with mud or creating your own AI (artificially generated images) paintings.\r\n\r\nOr join one of her storytelling projects. \r\n\r\nHer aim is to offer visitors an immersive experience where they also contribute to the artwork on display.\r\n","desc2":"","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"Entering Bridge of Allan from Keir roundabout motorway, take first left after crossing bridge into Blairforkie Drive. Follow signs to Bridge of Allan golf club. Plaka studios 200 yards from club. From Stirling take first right after AllanWater cafe.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/annshaw2017","tw":"https:\/\/www.twitter.com\/ShawAnnshaw","ph":"01786 832287","mb":"07543 671260","em":"annshaw@mac.com","wb":"https:\/\/www.annshaw.co.uk","fac":"yynnnnnn","time":["12-5","12-5","","","","","","12-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":35,"eid":"36","st":"36","rt":2,"lat":56.155021309073966,"lon":-3.9527095827686343,"name":"Carol Nelson","srt":"","dis":"Ceramics, Printmaking, Pyrography","othr":"y","disID":"","img":"CN-1-Ceramics-fired-and-raw-scaled.jpg","imgs":"CN-1-Ceramics-fired-and-raw-scaled.jpg,Lino-Jazz-pyro-tree-scaled.jpg,Carol-Nelson-in-Workshop-2023-scaled.jpg","add":"Garden Studio, 8 Inverallan Road, Bridge of Allan, Stirling, FK9 4JD","desc":"Three craft activities - Ceramics, Lino Printing and Pyrography, are exhibited in workshop and garden. Small stoneware sculptures, including figures and abstract subjects. Lino printmaking gives a wider variety of colour and shapes(musicians, and abstract). My pyrography is about burning a design, fitted to the shape of bamboo or wood artefact. Each craft has different challenges.","desc2":"Craft work is my \u2018happy place.\u2019 I begun producing craft work from an early age, Gained a degree in ceramics (and weaving), at Farnham, West Surrey (1982). I took Art teacher training in Birmingham, with art therapy as a study and a placement. Since then I have worked mainly as a teacher for complex needs pupils, and have helped and \/ or run craft workshops in a variety of venues. \r\n\r\nMy recent ceramics are hand \u2013 built sculptures and tea light holders from grogged clay. Fired twice, the second firing (stoneware), is completed after my decoration, using either a glaze; or painting metal oxides onto the pot, then sponging to reveal texture and shape. \r\n\r\nSoft lino cutting enables me to experiment with colour and design, mainly small prints, using watercolour ink, on paper. I cut stylised images, including musicians.\r\n\r\nPyrography offers a way of decorating flat and 3D household items, made from wood or bamboo. My favourite designs are celtic knot work or animals.\r\n\r\nFor fun, and as relaxation, I try other crafts, modelling decorations from air dried clay, mosaics, and jewellery making. \r\n","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"My studio is in the back garden. From Bridge of Allan centre, go over the Bridge, turn first left, then left again. No. 8 is on the right, the left side of a semi detached stone house. Gravel drive. Back garden is through a black metal gate.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"07745030546","mb":"07745030546","em":"cnelson684@gmail.com","wb":"","fac":"yynnnnnn","time":["12-5","12-5","5-7","5-7","12-5","5-7","12-5","12-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":36,"eid":"37","st":"37","rt":2,"lat":56.15104378928018,"lon":-3.9480019756724105,"name":"Pam McGibbon","srt":"","dis":"Jewellery, Glass","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"IMG_20230110_182709.jpg","imgs":"IMG_20230110_182709.jpg","add":"Monte Verde Designs, 47 Fountain Road, Bridge of Allan, Stirling, FK9 4AU","desc":"Unique jewellery, handcrafted from wire and glass beads that have been created by some of the UK's most talented and original bead designers. Every piece is unique. Casual or smart, our jewellery is perfect for all occasions. Hold the beads up to the light and you will be amazed by what you can see inside! Buy ready-made or choose your own beads for a beautiful and unique bespoke design. ","desc2":"Pam has been creating unique glass and wire jewellery ever since she visited Rome in 2008 and discovered the incredible array of beads being crafted locally. On returning home, she found that there are many extremely talented bead designers and makers in the UK, whose beads she now uses for her jewellery. Her small house lends itself to being used as a studio, where visitors can browse at their leisure while drinking tea or coffee. Many hundreds of beads are on display, for visitors to choose from when ordering bespoke necklaces, bracelets or earrings. Pam is happy to demonstrate how to make earrings so that visitors can make their own and then take them home in an attractive muslin bag. ","desc3":"Visitors will be shown how to make their own earrings by choosing from the huge range of beads on display. They can decide upon a colour scheme, a design and whether they would like short or long earrings. They will take these home in a pretty muslin bag. (Small costs only for materials used).","desc3Image":"","dir":"Locate No 45 Fountain Road and walk up beside No 45 until you reach the end of the drive. No 47 is the first house on the left. You will see bunting on the way. Disabled visitors can drive in and park, but there is room for only one car at a time. ","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"07761 976102","mb":"07761 976102","em":"fountainservices@tiscali.co.uk","wb":"","fac":"nnnnnnyn","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":37,"eid":"38","st":"38","rt":2,"lat":56.14809113656562,"lon":-3.9262177709472557,"name":"Art Collection, University of Stirling","srt":"Art Collection, University of Stirling","dis":"","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"New1-scaled.jpg","imgs":"New1-scaled.jpg,20211217_183500-scaled.jpg,20220923_143603-scaled.jpg","add":"Art Collection, Pathfoot Building, University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA","desc":"The University of Stirling Art Collection is a varied one. Artworks from the permanent collection are on display throughout the Pathfoot Building, with sculpture in courtyards and across the scenic campus. In addition, our temporary exhibitions, which are directly inspired by the research themes of the University, this year focus on 'Space and Place'.\r\n\r\n","desc2":"The Art Collection aims to make art and culture a part of everyday life for staff, students, and visitors throughout the campus. We support academics to enable exchanges between art, research, and teaching and inspire everyone to engage with art.\r\n\r\nEach academic year, all of the Art Collection\u2019s exhibitions, events and workshops are directly inspired by one of the University research themes. \r\nIn 2022-23 our chosen focus is 'Space and Place', and during this time we are celebrating the inspiration and sustenance that buildings and outdoor spaces provide for us, especially here on campus.\r\n\r\nIn the Crush Hall this year we have chosen a selection of works from the permanent collection. In other gallery spaces in Pathfoot, you can see exhibitions of work by Norman Ackroyd, David James Grinly and Jennifer Wicks. There is also a display detailing the history of the Pathfoot Building itself, as well as other works from the permanent collection such as new acquisitions from Glasgow artist Toby Paterson, alongside old favourites J D Fergusson, Barbara Hepworth and Mary Martin.\r\n\r\nThe Pathfoot Building is open Monday-Friday, from 9am till 5pm, but there is more to see and enjoy on the beautiful campus which is open to all, every day of the week.