About Applying to FVAB 2022: 11th to 19th June

We are delighted to be able to announce plans for the 2022 Forth Valley Art Beat event. 

In response to recent feedback from artists taking part this year, we are planning to return to an event along similar lines to pre-pandemic times. It is also hoped our ArtCycle programme will continue with a range of different cycling events & community based artworks (funding currently being sought). 

For 2022 we plan to: 

Host a nine-day event. Participants will be able to decide whether to take part over one weekend, or two, or for the full 9-day duration. The option to be open by appointment during the week will also be available.

-Return to a June date for the event – dates confirmed are 11th to 19th June

Return to printing a full brochure catalogue, similar to previous years pre-pandemic, with each studio entry having their own listing. We hope additionally, to also create a folded printed sustainable travel map (if funding permits). As in previous years all artists will receive a website page detailing their studio or exhibition, as well as inclusion on the navigatable app.

Participation fees will be returning to the same as pre-pandemic rates. Despite increases in printing costs we are committed to keeping to 2019 rates. This ensures we are able to produce the printed brochure as previously with each studio having their own listing with full colour image. These prices are:

Individual artist:  One entry in the brochure with directory listing £128
Group of Artists (2-6): Two artists sharing one entry in the brochure with directory listing £148 plus £20 for each additional artist
Arts Venue/Club/Organisation/Business/Gallery: One directory listing £165.  An additional charge for each artist who wishes to be named in directory £20

Events & Workshops have proved very successful in recent years, particularly in attracting visitors to individual studios. We would encourage you to think about organising workshops, talks or other events as part of your open studio when making your submission. These extra events will be listed (free of charge) in the brochure, website and app. 

Planning your submission – we remind all artists that in 2022 as images will be printed, to take particular care when planning your images to submit. We require images with a resolution of at least 150 dpi, and cannot accept images that are less than 1500 pixels in width/height. Please also save images with your own name before uploading. As a reminder look at our guide about creating quality images of your work before making your submission (link at bottom of page). 

Distribution of our brochures is also key in promoting the event. We welcome anyone who is able to help distribute brochures or serve as a collecting point for local artists in your own area. We do in addition this year plan to use a distribution company to circulate brochures across a wider area. We hope also (funding permitting) to have a part-time community engagement worker join our small team to help with promotion as well as help deliver a couple of community projects as part of the 2022 programme.

We hope you are interested in participating again this coming year and look forward to receiving your submissions. 

Important dates to remember:

31 January 2022: Deadline for online submissions

25 February 2022: Draft design circulated for feedback

11 March 2022: Deadline for changes

15 April 2022: Final artwork to printers

1 May 2022: Brochures & posters printed and ready for distribution

15 May 2022: Website live with full programme

How to Apply:

Registrations for applying online are now open until 31st January 2022 via forthvalleyartbeat.com

Please note you will need to register for a new account even if you’re previously participated at the event.

Register Here

For any enquiries please email: [email protected]

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