Registration Dates: 8th December 2017 to 19th January 2018

The booking process is a membership style registration system enabling you to return to your account at any time up until 19th January 2018.  After that date you will be able to log back into your account and see the contents of your booking but not make any further changes.

To proceed there are 2 steps:

1. First step: Applying to Register

Firstly proceed to register using the button below. At this point you will create your own account, provide details of the type of booking you wish to make, and proceed to payment. If you wish to pay by Paypal please pay at that point in the booking process, otherwise you can pay by cheque by 31st January 2018, or arrange a BACS payment.

You have three options when registering:

  1. As an individual artist – individual artist entry with directory listing
  2. As a collective – 2-6 artists sharing the one venue, with all artists listed in brochure directory
  3. As an art group or organisation – with up to 10 additional artists listed in brochure directory

To see the full pricing structure click here.

2. Second step: Completing your Booking

Once your registration has been processed you will receive a welcome email with details of how to login to your account to complete the full details of your booking. You will have until 22nd January to complete this information.

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Registration is now closed.