\r\n\r\nYou can read much more about our collections on our blog. Find the link on our website.","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"The Pathfoot Building is on the hill on your left immediately after entering the University of Stirling campus by the main gate.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/artatstirling","tw":"","ph":"01786 466050","mb":"","em":"art.collection@stir.ac.uk","wb":"https:\/\/www.stir.ac.uk\/about\/art-collection\/","fac":"yynnnnnn","time":["","","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","",""],"addArtists":""},{"id":38,"eid":"39","st":"39","rt":2,"lat":56.133761605298396,"lon":-3.9141749497070233,"name":"Christine McIver","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Printmaking","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"CMcIver_artwork1-scaled.jpg","imgs":"CMcIver_artwork1-scaled.jpg,CMciver_artwork2-scaled.jpg,ChristineMciver-scaled.jpg","add":"Eastneuk Studio, East Neuk, , Ladysneuk Rd, Stirling, FK9 5NP","desc":"Plenty of new work as well as retrospective. Portraits, seascape, landscape, monoprints, small sketches to large paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolour and ink.\r\nAt present Christine's working on illustrative prints exploring the jacobite history of Stirling while continuing with a series of portraits of Bannockburn House volunteers. \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n","desc2":"Christine McIver spent much of her childhood in Aberdeenshire and the Scottish borders, drawing or painting nearly every day throughout her childhood. She graduated from Grays' in 1984, having gone there intending to specialise in illustration, but was hooked instead by the experimental nature of printmaking. Christine taught Art in prisons, community settings and as a secondary school teacher until 2017. Working now on self selected projects means being self disciplined. So finding time to research is essential. Reading, sketching, museum visits, talks are all part of the creative process and important to making meaningful images. \r\n\r\nChristine is currently working on portraits of a dozen volunteers from Bannockburn House as well as a Jacobite inspired series of prints for which she uses a gelatine plate technique, developed through much experimentation. Building up many layers of imagery, she enjoys using contrast to create a balance of colour and shape and texture in her illustrative prints. In her studio you can see retrospective and new work, with artwork on sale from small sketches to finished paintings. All commissions will be considered. And you can take part in a silent auction with the proceeds going to Mary\u2019s Meals. \r\n\r\nShe will be leading a workshop at Bannockburn House on 12th June. Check Artist Events for more detail. Although surrounded by countryside Christine\u2019s studio at the foot of Abbeycraig is easily accessible by walking or cycling from the town. \r\n","desc3":"In the morning workshop, you will assemble and use a camera Lucida. A tool which artists have utilised to help with planning composition and perspective for at least two hundred years. Each attendee will make their own Lucida to take home. \r\n\r\nThe afternoon workshop will be an introduction to making a feather quill pen and inks from oak galls, tea and prussian blue and a couple of other ingredients. You will be recreating writing materials similar to those used at the time when the house was the political centre for the seige of Stirling castle.\r\n\r\nThe workshops will take place in the historical Bannockburn House, where you can channel the past for creative inspiration.\r\n\r\nPrice for morning workshop is \u00a340 per person and \u00a330 for the afternoon workshop. \r\nAll materials will be included in the cost and there will be tea and coffee.\r\nFor more details or to book please email Christine at eastneukstudio@gmail.com or phone 07906518086\r\nThere are 10 places available for the morning workshop and 15 places in the afternoon.\r\n\r\n\r\n","desc3Image":"ChristineMciver-scaled-1.jpg","dir":"On A907 head east from Causewayhead. Turn right to Cambuskenneth then left past Ricoh. For Active Travel take route 76 from city centre through Riverside over Cambuskenneth bridge continue out through the village towards Wallace monument for 600m.","fb":"","tw":"https:\/\/twitter.com\/eastneukstudio","ph":"","mb":"07906518086","em":"eastneukstudio@gmail.com","wb":"https:\/\/christinemciverart.com","fac":"yynnnnyn","time":["12-7","12-7","","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","10-7","10-7","10-7","12-7"],"addArtists":""},{"id":39,"eid":"40","st":"40","rt":2,"lat":56.13201585655423,"lon":-3.931788041664117,"name":"Emma FitzGerald","srt":"","dis":"Glass, Handmade Soap","othr":"y","disID":"","img":"Emma-FitzGerald-1-scaled.jpg","imgs":"Emma-FitzGerald-1-scaled.jpg,Emma-FitzGerald2-scaled.jpg,Emma-FitzGerald-Studio-1.jpg","add":"Hazelrock House, 110 Causewayhead Road, Stirling, FK9 5HJ","desc":"Emma is a science teacher turned maker who delights in creating colourful work in fused and lampworked glass. Emma also dabbles in handmade soap. Emma has a small gallery area in the studio where you can see some new work. During the week, we will offer drop-in workshops where you can make something from fused glass.","desc2":"Since learning how to make soap in 2009 Emma has been fascinated with the chemical processes involved and the design possibilities they afford. Learning glass fusing in 2014 was an extension to this process of design influenced by chemical and physical constraints. \r\n\r\nTexture and colour interactions are common themes in her work. Emma's influences include the natural world and the texture found within. In the last year, Emma has extended her repertoire to include lampworked glass. \r\n\r\nEmma runs regular lessons both in soap and glass from her workshop in Causewayhead, Stirling. Emma will be running workshops throughout the week so come along and create something beautiful.","desc3":"You'll have a choice to make either a suncatcher or a tealight holder from fused glass. You can use a variety of glass types and pre-cut pieces to make something beautiful. \r\nThe workshops will cost \u00a315 and you'll need to come back and pick up your work a few days later after it has been fired in the kiln. Posting your work is possible for a small fee.\r\nYou don't need to have any artistic ability for this class. Everyone including children from 5 years and up can take part. ","desc3Image":"Emma-FitzGerald-Studio-1.jpg","dir":"Hazelrock House is located on Causewayhead Road not far from the rugby club. We are on the left if coming from town and you can pull into the driveway to park. Look out for the bunting.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/hazelrockhouse","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07444732034","em":"hazelrockhouse@gmail.com","wb":"www.hazelrockhouse.com","fac":"ynnnnnyn","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-7","10-5","","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":40,"eid":"41","st":"41","rt":2,"lat":56.131046,"lon":-3.9585536,"name":"Jim Galloway","srt":"","dis":"Ceramics, Painting","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"302190363_551787183412889_1227352990404315765_n.jpg","imgs":"302190363_551787183412889_1227352990404315765_n.jpg,70919753_109339173803437_4222398222896726016_n.jpg,IMG_20230222_195021809-scaled.jpg","add":"14 Hulston Road, Stirling, FK81RS","desc":"Jim studied drawing and painting at Edinburgh College of Art, 1958-62 under William Gillies and John Houston.\r\n","desc2":"Whilst teaching in London Jim became attracted to the ceramics on show at the Craftsmen Potters Shop, Marshal St and by the early 70s started up in business producing mainly domestic ware in the Japanese tradition, as introduced into this country by the Japanese potter Hamada and Bernard Leach.\r\n\r\nPots are produced in a gas kiln under reduction and it is in this way that particular glaze effects are achieved. A certain amount of improvisation is used in glaze application, which is a reflection of another lifelong interest of this artist, which is that of jazz playing.\r\nJim will also be exhibiting a selection of his popular oil paintings.","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"Raploch Rd, from Fire Station, 2nd on left and bear to the right. \r\nDrip Rd from town, pass Vinney's Bar, 1st left, then 1st right and bear to the right. \r\nPark at ForthValley Coll, cross Drip Rd - head left, 2 mins walk, take pedestrian cut thru' ","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07724909366","em":"galloway2020@outlook.com","wb":"","fac":"nynnnnnn","time":["10-5","10-5","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only"],"addArtists":""},{"id":41,"eid":"42","st":"42","rt":2,"lat":56.12462175641943,"lon":-3.9407873153686523,"name":"Lauren Bremner","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing, Printmaking","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"PXL_20230120_142404129.MP2_.jpg","imgs":"PXL_20230120_142404129.MP2_.jpg,20230203_143521-scaled.jpg,MVIMG_20191111_114811-scaled.jpg","add":"Studio 1B, Cowane Centre, 69 Cowane Street , Stirling, FK8 1JP","desc":"Lauren Bremner\u2019s work takes inspiration from her great love of nature. Lauren develops ideas with studio support artists in response to local surroundings, landmarks and landscapes from further afield. Lauren has deep connections with animals. She adores cats and has created a number of works of this subject in various media. Lauren mainly works with acrylic, watercolour, printmaking and charcoal.","desc2":"Lauren Bremner is a young Scottish artist. In 2011 Lauren began to exhibit work with the support of Artlink Central, working with professional artists on the Creative School Leavers programme. This transition programme culminated in an exhibition with 'Gallery on the Corner\u2019, Edinburgh. One of Lauren\u2019s paintings on show entitled \"Silver Birch\u2019 led to her first commission for the chairman of Forth Valley NHS in 2013.\r\nLauren\u2019s passion for art has been her lifeline since she was run over by a car aged 11. Suffering life threatening injuries, Lauren fought back to rebuild her life with her family. Art was at the core of her rehabilitation.\r\nNow aged 29 Lauren has continued to work in her Stirling studio since 2017, supported by 3 professional artists. Her work is primarily inspired by her love of nature and animals, particularly cats. Lauren loves to portray the local surroundings, landmarks and landscapes from further afield, including wonderful views from Scotland\u2019s West Coast, inspired by her Cove Park residency in July 2022. \r\nLauren loves the flow and adaptability of paint, particularly watercolour and acrylic. She uses a variety of brushes and unconventional mark-making tools to create a range of textures in her work. Since 2017, Lauren has also been exploring printmaking, particularly screen print, monotype and dry point. Lauren particularly enjoys printmaking as it always offers an element of surprise. Lauren believes you must allow the process to influence the outcome.","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"From Stirling Train Station, Cowane Centre is a 10 minute walk along Goosecroft Rd onto Cowane St. By car turn left off Cowane St or turn right off Lower Bridge both onto Upper Bridge St. Car park 1st left. Studio down left corridor from main door.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/laurenbremnerartist","tw":"","ph":"01786 462367","mb":"","em":"laurenbremnerartist@gmail.com","wb":"","fac":"yynnnnnn","time":["","","12-5","","12-5","","12-5","",""],"addArtists":""},{"id":42,"eid":"43","st":"43","rt":2,"lat":56.1169737,"lon":-3.9340129,"name":"GOSSIP Collective","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Printmaking, Textiles","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"Collage-MB.jpg","imgs":"Collage-MB.jpg,Niamh-McFarlane-close-up-image.jpg,Lesley-McDermott-Den-2-rotated.jpg","add":"GOSSIP Collective Unit, 14 The Thistles Centre, Stirling, FK8 2EA","desc":"","desc2":"GOSSIP are a voluntary, not-for-profit artist run collective based in Stirling. We are delighted to be taking part in this year\u2019s exciting FVAB with an eclectic mix of art- works exhibiting in our Gallery space at the Thistles centre which will include a variety of workshops for you to pop-in and be creative! Each day we host a different creative experience at 2-4pm. Come along & feel inspired in the relaxed workshops we have to offer.","desc3":"Each day throughout the event, GOSSIP will host a different creative experience\r\nat 2-4pm. Come along and feel inspired in the relaxed workshops they have to offer.\r\nSee details on the app or email gossipstirling@ gmail.com for full info.","desc3Image":"GOSSIP-PROMO-FLYER-rotated.jpg","dir":"GOSSIP Gallery and workshops are located inside the Thistles Centre nearest the Murray Place entrance, parking at Goosecroft Road, or Wellgreen carpark, close to the Craigs roundabout, coming from any main roads into the city centre.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07964 475369","em":"gossipstirling@gmail.com","wb":"https:\/\/www.gossipcollective.weebly.com","fac":"nynnnnyn","time":["9-5","10-5","9-5","9-5","9-5","9-5","9-5","9-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":43,"eid":"44","st":"44","rt":2,"lat":56.109714356580035,"lon":-3.944085403886042,"name":"Judith Jackson","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Printmaking, Textiles","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"J.Jackson-Print1-scaled.jpg","imgs":"J.Jackson-Print1-scaled.jpg,J.Jackson-Print2-scaled.jpg,J.Jackson-Print3-scaled.jpg","add":"Garden Conservatory\/Studio , 6 Whitehill Place, Stirling, FK8 2JL","desc":"Judith studied painting and textiles at Cumbria College of Art. She is interested in using colours to give a pleasing and emo- tional response. This shows in her colourful prints, paintings and textiles.","desc2":"Judith studied art as a mature student but had always been interested in it. When she moved to Cumbria with her husband Pete, she was given the opportunity to study at CCA. This opened up a whole new world. She enjoys looking at art as well as making it. Judith will be exhibiting paintings and prints. She will also be showing small embroidered textile pieces. Her work can be abstract or impressionist. She experiments with works inspired from the garden and countryside. She looks forward to welcoming you to view her work.\r\n \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"Studio is located at back of house in garden. Access is via back lane off Laurelhill Place. Third gate. Please don't bring vehicles up the lane. ","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01786445238","mb":"07815821495","em":"","wb":"","fac":"nnnnnnnn","time":["12-5","12-5","","","5-7","","5-7","12-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":44,"eid":"45","st":"45","rt":2,"lat":56.1068075,"lon":-3.935898899999999,"name":"Artlink Central","srt":"","dis":"Mixed Media, Painting, Textiles","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"Artlink1.jpg","imgs":"Artlink1.jpg","add":"Bellfield Centre - Stirling Community Hospital, Livilands Gate, Stirling, FK8 2AU","desc":"A pop up exhibition of artwork created by participants of the Artspace group.","desc2":"Artspace is Artlink Centrals\u2019 dedicated arts programme working with adult participants with diagnosed mental health problems across Stirling.\r\n\r\nAbout Artspace:\r\nThe programme is designed to support participants in a \u201cpathways to recovery\u201d approach for their mental health, and has been commissioned by Stirling Council Social Care in partnership with NHS Forth Valley, Livilands Resource Centre, and is led by Aya Iguchi-Sherry, development artist at Artlink Central. \r\n\r\nOur programme provides a safe environment for participants to engage and participate and develop their arts practice and to engage with professionals and organisations working within culture. The programme works across arts, in sessions you work with a professional arts practitioner to learn new skills and take on personal projects or set your own personal goal plan.\r\n\r\nOpportunities:\r\nThe programme includes the opportunity if you choose, to exhibit, perform, write and to take part in national festivals such as the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival. You do not need to have any arts experience to join the programme.\r\n\r\nEvaluation:\r\nThe programme is an evaluated service and information gathered at the programme is reported back to Stirling Council\u2019s Social Care and Commissioning team who commission this service and shared with NHS Community Mental Health Services.","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"Main corridor inside Bellfield Centre at Stirling Community Hospital","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01786 434000","mb":"","em":"info@artlinkcentral.org","wb":"https:\/\/www.artlinkcentral.org\/artspace","fac":"yynnnnnn","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":45,"eid":"46","st":"46","rt":2,"lat":56.08458539999999,"lon":-3.9127492,"name":"Archie Scott","srt":"","dis":"Woodwork, Wood Turning, Wood Carving","othr":"y","disID":"","img":"FVAB-Image-1-scaled.jpg","imgs":"FVAB-Image-1-scaled.jpg,FVAB-Images-2-scaled.jpg,Carving-Mono-scaled.jpg","add":"Ochil Woodcraft, Muiraven, Muiralehouse Road, Bannockburn, FK78AB","desc":"You can see work in progress and finished pieces. Also see how I create the pieces and the techniques and tools I use. ","desc2":"I am a wood carver and wood turner. It is a link between the wood, the artist and nature. I get wood from local sources usually from fallen trees. My work is continually developing with new techniques and skills. These are reflected in the pieces I have on show. Most of my pieces are one offs and unique pieces. You will not find my work on show in galleries. A selection of my items are shown online in my Facebook shop. I also accept commissions and create special pieces for those great occasions. Come along for a look around and see a woodworker's workshop in action.","desc3":"I will be turning work during opening times. In addition I usually have carvings in various stages and also things that people can try some things. You can see the tools and equipment I use. There also be turning work in progress to explain the processes and end work for sale. ","desc3Image":"ALL-Files0052-scaled.jpg","dir":"From the Stirling Services roundabout on the M9, take the A91 road. The first left road Pirnhall Road. Follow along and take the 2nd right passed a brown fence. Follow down the road we are the last house on the right. See banner from the A91.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/ochilwoodcrafter","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07977200242","em":"archie@ochilwoodcaraft.co.uk","wb":"www.ochilwoodcraft.co.uk ","fac":"yynnnnyn","time":["10-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","","12-5","12-5","10-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":46,"eid":"47","st":"47","rt":2,"lat":56.04648182071087,"lon":-3.923181814016723,"name":"Ken Elliott","srt":"","dis":"Sculpture, Metalwork","othr":"y","disID":"","img":"Ken_Elliott_-Air5sky.jpg","imgs":"Ken_Elliott_-Air5sky.jpg,Ken_Elliott_Swordossky.jpg,Ken_Elliott_Air5construct.jpg","add":"Northfield Cottage, Northfield, Denny, FK66RB","desc":"Large sculptural pieces, inspired by elegant forms found in the natural world, local culture and history, will be on display in an outdoor garden-based setting.\r\n\r\nA selection of Ken\u2019s preliminary sketches and maquettes will be presented as part of the guided tour of his studio\/workshop.\r\n\r\nSome work is for sale, commission enquires are welcome.\r\n","desc2":"Ken combines his engineering and artistic skills to create one-of-a-kind pieces; he started with pen and ink hand-coloured drawings, moved on to computer-controlled wood carvings and now makes metal strip sculptures in aluminium, bronze and brass \u2013 varying in size from table-top sized items, approx. 10cm in height, to full exhibition sized pieces, at over 3m in height.\r\n\r\nHis sculptural style has developed over the past two years, producing increasingly more complex structures from his home workshop; membership of a local artists\u2019 collective has enabled these to be exhibited in and around Stirling, including \u2018Tree\u2019, which can be seen as a permanent item in the gardens at The Stirling Smith, Dumbarton Road. \r\n\r\nHis current focus is on developing innovative sculptural ideas using only minimal sets of curved three-dimensional shapes, hand-formed in metal strips, using simple tools. The addition of moving elements in the sculpture, and interactive works with light, are also under development.\r\n\r\nSmaller sculptures, wood carvings and drawings will be shown as part of a tour of Ken\u2019s sculpture workshop; discussions about ideas for future work are warmly welcomed.\r\n","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"From M9 junction 9, head to Denny on the A872. Turn under the M80, signposted Northfield Quarry. Under the M80 then at T junction take first left then immediately left again. About 200m along the lane, third building, on the right hand side.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01324825914","mb":"07593606704","em":"nfldac@mail.com","wb":"https:\/\/www.northfieldartsandcrafts.co.uk\/","fac":"ynnnnnnn","time":["10-5","10-5","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":47,"eid":"48","st":"48","rt":2,"lat":56.1230463,"lon":-3.8102805,"name":"Eva Askham-Spencer","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Photography","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"Eva-Askham-Spencer3.jpeg","imgs":"Eva-Askham-Spencer3.jpeg","add":"47 Gean Road, Alloa, FK10 2JP","desc":"I am a BA Fine Artist living in Alloa. My exhibition during FVAB will include a selection of original paintings, painted stones, painted wood slices, power poems, & photography.","desc2":"","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"Approaching from Alloa centre, take Claremont, then turn right into Gean Road. Please note parking at peak times can be busy, particularly on Saturdays.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07525 613500","em":"eva.swan@hotmail.co.uk","wb":"http:\/\/evabydesign.co.uk","fac":"nnnnnnnn","time":["10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":48,"eid":"49","st":"49","rt":2,"lat":56.11437045043781,"lon":-3.791278302669525,"name":"Wee Gallery on Candleriggs","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Mixed Media, Sketching","othr":"y","disID":"","img":"derenz_studio-derenz-scaled.jpg","imgs":"derenz_studio-derenz-scaled.jpg,derenz-manmequin-watch-scaled.jpg,derenz-external-of-Wee-Gallery-scaled.jpg","add":"Studio derenz , The Wee Gallery on Candleriggs, 16 Candleriggs, Alloa, FK10 1EA","desc":"The art found here includes, stained and fused glass, collage, sketches poetry, embossed metal work with paintings in oil, acrylic and alcohol ink. The artists present their own take on creativity, and through their willingness to exhibit, demonstrate skills to be found in the creative community of Clackmannanshire. The studio artist will be on site each day.","desc2":"The white-cube gallery is front of house for studio derenz. Among this year\u2019s Art Beat exhibitors are Janice Headrick and Bobby Rennie. Painter Janice Headrick developed her skills over years, inspired by the seascapes of Catterline, and the landscapes of the North East. She continues working with oils, acrylics and mixed media. Based now in her home county of Clackmannanshire she has taken advantage of the area, recording in her own way: Longannet Power Station before it was felled, the mood of the Ochils, the wonders of the Japanese Garden, her vision of local industry, and the waters of the area from the Forth to the Devon. Janice is delighted to be exhibiting her work through the Wee Gallery as part of Forth Valley Art Beat. \r\nBobby Rennie is a visual artist who paints mainly in acrylics, but over the years he has used all mediums and surfaces from wood to clothing. His current focus is painting realist landscapes and seeing them evolve into surrealist abstract works. As a painter for forty years, he is largely self-taught. His understanding of colour and fabrics has been significant in his day job, making high-end clothing. The combination of being a hands-on artisan and artist gives Bobby Rennie\u2019s work a strength and depth that reflects the mysticism of the landscape and ancient forests which frequently feature in his paintings. He has five paintings in the UK art National Collection and he was part of the RSA Open Exhibition 2018. \r\nWhen shut - book a private viewing. ","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"Alloa is 45mins by train from Glasgow Queen St. The derenz studio is in the Wee Gallery. On foot it is 3mins from the High Street, 5mins from the bus stance &; 5mins from Alloa Tower. The Ladybird Tea Room is close by, and Anna's Larder is next door.","fb":"www.facebook.com\/derenzdraw","tw":"https:\/\/www.twitter.com\/derenzalloa","ph":"","mb":"07762 433682","em":"derenzalloa@gmail.com","wb":"https:\/\/www.theweegalleryoncandleriggs.co.uk","fac":"yynnnnnn","time":["10-5","Open By Appointment only","5-7","5-7","Open By Appointment only","5-7","Open By Appointment only","10-5","Open By Appointment only"],"addArtists":""},{"id":49,"eid":"50","st":"50","rt":2,"lat":56.0291495,"lon":-3.8173481,"name":"Jade Stout","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"JadeStout_seascape3-1-scaled.jpg","imgs":"JadeStout_seascape3-1-scaled.jpg,JadeStout_seascape2-1-scaled.jpg,JadeStout_me-1-scaled.jpg","add":"Jade Stout Art, 102 Tryst Road, Stenhousemuir, Larbert, FK5 4QJ","desc":"","desc2":"Visit the garden studio of painter Jade Stout to experience her artistic process, and have the opportunity to purchase original artwork for your home. Jade uses photography, acrylics, watercolour, inks and pencil to create abstracted landscapes and seascapes. Jade will have a range of works from small to large available to explore.\r\n\r\nJade Stout is a visual artist based in Stenhousemuir near Falkirk.\r\n\r\nTrained as a painter at Edinburgh College of Art, Jade uses painting and drawing to capture reimagined abstracted landscapes and seascapes. She focuses on composition, light, layers and atmosphere to recreate memories of the Orkney Isles landscape and weather in which she grew up. She mixes these visions with the landscapes around her now in the Scottish Central Belt.\r\n\r\nA trip along the NC500 through Sutherland and Caithness in 2022 and its stunning empty landscape and beaches appears strongly in recent works.\r\n\r\nVisitors to Jade Stout Art garden studio have the opportunity to browse and buy new works and also beautiful portfolio pieces exploring 25 years\u2019 professional practice across a range of surfaces and sizes.\r\n\r\nJade will happily demonstrate and explain her creative practice and techniques to visitors.","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"Jade Stout Art is accessed through the side gate of 102 Tryst Road, Stenhousemuir. The studio is located at the end of the garden next to the greenhouse.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/people\/Jade-Stout-Art\/100064866720565\/","tw":"https:\/\/twitter.com\/JadeStoutArt","ph":"","mb":"07900692256","em":"jadestout@yahoo.com","wb":"https:\/\/www.jadestout.co.uk\/","fac":"yynnnnnn","time":["12-5","12-5","","","","","","12-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":50,"eid":"51","st":"51","rt":2,"lat":56.01333091583432,"lon":-3.836851716041565,"name":"George Wilson","srt":"","dis":"Woodwork, Sculpture","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"GWilson_wood5.jpg","imgs":"GWilson_wood5.jpg,GWilson_wood3.jpg,GWilson_wood12.jpg","add":"Studio 14b, D2 The Creative Centre, Lochlands Business Park, Larbert, FK5 3NS","desc":"George Wilson will be displaying two humanist sculptures composed of fragments of wood born long ago in myriad habitats around this beautiful, yet moodful sphere, and not metamorphosed in a new aesthetic, which could be considered somewhat 'Pre-Raphaelite', in style. ","desc2":"George Wilson qualified as a journeyman in 1968, maturing as a master craftsman in 2003, having thus completed the required 40 years in physical practice with the tools. \r\n\r\nSince his apprenticeship, he has only ever been his own preceptor, and therefor his aesthetics are singular and self-imagined. \r\n\r\nThe tools he uses are from a generation past, and also the recycled material. He writes about what he makes, and enjoys a new philosophy of work. ","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"Camelon to Larbert: Pass the golf course on left, continue along Stirling Road, turn left at the viaduct and drive to the end of the estate. Larbert cross to Camelon: Turn right under the viaduct, drive towards the end of the estate. ","fb":"@george-wilson-artist-and-craftsman-in-wood","tw":"","ph":"07368438290","mb":"07368438290","em":"","wb":"","fac":"yynnnnnn","time":["12-7","12-7","12-5","12-5","12-5","","12-5","12-7","12-7"],"addArtists":""},{"id":51,"eid":"52","st":"52","rt":2,"lat":56.01333091583432,"lon":-3.836851716041565,"name":"Lesley Anne Derks","srt":"","dis":"Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"LADerks_cityscape1.jpg","imgs":"LADerks_cityscape1.jpg,LADerks_interior1.jpg,LADerks_studiopic.jpg","add":"Studio 1b, D2 The Creative Centre, Lochlands Business Park, Larbert, FK5 3NS","desc":"Lesley Anne Derks graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1999. She paints predominantly cityscapes at night and has exhibited extensively throughout the UK and abroad. She is always researching new techniques and materials in order to further enhance her 'already unique', interpretation of light, examples of which will be on display in her studio.","desc2":"Lesley Anne Derks graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1999 with a BA (hons) Fine Art Drawing and Painting.\r\n\r\nHer early work was inspired by the lights of the Grangemouth petrochemical complex and this influence led to her painting predominantly cityscapes at night. More recently she has begun to explore lights in a different way, focusing on interiors, in particular chandeliers and the different lights they can convey.\r\n\r\nHer paintings are much more than a depictive representation. They can be textured using many layers of different mediums. As the work progresses, she may omit areas or replace them. She may peel back to an earlier state thereby revealing what went on before. This process gives a sense of depth to the work as well as giving the paintings a glow like quality.\r\n\r\nLesley Anne has exhibited extensively throughout the UK and abroad, with four solo shows and over one hundred and fifty group shows since graduating. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries in London, Hong Kong, USA and Australia. Her work has appeared in leading magazines and newspapers such as The Strand Magazine, Artists and Illustrators, Fine Art Collector and the Scotsman.\r\nShe regularly works to commission and has produced work for Scottish Power and the Royal Navy. \r\n","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"Camelon to Larbert: Pass the golf course on left, continue along Stirling Road, turn left at the viaduct and drive to the end of the estate. Larbert cross to Camelon: Turn right under the viaduct, drive towards the end of the estate. ","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/laderks","tw":"https:\/\/twitter.com\/laderks","ph":"07947694587","mb":"07947694587","em":"laderks@yahoo.com","wb":"https:\/\/www.laderks.co.uk\/","fac":"yynnnnnn","time":["12-7","12-7","12-7","12-7","","","12-7","12-7","12-7"],"addArtists":""},{"id":52,"eid":"53","st":"53","rt":2,"lat":56.00124661034271,"lon":-3.782816015258781,"name":"Nikki Monaghan","srt":"","dis":"Painting","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"63-Giclee.jpg","imgs":"63-Giclee.jpg,62-Giclee.jpg,PXL_20220804_162544660.jpg","add":"Nikki Monaghan Art, 3, Park Street, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, FK1 1RE","desc":"Nikki paints landscapes and cityscapes from her home studio. She exhibits in galleries throughout the Uk and sells privately worldwide. Her paintings are colourful and naive in style. She is a graduate of the Scottish College of Textiles.","desc2":"Nikki graduated from the Scottish College of Textiles in 1994 with a BA(Hons) in Printed Textile Design.\r\n\r\nShe works from her studio focusing mainly on Scottish landscapes, cityscapes, harbours, and villages. Working in a variety of media Nikki creates vibrant paintings where layers are applied to create stylized, simplified depictions of the subject.\r\n\r\nShe exhibits in galleries throughout the UK and works to commission where her work can be found all over the globe.","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"Located in Falkirk town centre, 2 minutes walk from Falkirk Grahamston Railway Station. Parking at Weir Street, Car Park, free after 3pm, Also parking at Central Retail Park. Free parking on Sunday.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/NikkiMonaghan.Artist","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07971085204","em":"hello@nikkimonaghan.co.uk","wb":"www.nikkimonaghan.co.uk","fac":"ynnnnnnn","time":["12-5","12-5","12-5","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","12-5","12-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":53,"eid":"54","st":"54","rt":2,"lat":55.99425436656616,"lon":-3.7938084994750976,"name":"Antonine Silver Jewellery","srt":"Antonine Silver Jewellery","dis":"Jewellery","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"EPetrie23_enamel-scaled.jpg","imgs":"EPetrie23_enamel-scaled.jpg,EPetrie23_treasure.jpg,EPetrie23_Studio.jpg","add":"Antonine Silver Jewellery, 60 Major's Loan, Falkirk, FK1 5QG","desc":"Come visit Elaine - otherwise known as Antonine Silver - in her garden conservatory and home studio to see where the magic happens. Most of her pieces are one-off, inspired by local landscape and history. As well as beautiful silver, she loves to experiment with new materials including enamel and recycled cans to create bright, fun decorative pieces. Commissions welcome.","desc2":"Elaine welcomes visitors to her home studio where she creates simple and elegant designs, perfect for casual or dressy occasions. She works mainly in silver but also enjoys experimenting with different materials such as slate, semi-precious stones and recycled cans. Most recently she has been using coloured glazes to create vibrant pendants and earrings that zing and pop with colour.\r\nShe gets inspiration from walking along the canal towpath near her home and from local historical sites. Her striking Stepping Stone range was\r\ninspired by the stone foundations of the Antonine Wall, visible near her studio in Falkirk.\r\nAs well as pendants, necklaces and earrings, she makes shawl pins, book marks and other smaller items that allow her to experiment with shape, texture and line.\r\nAs part of her own design journey, she travelled to Italy in 2013 to study jewellery design at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan and the Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana. Since 2016 she has been a member of the Falkirk Creative Collective, taking part in gallery and community popup exhibitions.\r\nShe welcomes commissions and revels in working with clients to create personal and unique pieces. As a regular walker on the Antonine Wall, she was delighted to be asked to create a piece of jewellery for a member of the Historic Environment Scotland team.\r\nYou can visit Elaine's studio through the year by arrangement.\r\n","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"From town centre: Follow signs for Community Hospital (Major's Loan entrance) then continue up hill to last house on left at junction with Gartcows Road. From Falkirk High Station: cross car park, go down Drossie Road to junction with Major's Loan.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/people\/Antonine-Silver-Jewellery\/100048915284247\/","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07974423023","em":"antonine.silver@gmail.com","wb":"https:\/\/antoninesilver.com\/","fac":"nnnnnnnn","time":["10-5","12-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":54,"eid":"55","st":"55","rt":2,"lat":55.9943499,"lon":-3.7672282,"name":"Barbara Rae","srt":"","dis":"Painting","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"BarbaraRae-Forsay-Night2-scaled.jpg","imgs":"BarbaraRae-Forsay-Night2-scaled.jpg","add":"Park Gallery, Callendar House, Callendar Park, Falkirk, FK1 5QH","desc":"","desc2":"EAST and WEST - 20 May-10 September 2023. This renowned artist shows works drawn from two Scottish sources - Leith Docks (East) and the Atlantic coastline (West). This duality sets off a range of contrasts between the man- made and the natural; the industrial and the geological. Within this dual format there is a wide variety of approaches & techniques, from large canvas paintings to small paper sketches, many never shown before.\r\n\r\nPLEASE NOTE: Opening times are 10-4 daily, closed Tuesday.","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"From Edinburgh: Follow M9 westbound. Exit at J5 and follow brown and white tourist signage for Callendar House & Park. From Glasgow: Follow M80\/ A80 eastbound. Join M876 Merge onto M9, Exit J6 follow signs for Callendar House & Park.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"01324 503770","mb":"","em":"","wb":"","fac":"yynnnnnn","time":["10-4.30","10-4.30","10-4.30","","10-4.30","10-4.30","10-4.30","10-4.30","10-4.30"],"addArtists":""},{"id":55,"eid":"56","st":"56","rt":2,"lat":56.016559659581354,"lon":-3.7220765015393265,"name":"Elaine Reid, Liz Love","srt":"","dis":"Textiles, Painting, Printmaking","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"birds.jpg","imgs":"birds.jpg,seed-heads-2.jpg,lizzie-in-studio.jpg","add":"Artalaporte, 25 La Porte Precinct, Grangemouth, FK38AZ","desc":"Liz and Elaine set up their Grangemouth studio in 2021. Liz creates acrylic paintings and lino prints. Elaine produces needle-felted and wet-felted pieces. Visitors will be able to view a wide range of the artists pieces and chat to them about their work. Beginners workshops will be available to pre- book during the open days event.","desc2":"Liz and Elaine have been friends for over 30 years. They achieved a long-held ambition when they set up their Grangemouth studio in 2021. The space comprises two floors. On the ground floor Elaine produces a range of needle-felted and wet-felted art, largely inspired by nature. The ground floor also serves as a gallery space for both artists. On the upper floor Liz creates a range of portraits and landscapes using acrylic paint. She also produces lino prints most with an animal theme. Visitors will see a range of the artists pieces and have an opportunity to chat to them about their work. Beginners workshops will be available to pre- book during the open days event.","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"From Edinburgh, take the M9 and exit at junction 5 and then follow the A905 then B9132. Turn left into Talbot St. Free parking is available at B&M.\r\nFrom Glasgow take the M8, merge on to the M9 and follow the instructions as above.","fb":"https:\/\/facebook.com\/artalaporte","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07709294958","em":"e19reid58@hotmail.com","wb":"","fac":"yynnnnnn","time":["10-5","10-5","12-5","","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5","12-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":56,"eid":"57","st":"57","rt":2,"lat":55.976792755792374,"lon":-3.615854112164316,"name":"Jane Charlton, Hilary Brown, Pat Swan, Anne Nicholson","srt":"","dis":"Textiles, Mixed Media, Painting, Artist Books, Drawing","othr":"y","disID":"","img":"Brown_CabinCreatives-2.jpg","imgs":"Brown_CabinCreatives-2.jpg,Nicholson_CabinCreatives-1.jpeg,PSwan_Working-1.jpg","add":"The Cabin, 26 Highfield Crescent, Linlithgow, EH49 7BG","desc":"Jane and Pat both work with textiles, print, paper and stitch. Jane takes her inspiration from the urban environment and Pat is influenced by travelling and her love of photography.\r\nHilary paints mainly in acrylic and oils and is inspired by the land and seascapes of Scotland. Anne finds inspiration in the surrounding countryside and creates her landscapes and artists books primarily with inks. ","desc2":"Jane is a textile artist and tutor who loves the lines and patterns found in the urban man made environment. She is inspired by architecture, both old and new, roads, bridges, signage and industrial landscapes. Her main medium is printed or painted fabric with added stitch. She also works in mixed media on board.\r\n\r\nThe Artist Book has become one of Pat's favourite methods of expressing her creative thoughts. Her textile background however always means stitch and often fabric make an appearance in books. Pat took part in the 100 Days Project Scotland in 2020 and 2021, and is planning to display her first project titled #astitchadaybunting for the first time if she can find all 100 pieces! She will be also be displaying mounted mixed media pieces, hand made cards and some framed textile art. Pat has exhibited recently in Artist Book exhibitions at the Upright Gallery in Edinburgh. \r\n\r\nAnne's main inspiration is the surrounding countryside with its ever changing moods, colours and textures. These appear in her colourful and textured landscapes, often with the addition of her oak gall and copper oxide inks. She also incorporates her artwork into small notebooks and concertina artists books. \r\n\r\nHilary is a self taught artist working mainly with oils and acrylics. Her inspiration comes from the stunning land and seascapes of Scotland and she works from sketches and photographs taken while enjoying the great outdoors. ","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"Westbound from Linlithgow High St\/station - along High St past West Port Hotel on right, straight across roundabout. Over brow of hill, turn right at post box into Highfield Ave. Straight to top, turn right, No.26 on right. Studio round the back.","fb":"","tw":"","ph":"","mb":"07990686910","em":"janecharltontextiles@gmail.com","wb":"","fac":"nnnnnnnn","time":["10-5","10-5","","","Open By Appointment only","10-5","10-5","10-5","10-5"],"addArtists":""},{"id":57,"eid":"58","st":"58","rt":2,"lat":55.96241630532268,"lon":-3.5087648970977803,"name":"Lorraine Robson","srt":"","dis":"Sculpture, Ceramics, Jewellery","othr":"n","disID":"","img":"LRobson_MusselVessels.jpg","imgs":"LRobson_MusselVessels.jpg,LRobson_BasRelief-scaled.jpeg,LRobson_studio-1.jpg","add":"Lorraine Robson Studio, 1 Redhouse Cottages, Threemiletown, Linlithgow, EH49 6NQ","desc":"Rare opportunity to visit private studio and purchase one-off ceramic vessels, jewellery and wall relief works direct from the artist. Edinburgh College of Art graduate, Lorraine, is an established professional Sculptor specialising in Ceramics with works exhibited and held in collections in UK, EU and internationally.","desc2":"Lorraine Robson is an established professional artist. She has over 30 years exhibiting work, undertaking arts residencies and tutoring. As an Edinburgh College of Art graduate her ceramic artworks, rooted in craft disciplines, are based solidly in fine art. Recipient of Creative Scotland Awards.\r\n\r\nRobson employs traditional ceramic methods of production such as coiling, pinching, slab construction, slump moulding and altering. Recent work relies on multiples; slip cast elements in clay, Alpha plaster and cold cast resin from plaster or silicon moulds produced from her ceramic originals.\r\n\r\nThe ideas informing her work are derived from her observations in life and nature. Whether vessel or wall installation inspiration is of equal importance as aesthetics and craftsmanship. \r\n\r\nHer sculptural wall relief panels and ceramic vessels are deliberately abstract in nature but reference the objects and ideas that inform the work. \u201cI strive to balance recognisable imagery in the abstraction to suggest a mood or themes. It\u2019s important to allow the viewer to \u2018read\u2019 and relate to the ideas.\r\n\r\nVisitors to her studio can view work and also have the unique opportunity to learn about the ideas and techniques she employs in the creation and development of unique artworks.\r\n\r\nVisitors can also discuss and arrange one to one or small group ceramic or casting workshops with Lorraine.\r\n\r\nProfessional member of SSA\r\nMembership SAU, VAS\r\n\r\nAll the work displayed is available for purchase.","desc3":"","desc3Image":"","dir":"From Linlithgow on B9080 or M9 (J2) travelling east turn right onto B8046 heading south towards Uphall\/Broxburn. Parking available at play park on the right as you leave Threemiletown. Studio is cedar clad building directly behind row of cottages.","fb":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/lorrainerobsonceramics","tw":"","ph":"01506834233","mb":"07939301721","em":"lorrainerobsonceramics@gmail.com","wb":"https:\/\/LorraineRobson.co.uk","fac":"ynnnnnnn","time":["12-7","12-7","Open By Appointment only","Open By Appointment only","5-7","Open By Appointment only","12-5","12-7","12-7"],"addArtists":""},[["Art","Cairnlea Art","4","",1,"Jaggy-Thistle-Stained-Glass1-.jpg"],["Art Collection, University of Stirling","Art Collection, University of Stirling","38","Jewellery, Glass",2,"New1-scaled.jpg"],["art4you Scotland","art4you Scotland","3","Painting",1,"art4you-Scotland-studio-scaled.jpg"],["Askham-Spencer","Eva Askham-Spencer","48","Sculpture, Metalwork",2,"Eva-Askham-Spencer3.jpeg"],["Blaeberry River Art","Blaeberry River Art","31","Jewellery, Craft",1,"EEC501F5-5DA2-41AA-AA9C-A3EA06C9E128-scaled.jpeg"],["Botanic Bothy","Botanic Bothy","32","Painting, Drawing, Printmaking",1,"DawnMcTaggart.jpeg"],["Boyd","Georgia Boyd","6","Painting, Watercolour ",1,"Georgia-Boyd-Lucy-Ava-scaled.jpg"],["Bremner","Lauren Bremner","42","Ceramics, Painting",2,"PXL_20230120_142404129.MP2_.jpg"],["Brown","Hilary Brown","57","Textiles, Painting, Printmaking",2,"Brown_CabinCreatives-2.jpg"],["Buchanan","Jane Buchanan","20","Painting",1,"FVAB-Mark.jpg"],["Buchanan","Iona Buchanan","8","Mixed Media, Painting, Drawing",1,"Tulip-Queen-of-the-Night.jpg"],["Burns","Paula Burns","33","Printmaking, Floristry",1,"summer-meadow-scaled.jpg"],["Cairnlea Art & Jaggy Thistle Stained Glass","Cairnlea Art & Jaggy Thistle Stained Glass","4","",1,"Jaggy-Thistle-Stained-Glass1-.jpg"],["Camphill Blair Drummond","Camphill Blair Drummond","22","Painting, Ceramics, Mixed Media",1,"APeters-Camphill-Glass.-jpg-scaled.jpg"],["Central","Artlink Central","45","Painting, Printmaking, Textiles",2,"Artlink1.jpg"],["Chapman-Campbell","Robin Chapman-Campbell","19","Painting, Printmaking, Textiles",1,"FVAB-Robin.jpg"],["Charlton","Jane Charlton","57","Textiles, Painting, Printmaking",2,"Brown_CabinCreatives-2.jpg"],["Cowtan","Katherine Cowtan","9","Painting, Giclee Prints, Preserved Moss Panels",1,"K_Cowtan_scarves-3-scaled.jpg"],["Craft Central","Craft Central","30","",1,"2.jpg"],["Derks","Lesley Anne Derks","52","Woodwork, Sculpture",2,"LADerks_cityscape1.jpg"],["Dickson","Alistair Dickson","21","Jewellery, Painting",1,"Dickson-Pot.jpg"],["Douglas","Frances Douglas","5","Mixed Media, Glass",1,"F-Douglas-1-Play-of-Light-Landscape-jpeg.jpeg"],["Drury","Mark Drury","20","Painting",1,"FVAB-Mark.jpg"],["Dunbar","Jane Dunbar","25","Painting, Drawing",1,"Jane-dunbar-the-blacksmiths-visit-scaled.jpg"],["Dunblane Art Club","Dunblane Art Club","28","",1,"1500xphoto.jpeg"],["Dunblane Museum","Dunblane Museum","27","Glass, Sculpture",1,"Photo-1.jpg"],["Elliott","Ken Elliott","47","Woodwork, Wood Turning, Wood Carving",2,"Ken_Elliott_-Air5sky.jpg"],["FitzGerald","Emma FitzGerald","40","Painting, Printmaking",2,"Emma-FitzGerald-1-scaled.jpg"],["Galloway","Jim Galloway","41","Glass, Handmade Soap",2,"302190363_551787183412889_1227352990404315765_n.jpg"],["Gill","Laura Gill","24","Painting, Drawing",1,"7C8EEFF3-0758-42A5-BF89-F2DDDFEB876C.jpeg"],["Goldin","Kat Goldin","11","Basketmaking, Weaving",1,"jane-lindsey-natural-dyeing.jpeg"],["GOSSIP Collective","GOSSIP Collective","43","Painting, Drawing, Printmaking",2,"Collage-MB.jpg"],["Hand","Diana Hand","17","Jewellery",1,"DIANA-HAND-MELANIE.jpg"],["Hansen","Lys Hansen","23","",1,"20221201_104840.jpeg"],["Headrick","Janice Headrick","49","Painting, Photography",2,"derenz_studio-derenz-scaled.jpg"],["Hill","Sarah Hill","15","Painting",1,"IMG_4274-scaled.jpeg"],["Homfray","Yani Homfray","7","Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media",1,"YHomfray-Pink-Roses-and-White-Tulips-scaled.jpeg"],["Hutchison ","Amanda Buchanan Hutchison ","1",null,1,"A28C6225-8917-4970-8886-F60E4B211CF4.jpeg"],["Isaksson","Elin Isaksson","26","Painting, Mixed Media, Weaving",1,"XL-Rock-by-Elin-Isaksson.-2022-1-scaled.jpg"],["Jackson","Judith Jackson","44","Painting, Printmaking, Textiles",2,"J.Jackson-Print1-scaled.jpg"],["Jaggy Thistle Stained Glass ","Jaggy Thistle Stained Glass ","4","",1,"Jaggy-Thistle-Stained-Glass1-.jpg"],["Jane Charlton, Hilary Brown, Pat Swan, Anne Nicholson","Jane Charlton, Hilary Brown, Pat Swan, Anne Nicholson","57","Textiles, Painting, Printmaking",2,"Brown_CabinCreatives-2.jpg"],["Jessett","Maurie Jessett","21","Jewellery, Painting",1,"Dickson-Pot.jpg"],["Jewellery","Antonine Silver Jewellery","54","Painting",2,"EPetrie23_enamel-scaled.jpg"],["Kat Goldin, Jane Lindsey & Eilidh Weir","Kat Goldin, Jane Lindsey & Eilidh Weir","11","Basketmaking, Weaving",1,"jane-lindsey-natural-dyeing.jpeg"],["Kay","Michael Kay","16","Painting, Drawing",1,"Michael-Kay_brooch-composite_2023.jpg"],["Lindsey","Jane Lindsey","11","Basketmaking, Weaving",1,"jane-lindsey-natural-dyeing.jpeg"],["Love","Liz Love","56","Painting",2,"birds.jpg"],["Mackay","Lorna Mackay","2","Painting, Mixed Media, Drawing",1,"ADifferentLight.gif"],["Mackay","Mary Mackay","13","Painting, Drawing, Photography",1,"MMackay_Objects-in-Space.jpg"],["Mark Drury & Jane Buchanan","Mark Drury & Jane Buchanan","20","Painting",1,"FVAB-Mark.jpg"],["Maurie Jessett, Alistair Dickson & Judy Shaw Stewart","Maurie Jessett, Alistair Dickson & Judy Shaw Stewart","21","Jewellery, Painting",1,"Dickson-Pot.jpg"],["McGibbon","Pam McGibbon","37","Ceramics, Printmaking, Pyrography",2,"IMG_20230110_182709.jpg"],["McIver","Christine McIver","39","",2,"CMcIver_artwork1-scaled.jpg"],["McTaggart","Dawn McTaggart","32","Painting, Drawing, Printmaking",1,"DawnMcTaggart.jpeg"],["Monaghan","Nikki Monaghan","53","Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media",2,"63-Giclee.jpg"],["Nelson","Carol Nelson","36","Mixed Media, Digital Art & Video, Writing",2,"CN-1-Ceramics-fired-and-raw-scaled.jpg"],["Nicholson","Anne Nicholson","57","Textiles, Painting, Printmaking",2,"Brown_CabinCreatives-2.jpg"],["Oswald","Margaret Oswald","14","Painting, Drawing",1,"7BD8ECCE-A91C-4F09-8973-EE56DC2665FF-scaled.jpeg"],["Patrick","Sheila Patrick","10","Weaving, Painting, Mixed Media",1,"SPatrickBaskets-1.jpg"],["Pederzoli","Roberta Pederzoli","34","Painting, Drawing, Printmaking",1,"QuintaEssenza_LichenEarrings_PhotoS.Bentley.jpg"],["Rae","Barbara Rae","55","Jewellery",2,"BarbaraRae-Forsay-Night2-scaled.jpg"],["Reid","Elaine Reid","56","Painting",2,"birds.jpg"],["Rennie","Bobby Rennie","49","Painting, Photography",2,"derenz_studio-derenz-scaled.jpg"],["Robin Chapman Campbell & Hermione Spencer","Robin Chapman Campbell & Hermione Spencer","19","Painting, Printmaking, Textiles",1,"FVAB-Robin.jpg"],["Robson","Lorraine Robson","58","Textiles, Mixed Media, Painting, Artist Books, Drawing",2,"LRobson_MusselVessels.jpg"],["Scott","Archie Scott","46","Mixed Media, Painting, Textiles",2,"FVAB-Image-1-scaled.jpg"],["Shaw","Ann Shaw","35","Jewellery",2,"Shaw.-realand-unreal.jpg"],["Shaw Stewart","Judy Shaw Stewart","21","Jewellery, Painting",1,"Dickson-Pot.jpg"],["Spencer","Hermione Spencer","19","Painting, Printmaking, Textiles",1,"FVAB-Robin.jpg"],["Stout","Jade Stout","50","Painting, Mixed Media, Sketching",2,"JadeStout_seascape3-1-scaled.jpg"],["Swan","Pat Swan","57","Textiles, Painting, Printmaking",2,"Brown_CabinCreatives-2.jpg"],["van Baardwijk ","Fiona van Baardwijk ","31","Jewellery, Craft",1,"EEC501F5-5DA2-41AA-AA9C-A3EA06C9E128-scaled.jpeg"],["Walters","Andrew Walters","12","Textiles, Photography, Writing\/Publishing, Printmaking, Mixed Media, illustration",1,"image2-scaled.jpeg"],["Wee Gallery on Candleriggs","Wee Gallery on Candleriggs","49","Painting, Photography",2,"derenz_studio-derenz-scaled.jpg"],["Weir","Eilidh Weir","11","Basketmaking, Weaving",1,"jane-lindsey-natural-dyeing.jpeg"],["Wilson","George Wilson","51","Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media",2,"GWilson_wood5.jpg"],["Yule","Libby Yule","18","Painting, Drawing, Textiles",1,"Libby-Yule-Breathe-1-scaled.jpg"]]]